The boy ran through the halls of Dalton, letting his shadow flicker and mould into the shadows between the barred windows. He glanced back every time he turned a corner and saw nothing, but he could hear the sounds of shoes pounding the concrete floors as his pursuers chased after him. Where the fuck were all the guard in this place?!

So much for high-security…

He turned the corner, nearly twisting his ankle as he braced himself on the wet floor when he fell, and push himself even harder to try and get away. It was in that moment that he realized just how much he loathed squeaky shoes; it was all he could hear. His breath was heavy in his ears. His heart leapt up into his throat. And shoes. Shoes and squeeks and pattering feet.

'Safe and secure,' my ass!

Blaine cursed as ducked and weaved the dark halls. At first sight, Dalton reform school didn't seem too bad, but that was before the patrol officer called lights-out and Blaine finally had the chance to relax into his bunk – well, as relaxed anyone could be on the brick-like mattress and questionably-stained bedspread. He was drifting between a place of dream and consciousness, when he heard the locks click and his door creak open.

Apparently no one bothered to tell him about the midnight interrogation slash initiation.

He didn't see their faces, but he knew he didn't want to stick around to find out. And he was certainly in no mood for a party. He kicked and fought until he managed to slip out of the arms holding him and made a run for it. The school had numerous corridors, twists, and turns which made it one hell of a playground for those who actually knew where they were going. With all the running he was doing, Blaine thanked the stars that he'd been on the track team.

He ran down a set of stairs and leapt off the last flight before tucking himself away under them. Dark figures came and went and it was only when Blaine was suffocated with silence did he allow himself to breathe again. He poked his head out from underneath the stairwell and quietly made his way up the stairs and back to his quarters.

"You really thought you could outsmart us did you?" Blaine froze when he turned the corner. Between the gaps of moonlight sliding through the windows, he could just make out a dark figure standing with crossed arms. The figure stepped out of the shadows then, revealing his Asian descent. He lifted a hand to brush the sweat from under his well-wore newspaper boy hat, and smirked. "How dumb do you think I am?"

"I-I…" Blaine backed away, only to find himself backing up into familiar arms who grabbed at him immediately. Shit, Blaine thought. Shitshitshitshitshit…

"Aww, he's shaking." The man behind him laughed. "Ain't that just the cutest thing?"

The Asian smirked even more. "Where are the others, Thad?"

"Out and about." The man behind him –Thad- shrugged. Blaine swallowed and tried his best to calm his drumming heart. There's only two of them. I can take care of them before those others arrive…

"Don't even think about it," The leader seemed to read his mind and Blaine stepped back uselessly as he was grabbed by the collar and slammed against the cold stone wall. "Thad, why don't you go get the others while Anderson and I get acquainted?" It was more of a command than a question, spoken like true tyrant if Blaine said so himself, and after a brief pause from Thad, Blaine was left alone with the leader of his welcoming committee.

Blaine gulped and stared back at brown eyes with disdain. It was men like this that made his skin crawl and some time ago Blaine wouldn't have hesitated to put these sorts of guys in their place. But that was a long time ago; he promised he would give up that life. He promised Kurt.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of blond and brown twirl among the shadows, floating like ghosts in the slivers of moonlight that were let in by the tiny windows sitting high on the wall. The man must have realized too because Blaine saw his whole body tense.

"Ouch," said the blond, pulling a face as he twirled to Blaine's left, completely unnerved by the looming figure currently on the verge of tearing Blaine's throat out – the worst part of it; he wasn't sure if he was literally or figuratively speaking. "Poor new kid, first day here and already has an appointment with Wes: Wicked Witch of the West Wing."

"Too bad you weren't assigned to the East Wing dorms," The brunet leaned against the wall on Blaine's right. "David's a lot nicer than this hammer-head." For good measure, the brunet reached up and flicked at the man's –Wes, was it?—hat.

Wes didn't flinch but instead looked increasingly annoyed… and perhaps even a little bit scared. Although Blaine wasn't entirely sure about the latter, the former was definitely there. Blaine began to struggle, he wasn't sure what sort of dynamic these three had – and who was this supposedly nicer David fellow? Was that possible in a place like this? – but he was sure that his time was quickly running out and soon Thad would be back with Blaine's full welcoming party. "Please," he grabbed at Wes' hand and turned his head to the blond and brunet on either side of him. "Please help me!"

Wes slammed him against the wall, instantly silencing him. "Quiet." He turned his attention away from Blaine and addressed the two. "Get out of here before I call the North Wing down on you." The two frowned suddenly but their expressions didn't last long because something seemed to catch their eyes, causing them to smile. From his position, caught between concrete and a hard place, he couldn't make out what they were looking at, but at a time like this did it really matter? After all, these two were smiling like it was Christmas morning.

Did these two have a death wish or something?

The two boys walked forward and crossed paths behind Wes, now leaning on either side of Wes instead of Blaine. They began singing some strange tune and Blaine found himself increasingly unnerved by the effect they were having on Wes because it seemed with every word they spoke, the Asian grew tenser and tenser— and it wasn't just because the tune was flat. His eyes weren't even focused on Blaine anymore; they were closed.

"Three, six-"

"Six, three-"

"Looks like Blaine will be off scot free-"

"Six, three"

"Three, six-"

"'Cause Wes will soon be shitin' bricks-"

They leaned on either side of Blaine again, this time the blond to his right and the brunet to his left, but this time their looks of worry were replaced with matching smirks. Wes, despite his firm grip on Blaine's collar, seemed almost…scared? Yes, there was no doubt about it; there was fear in his eyes. As the two continued their little rhyme, Wes visibly paled and Blaine had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing. Was this really the same terrorizing figure that stood before him just moments ago?

"David's here-" The blond nudged Blaine's arm and the brunet followed suit.

"So have no fear-"

"All will finish once we hear…" Together they paused, and the next voice Blaine heard came from a figure perched high along the wall on the large, arched windowsill.

"Wesley dear." David spoke sweetly, and immediately Wes whirled around.

Blaine fell to the ground, only to find himself propped up by the blonde and brunet who were now sporting beaming smiles. David leapt from his perch and landed on the ground with flawless grace and glided over to Wes. The Asian stood stiffly.


"Wes," David nodded, smiling playfully. "Today's our anniversary…or did you forget?"


"W-what? Of course not!" Wes stuttered before glaring back at Blaine as if to imply all this was his fault. Blaine couldn't resist flashing back a smirk. "Just had to take care of a few errands. You know what happens when the fresh meat comes in."

David seemed unconvinced, "And you know what happens when I don't get my way." Blaine's eyes went wide as the dark-skinned man hauled Wes by the collar and pulled him close. If he hadn't known better, he would've guessed that Wes was nothing more than a newcomer like himself by the way he let David handle him like that. "Or am I going to have to get rough with you?"

David turned to face the three standing by the wall. "Nick, Jeff, why don't you take Blaine back to his room."

Nick and Jeff –though he still didn't know which was which—looked disappointed at missing the inevitable show, but nodded nonetheless and led Blaine away.

The last thing he saw was Wes and David cast in shadows, with David pressing Wes against the wall, kissing him hard on the lips.