Not Afraid

Summary: She's a spy but was born an assassin. Always went in for the kill. Never gave a damn about anything. She's nowhere near perfect. She ran away from things half her life. Now he's here and trying to get her. She's not going to budge easily


She Was Never Afraid To Kill

"You won't kill me, you're only five."

"Watch me."

She Has Nothing To Fear

I walked slowly away from the building.

5 seconds later it blew up behind me

Always Ready For The Danger

I was being held over acid.

I smiled in joy at my luck.

They Made Her A Spy

"Chameleon has eyes on Target."

"Follow him."

But She Was Born An Assassin

"What'd you do this time?"

"Bombed the COC Head quarters."

She's Been All Over The World Running

"Hey you can't be out here alone!"

"I can take care of myself; after all it's just Roseville?"

Now He Wants Her And He Wants Her Bad

"Hey there beautiful, what's your name?"

"Oh I got tons of them."

But She's Not Gonna Crack

"Don't do anything stupid."

"I won't if he doesn't mess with me."

Little Does He Know What He's Getting Into

"Oh and why can't I be here?"

But before I could answer gunshots filled the air.

Will She Be Able To Hide This Secret For Long?

"Did you just-?"

"Zach, if you tell anyone what you just saw I'll have to kill you."

Well tell me what you think about it so far, I'll have chapter one up as soon as possible!