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Alymorlyx- Prompt: The Grudge

A low gurgle bubbled out her throat, hand clutching his pant leg.

"Um," Rin began uncertainly.

"Nii-san!" Yukio's voice blurted over the phone, "do something!"

"I almost feel sorry for it, though…"



blackbloodedgirl- Prompt: Memories

The glee-filled sound of children laughing.

The bubbles floating past his ears.

The taste of salt and pepper.

The water in his lungs.

The ball rolling in the chapel.


Prompt 2: Breakdown

He was gone.

He was gone.

Yukio's eyes were wide and glassy.

How could that be possible?


Brown hair stuck out in every direction.

Nose red, tears dripping-



Kudaikage- Prompt: Playground [a little over 30 words.]


They didn't know he knew.

He wondered what would happen when they did.


Likely, he'd be thrown out.


Rin blew coal tar out of his face and stood from the swing, "coming!"

I can see them too.

Prompt 2: Snow

Peals of laughter billowed into the night air.


"Aaah, Nii-san's the monster!"

6-year-old innocence falling into drifts.

Snow crunching beneath them as they raced.

A fwoosh.

"Rin, that's cheating!"