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Chapter 2: Hesitation

Zoey ran.

Her legs had never run so fast before in her entire life. She almost felt that if she stopped running all at once her legs wouldn't be able to handle the strain and would explode in to a million pieces. But she didn't stop.

Koji and Koichi ran ahead of her. Their long legs carrying them faster than hers would allow. JP and Tommy were behind her.

Her head pounded as they came hurtling through the trees and the school came lurking up in front of them. Black flames were creeping out of the third story windows. Firemen stood by their trucks perplexed as to why their water main wasn't cooperating.

They couldn't put out the fire.

Zoe steeled herself and walked through the crowd, hoping that Takuya was still alive.

Takuya looked up at the ceiling. The last thing he remembered was the hot new girl telling him she was gonna save his ass and then, nothing.

He picked himself up off the floor. Pushing ceiling tiles off his legs and standing amidst the rubble that had become of his classroom.

"What happened?"

"I did," a silky voice said from behind him. He whirled around. Black smoke curling around his head and down his throat. He choked and coughed, his eyes burning.

"Who are you?" he said, fighting to get closer to the voice. Although it probably wasn't the smartest idea.

"I am Sanguamon, I have come for you, Takuya Kamiya, to offer you a place of refuge and tranquility. As long as you hand over the key," she said, emerging from the smoke.

She was beautiful enough. She wore a long black dress that reached the floor with a single red sash tied around her waist. Her ashen skin was so gray that for a moment Takuya thought she was a ghost but other than that her features were immaculate. Her long black hair swished around her head as she walked closer to him and he could swear she smelled of burning rubber and death.

As she came even closer Takuya shuddered, her eyes were as red as blood.

"First of all," Takuya said, coming out of his daze, "The name's Takuya Kanbara, not Kamiya. Second of all, what makes you think I even have this key?"

Sanguamon looked amused, "You cannot fool me Takuya Kamiya, it has been foretold."

"I told you the names-"

"Names hardly matter," Sanguamon said, raising a pointed nail at Takuya's throat. Her nails were so red that Takuya wondered if they were dyed from the blood of her victims. "Come with me Takuya and I will take you to a place where adventures never end. All I need in return is the key."

"I told you I don't-" Takuya began protesting but by then he'd had enough. He looked her sharply in the eyes and said, "No."

"You refuse me?" she said, her eyes bulging.

"Yes, I don't care about adventures. I'd rather be with my friends."

"No one refuses Sanguamon," she said icily, stepping away from him, "No one."

"Hey lady," a familiar voice chuckled, "I guess its just not your day."

Suddenly a beam of silver light parted the smoke and hit Sanguamon flat in the chest. Takuya waited for her to dissolve in to data but she stood, laughing of all things, as if the attack had merely tickled.

"You again Digital brat?" Sanguamon snickered, "Stop interfering!"

Before Takuya could react Sanguamon had launched herself through the smoke and crashed somewhere deeper in the classroom. He clenched his teeth and held his breath as he clambered over fallen desks and ceiling tiles, making his way to where he heard the fighting.

There was a sudden burst of light and a screeching sound before Takuya was thrown to the floor, the blast knocking him off his feet. When he looked up again there was so much rubble on top of him that he felt his breath being squeezed from his lungs.

In this world he was so weak, if only he was Agunimon he would stand a chance right now. As a human he was trapped under a ton of rubble that Agunimon could have squashed with his pinky.

His pushed at the mounds of stuff that had landed on top of him and tried to wriggle out from underneath the mass of junk.

He stopped for a breath and found that he could hardly breathe at all. The smoke was everywhere and the black flames were licking the rubble at his feet, threatening to melt his sneakers.

Takuya swished his head back and forth desperately but his arms were practically pinned to his sides and he had no hope of getting out alone.

With his last deep breath Takuya did a very desperate thing, something he wasn't proud to do but was absolutely necessary. He called for help.

"Please sir, our friend is in there!" Koji yelled as the police officer held him back with one arm.

"Sorry kid, no can do. All of the students have been evacuated, why don't you take a look for yourself over there," he said, pointing to the crowd of students and teachers behind them. But Koji and the others had already looked, twice. Takuya was nowhere to be found.

"He's still in there!"

"Impossible," the officer scoffed, "Even if he was in there, we would have found him by now."

"I seriously doubt that," JP scoffed as another part of the schools roof collapsed and more parents rushed over from the street to the crowd of students, looking for their children.

Passersby stared at the black flames eating away at the school like it was a matchbook.

"Takuya… Is he really okay?" Tommy asked the others.

They looked back anxiously but only Koichi reached for Tommy and grabbed his hand.

"I'm sure he's fine Tommy. This is Takuya we're talking about after all."

Suddenly a teacher that was standing nearby started crying. Zoe saw her and moved closer curiously as the teacher frantically counted her students again and again.

"Takuya? Takuya Kanbara!" she cried, "Where are you, this is not funny!"

Zoe paled and grabbed Koji's hand, pointing him away from the officer and toward the bedraggled teacher. Koji watched in shock until he had had enough. He led the others around the barricade, searching for a way through but there was none.

Fire trucks, ambulances, policemen, even teachers managed to block any civilians from entering the building from every corner of the schoolyard.

Zoe walked around the crowd until she thought she was going to be sick from exhaustion and fear. Just as she was building up the nerve to go running through the police barricade herself a tall middle aged woman bumped in to her without even a 'sorry'.

Normally Zoe would have spun around and lectured the woman but she was too tired and she recognized her. It was someone who Takuya had introduced her to once when they'd bumped in to each other in the park.

His mother.

Sora Kanbara walked right up the police officer in charge and pointed her finger in his nose.

"My son is in there. Let me through."

"Listen lady, I don't know how you got that kind of idea but your kids with the other students. Trust me," the officer said lazily pointing to the crowd of teachers just a few yards away, "Why don't you just-"

Sora looked up at the officer with steely crimson eyes. She had her hair down for once and it floated past her shoulders. It was shockingly red. Redder than it had been when she was a child. Her hair and eyes along with her red business suit made her seem like the spawn of Hell.

"Listen to me," she said angrily, enunciating every word with her ferocious visage, "My son is in there, and you will let me through before I beat your sorry-"


Sora stood still, facing the officer, the words caught in her throat. When she turned she saw someone who she hadn't seen in twelve years, who she thought she never see again.

The woman was shorter than herself with short brown hair to her shoulders and kind brown eyes.

"It is you," the woman smiled.

Sora reached toward her hesitantly, "Kari?"


Zoe's breath caught in her lungs.

Everyone that had been standing by the school stopped and listened. Sora, who had been crying in to Kari's shoulder looked up at the building in horror and Takuya's distraught teacher burst in to tears again.

"We need to get in there now!" JP shouted, not caring who heard.

The others nodded in agreement but they knew that even if they did get in there was no guarantee that they would be any help.

Zoe stared up at the school and wished fervently that she was Kazumon again. If she was she could just fly up, grab Takuya and get out without any trouble at all. She stared down at the remains of her Detector in her hands, her cell phone. It was useless but she normally felt stronger when she held it. Now though it just made her feel weaker. Reminding her of what she couldn't do.

She held up a hand ready to throw it across the street when the school doors burst open and a girl came staggering out dragging another kid behind her.

When she finally reached the front steps she collapsed, leaving the kid on the top step and resting her head in her hands until the firemen rushed her and carried her to an ambulance.

The boy on the steps was loaded in to the second ambulance but the paramedics were more careful with him, gently placing him on the stretcher and strapping an oxygen mask to his head. The boy was covered in soot from head to toe but Zoey would have recognized him if he was wearing a wig and covered in make up.

"Takuya!" she yelled, running toward the ambulance. Sora was already there, pushing paramedics out of the way shouting, "That's my son!"

Zoey ran until the ambulance doors were slammed closed and then she stood as it sped down the street sirens blaring, carrying Takuya further and further away.

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