The Hero

Episode 11

Story starts in the middle of "The Hero" episode and continues with the same story but with a few tweaks. The stories continue to follow the same line as the original series up to the end of the series then continues from there.

"I think we hit the jack pot." Elias said.

"Well then let us go back and tell the others now." Willie said.

"Lets make sure first. Stay here." Elias said, then he crept up to a parked car for a closer look.

"Robin." Elias said.

"Robin where?" Willie asked, coming up next to Elias.

"They're holding Robin there with the others. Wait here alright" Elias said.

"Where you going?" Willie asked.

"I want to see what that platform is for." Elias answered then stepped out from behind the car.

"Hey, over there! Turn on the disintegrator ." The visitor trooper yelled.

Elias pointed his gun at the trooper but before he could pull the trigger another shot rang out from the darkness and the trooper fell dead causing the gun to swing and disintegrate a near by car. The other two troopers ducked for cover and Elias and Willie used the distraction to escape.

"Elias." Robin yelled. John approached the door to see what startled the young red head. He looked out the window just in time to see two men run into the shadows. "They got away, I think they got away" Robin said with relief.

"Friends of yours?" John asked.

"Yes, I think they got away." Robin repeated.

"The Resistance will know where you are now. They won't let you die here. They'll be back" John Said.

"But there's so little time for you." Robin said as she took a seat on the couch. John set next to her and took her hands in his.

"Let's not waist the time we have." John said then pulled her closer and kissed her.

"Don't ever leave me." Robin said.

"Never, even if I could" John replied then got up and left Robin to her thoughts.

"I Know that guy, Resistance. Some toy that rig that almost nailed him." George said when he approached John.

"Yah, I've seen them use it before in Prescott on Resistance fighters. Kind of makes you feel there serous about us doesn't it." John said.

"What is your story John? Your real story." George asked.

"I'm the guy that never got involved." John said.

"Until you felt a sudden compulsion to be a hero. That's not generally the way it works." George said.

"I just got tired of other people dying for me. Just that simple" John said.

"Look I thought it over, I can't let you take my place." George said.

"You don't have a choice." John replied.

"No no, that's where your wrong. I chose to be a part of the Resistance. Nobody held a gun to my head. Now if you want to be a hero that's fine but not at the price of my conscience." George said.

"You got a family to think about, you got a women who loves you, you've got a son who's life depends on you, your part of the struggle. I got nothing out there but a lot of old used up war stories. This is my big chance George. If I can buy some time for you and her, just one day even then maybe my life will be worth something. No bodies going to deny me that" John said.

" Mike, I think maybe it's time we consider turning ourselves in." Julie said.

"We better consider it. Could be just a matter of time before they catch up to us." Mike said.

"No! They have my mother and I love her but you can't surrender." Elizabeth said.

"You do and it's over for the Resistance." Kyle said.

"That's not true Kyle. The movement will find other leaders." Julie said.

"Well don't look at me." Kyle said.

"Why not, your not exactly what I would call a born follower." Mike said.

"Come on you know that's not the point." Kyle said.

"Look Kyle, we're not martyrs but I for one am not going to set around while innocent people die in my place." Julie said.

"Who's asking you to set around." Ham said

"What's wrong with Willie?" Chris asked.

"He's just a bit shook up." Mike said.

"Visitors got a new toy. I got a little to close to it and almost got fried." Elias said.

"Thankfully someone shot the trooper instead." Julie said as she put an arm around Elias.

"Hope I get to think em some day." Elias said.

"Come on, get up Willie." Ham said

"Tyler back off. He's had it bad enough without you getting on his case." Julie shouted.

"I said get up." Tyler said as he grabbed Willie by the collar and pulled him up.

"Oh I don't believe this. Isn't anyone aloud to show emotion around here." Kyle said.

"Not when it gets in the way of what we have to do. You had a bad night but we need to know what's going on out there or a lot of people are going to die, including her mother." Ham said motioning toward Elizabeth.

Willie looked at Elizabeth and then back to Ham. " How can I be of insistence?" Willie asked and Ham reached over and put his hand on Willie's shoulder.

"The Resistance must surrender or loose there public support. Either way their on the verge of extinction." Lydia said as she picked a worm from a bowl then swallowed it.

"At the academy one of the first things you learn regarding hero's is that they are completely vulnerable to manipulation." Charles said.

"When I was at the academy and herd you lecture I dreamed of serving under you." Lydia said.

"I remember you well." Charles said.

"Do you really? I looked so different then." Lydia said.

"But your eyes burnt with the same fire." Charles quickly countered. "Oh for the solitude of permanent quarters." Charles said when his door chimed, then went to open it.

"Good evening Charles." Diana said as she entered the room.

" Evening." Charles replied. Then glared when she saw Lydia standing in the room.

"Why Lydia your working late." Diana said.

"Do you ever stop?" Lydia asked.

"Not when we're at war." Diana answered. "You sent for me?" Diana asked Charles.

"Yes your right on schedule. I've been reviewing your report on the star child and it deals almost entirely with her mother. Explain why that is." Charles said.

"Robins DNA is very unusual. It's very susceptible to recombination. Which is why I was able to cross breed her with Brian to create Elizabeth. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any other humans with the same genetic compatibility. I see that you received my gift." Diana said when she saw the brandy on the table.

"Yes thank you, Napoleon brandy. A rather elegant elixir. Named after one of man kinds rare geniuses." Charles said.

"Yes and what happened to him. He was left on a slab of rock to die." Diana said.

"Something to ponder Diana." Charles said.

"Good morning." John said when Robin approached him.

"What's so good about it? Robin asked.

"Oh, don't tell me your one of those people that's a total grouch before you've had your first cup of coffee. My mother was like that. Used to drive me crazy." John joked.

"How can you make jokes at a time like this?" Robin asked.

"Well I got about six hours left what else is there to do? To late to feel sorry for myself now." John answered.

"Tell me one thing. Why did you do it why did you switch numbers?" Robin asked.

"Well I guess you could call it a serous character flaw, excessive ego. See all my life I always wanted to be first in everything I did." John answered.

"For what it's worth, your really one of the bravest men I've ever met." Robin said.

"Thank you." John said.

"Now, what we're pulling here is a high jack off of a diversion." Mike said.

"Only we're after people not equipment." Julie said.

"Speaking of which that disinagrater is no pop gun." Ham said.

"It was truly terrible." Willie said.

"Remember timing is everything. We've got to move on it before they get a chance to use it. Now Chris has rigged up a throat mike so be sure to listen to my command." Mike said

O.k. Willie you go with Kyle in the truck. Everybody else comes with me. Chris you drive the van." Julie said.

"You got it." Chris said.

"I must not fail. I can not fail again." Willie said quietly.

"Willie, you did not fail. You can't think that." Elias said.

"You're all warriors. I'm only a …" Willie started.

"You're a warrior to Willie, a different kind of warrior. Your not perfect but none of us are. You could have escaped many times during the first war but the truth is you cared to much to turn your back on us." Mike said.

"Yah man, I'd say we owe you one." Elias said.

"Good day Mr. Chang. It's a pity Mr. Bates isn't well enough to attend." Charles greeted as he arrived outside the newspaper office with Diana and Lydia.

"Mr. Bates knows what's about to take place. He feels no obligation to bare witness in person. The execution will be televised for all to see." Mr. Chang said

"Well we shall miss him none the less." Charles said.

"I understand that you haven't had the opportunity to see the disintegrate in operation." Diana said.

"I've been told it is most impressive." Mr. Chang said

"Any word from the Resistance?" Lydia asked.

"None what so ever." Mr. Chang answered.

"Hope they don't disappoint us." Lydia said.

"They wont." Charles said.

"Well, at least the waits over." John said when the guard approached him.

"I'd like to tell you your friends got you off the hook but the cowards wouldn't turn themselves in." The guard taunted.

"Don't call them cowards." Robin yelled.

"Let's go. Say your good byes." The guard said.

"I wish we had more time to get to know each other better." John said.

"Hey look I can't let you go thru with this John. He took my number I'm supposed to go first." George said.

"You'll all get your turn. Right now my orders say he kicks things off." The guard said.

"How can you do this? How can you turn him over to those monsters?" Robin cried.

"Just doing my job." The guard grinned. "Move it." He continued.

"I'll never forget you." Robin said.

"The important thing is to remember why we're here, what we stand for and what it means to be free." John shouted as the guards took him away.

"Testing… Testing this is eagle one do you read. Come in skyhook over." Mike said.

"This is skyhook eagle one we read you loud and clear." Julie said.

"I'm a block from the target. Any word from the catcher?" Mike asked.

"The catcher is ready all sisters go." Willie said the Kyle took the radio from Willie while Elias watched with amusement from outside the truck.

"Just give us the word and we're ready to roll, over." Kyle said.

"I'm on my way, over and out." Mike said.

"I'll get the smoke grenades." Willie said then stepped out of the truck.

"You know what to do?" Julie asked.

"You just get em out, I'll be there." Chris answered.

T.V. cameras followed John as he walked to the platform and climbed the stairs. He turned toward the audience and looked directly at Diana. Mean while Ham, Julie and Elizabeth approached the back of the news paper office.

"There's no way we can get closer without being seen. We shoot him those hostages are dead meat." Ham said while watching the guard pass them just a few feet away from the back of the newspaper office.

"We gotta take him out, cover me." Julie said as she stepped out toward the guard.

"You stick your head out there it's gonna get shot off." Ham said, pushing her back to the wall.

"We can't stay here." Julie protested.

"Maybe I can help." Elizabeth suggested.

"Your not going out there." Julie said.

"I can do it from here." Elizabeth said.

"Be our guest." Ham said. Elizabeth stepped out and stared intently at the guard.

"I think we may have a little problem here." Diana said to Lydia.

"On the contrary Diana, Charles's plan has worked to perfection." Lydia said when she saw Mike Donovan approaching.

"Charles! Here I am. Let him go" Mike said.

"That was the bargain." Mr. Chang said.

"Indeed it was Mr. Chang. Release him. Mr. Donovan has arrived to take his place." Charles ordered. "A most courage's gesture on your part." Charles told Mike.

"We al do what we can." Mike said.

Mean while Elizabeth continued to star intently at the guard but nothing happened.

"It's not working. Nothing is happening, I'm sorry." Elizabeth said.

"It's o.k. sweetheart you gave it your best shot." Julie said.

"Then why isn't it working. I can't feel the energy." Elizabeth said.

"We'll figure that one out later right now he's our main concern." Ham said.

"Julie no!" Elizabeth yelled when Julie stepped out to shoot the guard. The guard turned toward Julie and began to aim his gun at Julie when he was suddenly sent flying backward into the building.

"What was that?" The guard said when he herd something hit the building out back.

"Check it out." The other guard ordered.

"Hey." Ham said and knocked out the guard with his gun.

"What's going on back there." The other guard yelled. Then pulled his gun and aimed it toward the door just as Ham stepped out. George used the guards distraction to hit him on the back of the head and knock him out.

"Come on." Ham said to the hostages to hurry them up as they ran to safety.

"Go on, go on, get going." Julie said as each hostage ran by her. "Come on lets go." She continued as Robin grabbed her daughter and they ran out the back door.

"No thanks, brought my own." Mike said when the trooper offered him eye cover.

"Well, unless you have any final requests." Charles taunted.

"No requests and no regrets. What a way to go." Mike replied.

"That's our queue." Kyle said to Willie and Elias who were ready in the back of the truck. As the truck sped thru the street Willie and Elias thru grenades out each side of the truck. When they reached the platform Mike pushed John into the truck.

"Take off!" Mike yelled and the truck sped off with John in the back. Mike hit the trooper and pushed him off the platform.

"Don't shoot." Charles yelled at Diana when she raised her gun toward Mike. "He's mine." Charles continued and approached Mike on the platform. Mike took the first swing with little effect and Charles grabbed Mike and thru him off the platform. Charles reached back to the platform and broke off a board and Mike blocked the hit with his arms but stumbled backward from the force of the hit. Charles quickly approached Mike and hit him in the side with the board. Mike stumbled back into the building wall and Charles swung at him again but Mike ducked just in time to avoid the hit and shoved Charles into the wall then grabbed the board in an attempt to get it away from him but underestimated Charles's strength. Charles swung Mike into the wall and began to choke Mike with the board. Mike got his hand loose and hit Charles in the face causing him to loosen his grip on the board and Mike broke free. Mike hit Charles a couple more times and knocked him to the ground. He quickly grabbed the Board and jumped on top of Charles and began choking him with it when Charles spit venom in his face. Charles push Mike off him and shoved him thru the glass door of the news paper office. Charles stepped thru the broken glass door with the board and pulled Mike up off the floor. He pushed Mike into the wall and tried to hit Mike with the board but Mike dodged it and flipped himself over Charles and swing around and kicked Charles in the stomach. Charles sung over the counter but quickly got up, grabbed Mike and thru him into a wall and Mike landed with a thud on the desk below him. He got to his feet as Charles slowly approached him but saw Diana enter the room with her gun raised. He dodged her shot and ran out the back door dodging two more shots on the way out.

"Next time Mr. Donovan." Charles said after Mike made his escape.

"How's our little secret weapon?" Ham asked.

"Just fine." Kyle said.

"Hey, my wife and I want to think you for what you did back there." George said.

"No ones perfect." John said.

"Why don't you stick around? We could use another hand around here." Mike said.

"Not a lot of call for a second string war correspondent these days." John said.

"I wouldn't say that." Robin said.

"Hey, you o.k. Willie?" Elias asked when he stepped into the darkly lit room where Willie set quietly.

"Oh yes, I am fine." Willie answered.

"You sure? You've been very quiet ever since we got back." Elias said.

"Yes, just tired. Long past days." Willie said.

"O.k. get some rest. I'm starting to worry about you." Elias Said.

The End