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Summary: Tsurara is human, a shrine maiden. She met up with the young head of Nura Clan, Nura Rikuo. Will the flower of love bloom between them?

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A_Carol: Okay, my second fanfiction story. This time, it really contain romance between Tsurara and Rikuo. But I don't know if it good or not.

The middle-school already finished. Every student was going home pretty fast. Tsurara ran off to her house, a temple, as quickly as she can. There, she was trying to wear her miko clothes faster, but even if she was already wore it many times before, she keep having some difficulties with it. From the outside, she can already heard the sounds of chattering, which meant people were already coming to pray. After finished changing, she quickly wore her lovely red ribbon like a bandana and ran off outside, a little carefully , though, because she might fall of because of her long skirt. When she was already outside, people greet her.

"Hey, Tsurara-chan! How's your school?"

"Work hard as always, huh, Tsurara?"

"That miko clothes always fit you, Tsurara!" Tsurara smiled at them.

"Thanks everyone! Please, take your time praying here!" she said cheerfully with a loud voice. Most of the people who come here already know Tsurara, since she is the miko of the shrine. The shrine was pretty popular, people come here to pray for their hope to come true or else. It's one of the shrine where people loved to make a visit. Tsurara always happy when a lot of people came here.

"Well, then. If you'll excuse me, I will take a look around to confirmed that everything goes fine," she said as she bowed down slightly to them and walked away. Even if she's the miko of the shrine, there are actually no special job for her. She just have to take care of the shrine, greet people, give away fortune-telling papers at special days, et cetera. But she didn't mind at all, her mother was already gone and she has no father too, so she love to stick with a lot of people, so that she didn't felt lonely.

And since I only have to take care of myself and have no other job, this is a perfect job for me! she thought happily while she took a look around. And besides, she has a unique talent, to see the spirits or youkai. She can see and sense spirits where ever they are. She can even see some spirits that no one can see so clearly. Tsurara doesn't even know why, but it never matter for her, though she already learned to pretend that she didn't saw them, so they never disturb her too. Some of the spirits are funny, though, that Tsurara can't helped it but to laugh a little when she saw them. Even in the shrine, spirits are sometimes crawling around, but mostly only the little ones.

When Tsurara walked slowly around the shrine land, she heard a sound of something or someone crushed the trees from above. She immediately looked to the source of the voice and stepped closer to it slowly, felt a little scared. She can heard the voice of someone grunted.

"Seriously, that old man. He wasn't joking when he said he will kick me out when we are in the middle of the sky if I lost to him," that voice said. Tsurara stepped a little closer again, very slowly. She can saw that person wore a white kimono and a black hakama on the top of the white one. That person might be a man, judging from his voice. His hakama and kimono were tatters here and there, like he crushed the trees from a pretty high height. But the strange thing is, he doesn't looked like he suffered any fatal injuries. Many cuts wound, yes, but no any serious injury. THAT, very strange.

"Where is this anyway? I don't think this is anywhere near the main house," said that voice again, with an annoyed tone. "Guess, I have to find the to go back home on my own." There, that person sighed. Tsurara took a little step closer, very slowly, tried very hard not to get discovered by that man there. She didn't know yet who or what is he. He might be a bad person, or the most possible option, he is a youkai. And if he is a youkai, is he the bad ones or the good ones? He looked like ordinary person, minus his strange head or hair (alright, I said it). Tsurara has never met up with youkai like him before. His eyes were bloody red, though it so pretty.

Tsurara stepped forward a little, unfortunately for her, she slipped because of her long miko's skirt and fell off.

"Whoa―" She screamed out a little, loud enough to get that man attention. That man turned at her, his face looked like he was surprised. Tsurara gasped and try to get up, but she was sloppy and ended up fell off again. This time in a sitting position. Her face burned red, she fell of two times in front of a man she doesn't even know who! How careless is she?

She looked up and felt a little surprised because that man already stood in front of her. W-what? I-I thought he was there, near the trees before? she thought. She scared, what if that man do something to her? If he can appear and disappear as he want to like that, he really might be a youkai. She never encounter any youkai as long as she remembered, saw them, yes, but not greet them or chat or…or…things like that! She doesn't know what to do if she have to deal with a youkai. She was scared, though that man looked handsome. His face, especially.

W-what the? It's not the time to think about it, right? she thought. This man might be dangerous, but she still thought about how handsome he is? That was ridiculous! She shook her head several times.

Now, what should she do?

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