He stood there leaning against the wall staring out the window. The sky was so blue that morning, not a single cloud was flying around. As he stood there looking onto the street filled with people, he couldn't help but think of everything that has happened. All the memories that were now created will always hold strong in his mind. The wind blew gently against his skin, and all he could do was smile.

Thinking of those memories, good or bad, he hoped would make him a better person. Not just for his own sake, but for his friends, family, and Hinata. After all this he would be able to go home and be with her, finally. He still remembered that day on the roof about two years ago when Hinata and him were talking about the future and what they wanted. She had told Sasuke, with a bright red face, to be a bride. Sasuke remembered mocking her about Naruto at the time, but when she stomped away, he looked up to the sky and whispered something under his breath.

"Sasuke?" He turned around to see a too familiar face.

"Gaara. What do you want?" His fist tightly locked already. "I woke up in a pretty decent mood, don't fuck it up already." The red head just stood there and shook his head.

"I understand." He walked passed Sasuke and looked out the window. "I give up Sasuke."

"Give up? What does that mean?"

"You know, I tried to stop her that night during the storm. She was in the flood of the street, barley hanging on for her life. I begged her to come back and forget you." He took in a deep breath. "The look in her eyes, something I have never seen before. The fact that she was willing to die out there just for you, I realized, I stood no chance." Gaara looked back at Sasuke. "I've always known I stood no chance but I didn't want to say it out loud."

"That's not exactly true." Sasuke grunted pushing himself next to Gaara. "She could have fallen in love with you; you could be the one she would risk her life for. Gaara, you and I could be in each other's shoes. If I left like you did, you would be the one close to her, not me."

"True," Gaara stood, "But that's not how fate wanted it suppose."

"Leaving?" Sasuke turned watching Gaara walk towards the door.

"I'm heading out to China, I'm needed there."

"Hm, running away again?"

"Say what you want, but you better take care of her. If not, just remember, I can hire 20 men to kill you at any moment."

"Be careful Gaara, I may have the room wired for future purposes." The two of them stood there and just smiled. Even with the pain that happened between them, they both knew in their hearts they were best friends, not matter what. A mutual respect. "Good luck Gaara." He reached out his hand. Gaara nodded and returned the gesture. When Gaara took his leave Sasuke grabbed his remaining items and stared back out the window.

"Hey Sasuke-kun!" The bubbly blonde popped into the room. "I just seen Gaara, he said that he's leaving back to China." She smiled and walked up to Sasuke who was just ignoring her. "Oh don't tell me you're still mad about the other day? Gosh! How was I supposed to know you were getting lovey with Hinata-chan? I'm still new to you two!" Sasuke chuckeled at her.

"Just shut up already, you talk way too much." He sighed

"Well maybe you just don't talk enough, oh wait, we all know that! Mr. I'm not gonna tell the girl I love that I love her because I'm an idiot!" They just glared at each other and laughed. "So what now?"

"That's a good question." He took and deep breathe. "I don't even know where to begin, I feel like now that I've pretty much treated her like shit and then I pull this on her, I just don't know. How do I face her and just start a relationship?"

"Just start the way you already did."

"Hows that?"

"As friends." A small voice entered the room. Sasuke and Ino turned to see a red faced Hinata smiling. "Then, become my best friend." She started walking up to him. "Then ask me on a date, and then," She paused right in front of him, "You can be the person to stand by my side for the rest of my life. And know that I'll be there for you, no matter what, standing by your side. Then for the rest of my life I will be happier than anyone can ever be."

"Hinata," Sasuke smiled, "That sounds just fine to me."

"Aww you love birds are just too wonderful!" Ino's voice echoed the room and again Sasuke wanted to smack her.

"Dammit you stupid blonde! Can't you just shut up?!" The two started bickering back and forth grabbing Sasuke's stuff and walking into the hallway. Hinata stood there feeling the breeze come through the window.

"Hey Hinata, you coming?" Sasuke called for her.

"Yeah, in a moment." Sasuke smiled and continued his argument with Ino all the way downstairs. "Mother, Sasuke says that it was you who saved him in the water. I believe him and I want to thank you for that. I know that Sasuke and I will have trials to go through but I also know we can get through them. I wish you could be here with us," Hinata placed her hand over her heart, "But I know that you will always be watching over us and giving us your blessings. I love and miss you mother, and I hope we will make you proud." Just then a small breeze surrounded her. "Thank you mother."

She looked down to see Ino and Sasuke putting his things into a car and he looked back up at her. In that moment, looking into his eyes, she knew now that life made sense. Whenever she looked at him, everything was okay. He truly was the breath that she breathed. And having that was the greatest thing anyone could ever ask for. Soon she joined them in the car and sat there next to him, holding onto his hand.

"So Hinata, where would you like to go on that date?" A blush over took her face.

"Wherever you would like to." She leaned up against him and took in a deep breath. "As long as we don't go the beach." She giggled.

"Heh, I'd have to agree. Well then, where else?"


"Anywhere?" She nodded.

"Okay, how about here?" He pulled something out of his pocket.

"Tickets? To where?" She read them and lost her breath. "A-Are you sure?" He nodded. "B-But Sasuke-kun this is too much for a first date!"

"That's what I thought, but then again, I thought why not?" He squeezed her hand. "I plan to make everything up to you, so I decided to start with this. A trip to Paris, just the two of us. How does that sound?" She just smiled at him.

"As long as it's with you, it can be anywhere." He looked at her and leaned in closer, watching her close her eyes and having the rose color return to her face. She whispered his name as she drew closer to his lips.

"I don't get a ticket?! I want to go to Paris to! I mean how could you not have your best friend there with you?" Both Sasuke and Hinata turned to her.

"I-I forgot a-all about Ino-chan . . ." Hinata hid her face in her hands!


"What for?"

"To kick you out you damn girl!"
"Now why would you talk to me like that? I'm getting sick of that!"

"Because you interrupt at the most annoying times! Just shut up!"

"Well it's not my fault you want to make kissy faces when I'm in the car!"

"Why don't you get out then?"

"Because I'm not walking home!"
"I don't give a damn! Get out!"


"Get out!" Hinata just sighed and laughed looking out the window.

Yes, life makes perfect sense.