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Flash: Chapter Four- Mine

Jane wasted no time heading to Florida. She had no idea what she was going to say to Maura, but she surely had all the time in the world. 21 hours of nothing but making some sort of speech that most likely wouldn't get anything across. The detective didn't understand why she couldn't march into the Police Station, slink an arm around the blonde's waist, and plant one on her. Words could be used afterwards. The brunette smirked, she liked that plan much better than any other plan she had cooked up as she drove on. Whatever she did, solely relied on that first moment Jane spotted Maura.


The Medical Examiner had never been close with her mother. She tried time after time, but none of it ever worked. Maura was about as close to her mother as if she were a stranger. The night Constance Isles stopped by her daughter's home was indeed a shock.

Of course, the blonde thought that she didn't want anything out of sorts. She was delightedly surprised when she found out otherwise. Maura's mother had made dinner reservations for two, and invited her daughter. At first, the M.E. didn't get her hopes up; she dealt with this dance one too many times. The blonde agreed to it, but she just couldn't allow herself to believe that her mother would actually stick with the dinner. As the hours went on though, she never heard a thing against it. The blonde finally was able to come to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe everything would go according to plan.

From hearing about her mother's countless dinner reservations, she knew that the place was going to be rather sophisticated. Maura dressed in one of her favorite dresses, along with her matching shoes of course. The blonde could almost hear her best friend calling her Malibu Barbie again. With a little smile, she looked into her full view mirror on the back of her door. She smoothed down her salmon colored dress and twisted her wavy hair just the right way.

She looked above the bathroom door to check her clock. The dinner started at seven, if she left now, maybe she could get there before her mother. The doctor didn't know why she worked so hard to impress her mother, it never worked.

Maybe this would be the dinner of all dinners. Maybe Constance would finally tell her daughter how proud she was of her. Maura sighed, or maybe it would be just another disappointment. With a light shrug, she turned the master bathroom light off and headed into the next room over. There she grabbed her purse and keys. Her heels clicked across the wooden flooring in her living room as she checked to make sure the front door was locked.

Before she could convince herself otherwise, she turned herself around and headed to her backdoor. Making sure to lock it behind her, she nervously made her way to her means of transportation.

Whenever the doctor drove, she tried to not distract herself by any means necessary. The blonde refrained from touching the volume or the tuner bar to the stereo; she even kept herself from touching the air conditioning and heating system, unless it was absolutely necessary.

Now was one of those circumstances. She needed some sort of background noise. Maura was impeccably worried that her mother wouldn't show up. If she didn't show, that would be one of the most difficult things to process. Maura fiddled with the dial to the radio long enough to find a station of classical music. She settled back into her seat and quietly listened to the instruments in the particular song. Finally at ease, the blonde turned the stereo off and soaked back into the silence.

When she pulled into the restaurant parking lot, Maura was happy to see her mother's form of transportation parked amongst the throng of vehicles. With a smile, she parked her car right next to her mother's. The M.E. leaned over her passenger seat to look inside Constance's car. Unless her mother was hiding in the back, which Maura thought as very unlikely, then she must have already gone inside. The blonde nodded and sighed inwardly as she grabbed her purse and opened the car door.

Feeling anticipation surge through her body, the doctor shut the door to and padded across the sidewalk. She passed by a group of people coming from the restaurant, she felt a rush of air enter her lungs as the doctor stopped to let the group by. Still a little unsure, Maura opened the front door when the coast was clear. She stepped inside and immediately knew why her mother chose this place.

The restaurant was extremely elegant and proper. There were no lights beside the candles that were set inside a lantern at each table. The blonde came up to a woman who stood at a podium. Said podium separated the front of the restaurant from all of the seating.

"Hi, I'm joining the Isles table this evening?" Maura began, giving her a smile.

The woman looked down at the list on the podium. "Yes," she began, looking back up at the blonde. "Have a nice meal."

"Thank you," the Medical Examiner said promptly before passing the brunette at the podium. The blonde walked in and searched left and right for her mother. Her heart dipped a bit when she actually saw Constance at an empty table for two. The doctor's eyes lit up as she sat down across from the other woman. Maybe this move wasn't a mistake after all.

*Rizzoli & Isles*

"This was the biggest mistake of the century! I knew I shouldn't have let her go," Jane trailed off from her rant.

The detective had beaten herself up verbally through the whole car ride to Florida. Jane told herself that she could have prevented the ordeal if she would have said those three little words; the three little words that the brunette had felt for some time now.

Jane couldn't wait to see Maura. She couldn't wait to take her home, and finally be able to call the blonde hers. She had no idea where her best friend lived, but she was sure someone at the Police Department had to know. The closer Jane got to her destination, the more nervous and fidgety she became. If it weren't for her seatbelt, the detective probably would have bounced out of her seat in anxiety.

The brunette ran possible scenarios in her head, but none of it exactly helped. When she pulled into the Police Department, Jane frantically looked around for the blonde's car. However, she was rather disappointed when she came out empty handed.

The detective wasn't about to go home though, she wasn't leaving without re-claiming what was hers. Jane knew that the odds of them knowing where their chief Medical Examiner went were slim to none, but she just couldn't take any chances.

In a haste, the brunette got out of her car and hurried inside. Anyone else that got in her way would definitely regret that decision. The moment she got into the Police Station, she went straight to the front desk.

A sweet looking older blonde looked up at Jane from her high stack of papers. "Welcome to the Tampa Police Department. Can I help you?"

The detective smiled back a bit. "Yeah, actually. Did Doctor Isles come in earlier today?"

"She did, but she left early to have dinner with her mother," the older blonde frowned upon the information she just gave out. "Why do you need to know?"

"I'm a friend from Boston. We used to work together," Jane began roughly.

The secretary looked at the brunette again. "Oh yes! Doctor Isles talks about you fondly, Detective Rizzoli."

"Oh she does?" Jane asked a bit smugly.

"Would you like to leave her a message? I'll gladly give it to her in the morning," the older blonde spoke with a smile.

"Well, I'm here to surprise her with something," the detective said as she began to lean over the desk counter. "Do you happen to know the restaurant she went to with her mom?"

"Actually I do," the secretary said, rummaging through her desk drawer. "Maura did leave an in case of emergency note," the older blonde paused, taking out a bright pink sticky note. Jane smiled, yep that was her Maura alright. "Uh-huh. She says 'in the case of a dire emergency, you can reach me at Umberto's'" the secretary said as she handed over the sticky note to the detective.

The brunette took one look at the note, and give it back to the older blonde. "Thanks so much," Jane said with a smile. Receiving a genuine smile back from the secretary, the brunette turned around and rushed back towards the door. Before she left, she waved at the older blonde, again as a thank you.


"I understand mother, but I just don't feel comfortable with an arranged marriage," Maura began, sitting her glass of wine back down on the table.

"This man is perfect for you, darling," Constance Isles egged her daughter on.

The dinner had been solely because of Constance's idea to marry her daughter off with a neuro-surgeon in town. The M.E. had been severely disappointed that her mother wanted to discuss that and nothing more.

"Mother, I've tried dating surgeons. They just haven't worked out," the blonde doctor said as she threaded her fingers together and properly set them on the table before her.

"And why haven't they worked out?" Constance asked, giving her a stern, albeit concerned glance.

"Because they've all been extremely arrogant," Maura said defensively.

"All doctors are arrogant. I'm sure you know that by now," Constance stated, looking over her daughter as though she were beneath her.

"I may be a doctor, but I am no where near arrogant," the blonde began, not wavering her eyes once from her mother.

"Of course not darling," Constance said, patting her daughter on the hand lightly.


Jane was about to honk the friggen crap out of the horn. She just had to be caught in the middle of heavy traffic. Her car was squished in between two bigger vehicles who had a mess load of traffic on either side of them. She only had one more turn to take! The brunette groaned in aggravation, slamming her hand against the horn in the process. Maura was never going to be let out of her sight again.


"Maura, you're a beautiful woman who had a bright future ahead. Don't you think it would be nice to not have to look for a husband? This man will treat you right, I'm sure of it," Constance Isles began, cutting into a square of her ravioli.

"I want to marry someone I love, mother," the doctor said with a light sigh.

"What's not to love, darling?" Constance added with a smile.

"A lot," Maura murmured under her breath as she took a bite of her lasagna. She then looked across the room when something caught her eye. Her heart stopped. Was that Jane talking to the woman at the podium?

Unfortunately for the detective, that was so. She had tried everything to be let in, but all it did was irritate Jane.

"I'm sorry Detective, I cannot let you in without a reservation."

The brunette detective gave the other brunette a look. "Please. It's an emergency."

The woman at the podium looked over her shoulder to see Maura looking in their direction. She sighed. "Fine, but you owe me a new job if my boss finds out."

"Thank you," Jane began, finally looking down at the woman's name tag. "Greta."

"You're welcome. Now go before anyone else sees this," Greta said with a nudge of her head.

The detective nodded with a grin in place as she ran past the podium, and closer to Maura.

Maura's green eyes blinked back several times as she realized that, yes, that was Jane.

The doctor ignored her mother's comments and stood up with a smile. She couldn't believe that her best friend came all this way to see her.

"Maura, where are you going?" Constance asked her daughter in annoyance.

As Jane was finally within arms distance from the doctor, she wrapped her in a hug.

Maura was taken a back by the sudden public displays of affection, but right now, she didn't really care who was watching. "Jane-"

The blonde was cut off by the brunette who brought their lips together in a mind-blowing kiss. When they broke apart, both blonde and brunette just stared back at each other, not much to say that could top that.

"Maura, I was stupid. I was so incredibly stupid to let you come here in the first place," the detective paused to kiss the M.E. again. "I love you."

"You love me?" the blonde echoed, a little unsure.

"Yes, I love you and I need you back in Boston. Work's not the same," Jane said as she held Maura tighter.

The Medical Examiner thought for a minute. "I would love to come back, but-"

"But Mother Isles wants an explanation," Constance broke in.

Looking back from her best friend to her mother, Maura hooked the brunette's arm in hers and turned to face Mother Isles. "There's nothing to explain, mother. Jane and I have a complicated relationship."

"Doesn't look but so complicated, darling. It looks like my daughter's found love," Constance said.

"Mother, I know you would like for me to marry the brain surgeon, but I just can't do it," the blonde M.E. spoke softly.

"Well, I suppose I cannot do a thing about that, now can I?" Constance asked, rising to her feet and sighing hastily.

Maura was getting a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Where are you going?"

"Home, my dear," Constance replied.

"When will I see you again?" the blonde asked, feeling Jane rub her back consolably.

"Let's hope soon," Constance said with the first genuine smile the M.E. had received from her mother in years.

Maura nodded to which her newly-founded love interest released her. The doctor walked over to her mother and hugged her. For the first time in a long time, she was touched by their mother-daughter hug.

Jane smiled sadly as she watched Maura's eyes tear up once her mother walked away from the table. The detective reached out for the M.E. and took her in her arms once more. Kissing the top of her head, she whispered down into Maura's ear, "come on, I think the crowd has had enough of the theatrics. You ready to go?"

Maura nodded and took Jane's hand in her own. Hand in hand, they made their way out of the restaurant. On the way out, both of them swore they heard some of the patrons clap for them.

*Rizzoli & Isles*

"C'mon ma, is all of this necessary?" Jane asked in a huff.

Angela Rizzoli looked up from the cake she was baking. "Of course it's necessary! It's not everyday your little girl gets engaged!"

"Yeah, but it's the cake supposed to be for the wedding itself?" Jane asked, receiving a glare from not only her mother, but from her fiancée' also.

"Maura, take my daughter out of my kitchen. Her negative feedback is going to make the cake bitter," Angela spoke as she smoothed down the icing on top.

"Come on, dear. Maybe we can find a game of football on, and you can point out all of their flaws," the blonde spared her soon-to-be wife a smile.

"Sounds good to me babe," Jane draped an arm across the M.E.'s shoulders and pecked at her lips.

After Maura came back to Boston, things fell into place. It only took five months of dating for the detective to propose. In another five months, they were legally married. Who knows what else will go on in the Rizzoli-Isles clan? One thing is for sure, though, neither of them would take time for granted again.

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