One Day

"Doctor, where is your family?"

He looked upset. "There are different kinds of families," his voice was soft; the light breeze carried his words into the night. He sat with her. "There are families you're…born into…"

"Like me with my aunt," she interrupted, trying to be helpful.

"Right, exactly like that! Then there are families you…make…" He frowned.

"Babies? You're married, then?"

To this, the Doctor's eyes widened, "No! That one time…"

Amelia looked at him, confused.

He cleared his throat, "Well, as I was saying – not…babies. Friends."

She grimaced; she was still trying to figure out what other kids were talking about half the time.

"Companions…friends. We traveled together, saved worlds and ran for our lives." He grinned. Amelia didn't understand what could be wonderful about running for one's life.

"What were they like?"

"Brilliant! Their stories wouldn't fit in one night."

Amelia wanted to tell him that she wouldn't mind listening.

"More recently, a medical doctor…a temp and a blond shop girl…," he stood still, looking through her. The past played like a film strip. "They're scattered through time."

Amelia crinkled her nose, "Where are they?" Maybe she could meet them too.

He looked sad. She'd said the wrong thing. "They're…they have their own families now."

Amelia did the only thing she could think of - she hugged him. He startled, but rested his head on hers. For a moment, that's all there was.

"Thank you," he whispered and stood up. "Families. For a time, they…were mine." He looked up at the sky.

"They still are Doctor."

He smiled, "You, Amelia Pond, the girl with a name like a fairy tale, will have your different kinds of family as well."

She smiled at the mad man with the impossible box because for once – it felt like the truth.

This was a drabble for a contest community on lj. The prompt was family. It was only supposed to be 300 or less words - that, my dearies, was quite a challenge for me! Hope you enjoyed! Thank you for all the comments/reviews :)