Disclaimer: I don't own Saved By The Bell. Slater appears to be tough and the type of person who would easily get mad but he has his gentle side too and I wanted to show it

Jessie glared at her boyfriend. She was really angry at him.

"Look," he said calmly, "You are doing something that could hurt you. Those pills are not good for you. They could cause a lot of damage."

"Do you realize what would happen if I didn't take them," Jessie asked, "Do you know where I'd be right now?"

"No," he said, "But I know where you wouldn't be. You wouldn't be in this situation. You wouldn't be addicted to this stuff. It's dangerous. You could die"

"I'm fine," Jessie said.

"No," Slater said, "You're not fine. You're not even close to fine. You're so not fine you wouldn't know fine if it ran into you and bit you on the neck"

"I do not have a problem," Jessie said

"The fact that you're denying that you have a problem prove that you have a problem,"

"That made absolutely no sense," Jessie said, "So if I said I did have a problem it means I don't have a problem"

"No. You do have a problem Jessie," he said, "I'm telling you that you have a problem. I love you. You have a problem. You need to get help. This is serious"

"Well if I wasn't-"

"No," he said gently, "This has nothing to do with yesterday because there's always something that's going to try to get in the way. It's called caffeine pills in your case. Honey you're addicted. I'm not going to let this kill you"

"I can handle-"

"You can't," he said firmly, "and this is hurting you"

"I can't quit. If I quit I'll be a bitch. You'll get mad at me-"

"I will not get mad at you," he promised

"What if I can't make it," Jessie whispered her fear showing through.

Slater hugged her.

"You will make it," he said, "You mean too much for us to lose you. Let me be strong for you"