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Compromised Thinking:

It was quiet in the shared room- well, of course it was. Turning his head Bon spied the electric clock on Shima's bedside table.

'5 o' clock am' it read. He grimaced, annoyed that a simple number was enough to remind him of a certain someone and returned to his computer. Strewn around him were open books, pieces of loose leaf notebook paper, journals, printed-out articles, and various writing utensils. He was well adapted to working in the dark and so functioned just fine with the pale illumination his laptop provided.

If only his research could be just as fluid.

Why was this so hard? It was unrealistically so. It was at a point that Bon hardly recognized what he was looking for anymore. He heaved a deep, weary sigh and turned his head around to take in the room.

Snuggled into his blankets, Shima's mouth was open. Drool trickled over his tongue and oozed into the pillow, limbs sloppily splayed out in every direction. His soft snores were a familiar sound to the eldest aria. In contrast to his pink-haired companion, Konekomaru lay on his back quiet as a mouse, face lax and hands on his stomach.

They had both earned their rest these past few days, thrashing and struggling through wave after wave of documentation, research, and painful data. It was especially hard for Shima, who had made it quite known to his friends long ago how much he hated paperwork.

Bon had to wonder if his friend was really prepared to be an aria at all…

Dispersing this thought with a brisk shake-of-the-head the punk turned his attention back to his notes. A t-chart stared back at him, one side reading "historical places" and the other "modern places". He'd hoped that by going through older books, finding all mentions he could of the demon sub-king in the bible and writing down where they had taken place, then figuring out how said place had changed and where it was in modern times he could pinpoint where Oriens might show up. By this point he'd come up with a few possibilities but none of them were anywhere near Sennyo Mountain. Scratching his head and shoving the end of a mechanical pencil between his teeth, the teen narrowed his eyes in thought. After a moment of struggle he set the pencil down and took up a red pen instead. Bon began circling the nearest locations he had recorded, all the while wondering if Oriens could even really be as close as the reports warned.

The sub-king wanted something. That much was clear.

He'd seen in Yukio's notes- the ones Shura had managed to swipe- a mention explaining Oriens' reason for killing the eldest Okumura. Apparently, the sub-king had felt that his half-brother was competition for the throne, a threat to his position of power. But if Oriens felt that way it meant he was ready to try and overthrow his father and king which was not good news for anyone. The sub kings were loyal and, most importantly, not stupid. They knew their father was powerful and could not be taken down easily. To defeat him they'd need help from something big.

Actually, from a lot of big things.

Impressive, properly considered, loyal things.

And with a plethora of back-up plans to ice the cake.

Point is it would take someone stronger as well as smarter than the king of all evil itself to pull this off and the very idea that there could be something like that in Assiah…

Bon wiped a stray drop of sweat off his face and set his pen against the page with a sharp snap. In response, Konekomaru's breath changed and he stirred. Biting his lower lip the elder monk watched his friend turn over and settle once more. The big-eared-teen had always been a light sleeper, disturbed by the slightest of noises when the three were younger. It was somehow reassuring to know that while the world changed there were some things that stayed steady.

For several bone-weary moments, nothing but silence filled the room.

Finally, another ragged sigh escaped Bon and he pushed himself up; fragments of paper, books, pens, etc., raining off his lap as he did so. Shutting down the waiting laptop he pulled on his shoes, strode to the unlatched door, and slipped into the brightly lit corridor beyond. A wince momentarily contorted his features as the bright fluorescents blinded him. Behind Bon, the door slid back into place with a click that assured him it was closed. If he left it open the light would fall over Shima's face, a splinter of yellow that would collapse through the crack and surely wake him up. (And thus a typical multitude of complaints would follow suite.)

Leaning back against the wall Bon turned his gaze upwards, compelled to stare at the ceiling like he could find all the answers he wanted there. He felt trapped in his own head, unable to escape the thought after thought that spun him around in frustrating circles.

Just the tiniest bit amused he thought how it reminded him of-

Coffee, he thought quickly, I need coffee. Pushing himself away from the wall he began the weary walk to the cafeteria.

It was still early and Oriens hadn't made a move to do anything yet.

They still had time.

Rin hadn't died for such a stupid reason. Bon would make sure of that.

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