AN: Here's the last chapter, in which we finally see a distracted Rachel. I copped out and broke away from the Maroon 5 lyrics for a title. And this is in alternating POVs because I'm insane. Hope you enjoy anyway. Reviews are love! :-)

"Fuck." Finn muttered the curse-word to himself as he circled the block againlooking for a parking space.

He almost never drove to work, but today had been the last day of school and he had a bunch of crap from his classroom that he needed to lug home, and that wasn't going to happen on the subway. 'Spring for a cab home,' Rachel had told him, but he opted to avoid the expense. (This is what he got for trying to be a responsible husband and father. Figures.)

To make matters worse, it was raining and he didn't have an umbrella, so he couldn't even unpack all the stuff he'd brought home. (One of his students had made the most awesome Civil War diorama that he didn't want to risk ruining.) On the bright side, he had an 8-year-old son who just started his own summer vacation and could serve as a pack mule the following morning. If he was lucky, his 5-year-old daughter would also lend a hand with the little red wagon she loved so much.

By the time he climbed the steps of the small subdivided brownstone, Finn was completely soaked. Catching his reflection in the front door he saw his button-down shirt clinging to his chest, khakis a shade darker than normal, drenched hair flopping to one side, and water literally pouring out of his shoes.

Yeah, Rachel was going to kill him.

He opened the outer door and entered the vestibule, where he was able to shed his footwear. Then he eased his key into the lock and gingerly opened the door so he could enter their duplex apartment. He knew his wife would be in the kitchen, making an elaborate dinner and reading scripts at the same time. Her run as Mary Robert in Sister Act had just ended and she was taking the summer off to search for her next role and "immerse herself in traditional family activities."

Finn hoped that if he was really quiet he could sneak upstairs before...

"Finn!" Rachel gasped, having snuck up behind him before his foot even touched the first step. Sure enough, she was wearing a full-length pink apron over her sundress, holding a wooden spoon in one hand and a script in the other.

"Oh, hey Rach." He said casually as he turned around to face his wife's glaring expression. "Where are the kids?"

"Down the street playing with Claire and Mason," she said flatly. Then without missing a beat: "You forgot an umbrella, I see. If only someone had checked the weather forecast and left one by the door for you this morning." She motioned to the door, where a lonely black umbrella hung on the inside doorknob.

"Yeah, it's okay, it's not raining that hard." He flashed a crooked smile and tried to be as nonchalant as possible, knowing by now that this was his best defense in the face of Rachel's dramatic tendencies.

This time, the "act casual" approach actually seemed to worked.

Rachel stiffled a giggle, her initial rage at Finn's forgetfulness replaced with amusement at his drenched form standing in their foyer. Even after 20 years he could break her down just by being him.

She approached him and set her spoon and script down on the side table next to the stairs. Reaching up as high as she could, she laced her fingers into his dripping hair. She smirked back at him, trying to make it stand up the way it usually did. In some ways it frustrated her that Finn had worn his hair the same exact way for 25 years. Toying with the wet strands, though, she reminded herself to be grateful that after all this time her husband still had his full head of gorgeous dark locks.

After tousling his hair to her satisfaction, she smoothed the open collar of his shirt, and watched the water droplets slide down his neck and along his exposed collarbone. Then she trailed both hands down along the damp cotton sticking to his chest, all the while never breaking visual contact with his cinnamon-colored eyes.

They had been so busy lately with their careers and their children; Rachel couldn't even remember the last time they just stopped and looked at each other like that. In the moment, she was transported back to the first time they did so - sophomore year in the auditorium. She couldn't believe that had been over 20 years ago, especially since Finn's love still made her feel so happy and optimistic and excited about life.

Looking him up and down one more time, she couldn't help but bite her lip.

(Yes, she was that kind of excited.)

"I'm actually done in the kitchen for now, so I suppose I can help you out of these wet clothes..." she said seductively, settling her small hands at his shirt's second button.

"Yes, I suppose you could do that," Finn said, his face very serious. After a brief pause, his lopsided grin appeared and he whisked Rachel upstairs to their bedroom.

"Mmm... If this is how it turns out I should forget my umbrella more often," he smirked, reaching up to kiss her before resting his head on her chest, a hand lazily stroking her upper thigh.

Rachel laughed, her fingers toying with his (now completely dry) hair.

He was serious, though. They had a pretty active sex-life but Rachel was rarely ever that spontaneous since their kids had come along.

He tried to bask in the moment, enjoying the quiet and the softness of Rachel's skin, when she abruptly tensed underneath him.

"Oh my God, Finn, it's 6:15!" She roughly pushed him off of her, and groped around the side of the bed for their clothes. "I was supposed to send you to get Chris and Patti 45 minutes ago!"

"Rach, relax. If it was a problem Jann would've called or brought them back over."

Rachel hurriedly zipped her dress back up. "Are you going to just sit there naked for the rest of the night? Or will you kindly participate in mitigating this catastrophe by collecting our offspring?"

Finn furrowed his brow and touched his chin as if he was pondering the two choices, indulging his urge to irk his panicky wife.

Rachel groaned loudly in the face of his attempt at humor. "I'll go get the kids. /Please/ get dressed and try to put dinner together!" she instructed as she padded out of the room and down the stairs.

Talk about a buzzkill, Finn thought as he reached into his drawer for a clean pair of boxers.

Rachel put on her rainboots and grabbed the formerly forgotten umbrella from the doorknob, scampering down the street to Jann and Alan's house.

"I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed when Jann answered the door. "Finn forgot an umbrella this morning and got caught in the rain so he came home soaking wet and I just got... distracted." She felt the blush creep across her cheeks as she explained her tardiness to her friend.

"It's totally fine," Jann insisted before leaning back slightly to call to the kids in her living room. "Chris! Patti! Mom is here!"

As they waited for the Hudson children, Jann raised an eyebrow at Rachel. "Soaking wet, huh?"

"Soaking. Wet."

"Nice. I understand the distraction."

Rachel giggled, this time unabashedly, until her children emerged to be taken home.