The thought occurs to Elder Poptarts in the middle of the night: Elder Price will be the first to die.

At first, Elder Poptarts thinks this is just one of those thoughts he always gets when he's half-asleep, something nonsensical, something he'll forget when he wakes up tomorrow morning. But suddenly, he's wide awake and everything seems to be falling into place.

Before Elder Price showed up, Elder McKinley was an expert at Turning it Off. He was able to be a good leader for the district, handling whatever issues they had with an expertise none of the others could even dream of having.

But as soon as Elder Price showed up, Elder McKinley started falling all over himself. Elder Poptarts has noticed him staring at Elder Price, freaking out over simple things like letters from the mission president, and spacing out during meals. And that's caused their whole district to become disorganized, meaning they have even less chance of converting people here.

And all Elder Poptarts wants is to see his parents happy again, something he hasn't seen since his sister died. If he can send them a letter saying that they've had baptisms, maybe, just maybe it'll cheer them up a bit.

But that's not going to happen as long as Elder Price is around.

So Elder Poptarts is going to do something about it.

He'll steal a knife or something from one of the villager's huts and sneak into Elder Price's room to kill him. Then all of this will be solved. His plan is perfect.

Until he realizes that he can't have Elder Cunningham waking up and seeing his mission companion dead. He'll have to kill both of them, then. Oh well. No big deal, really. Elder Cunningham's always been kind of annoying.

But what happens when Elder Michaels and Elder Zelder, in the room next to them, find out? And all the Elders, really? Sure, no one would suspect him as the killer at first, but eventually…

Okay, he decides. I'll just kill all of them. Then it'll be just Elder McKinley and me, and we can baptize some Africans and my parents will be happy. Problem solved!

And he doesn't realize it, but the whole time, he's been smiling. Finally, he has a way to make his parents glad about something again. And really, what could be more important than that?