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Pillows and Business Meetings

He yawned, feeling his son snuggle into his arms with a sigh. "We did good tonight, huh Dad?" Dick's voice was tired, as it should be; it was nearly five in the morning.

"You did excellent Dick; get some sleep, okay?" Dick nodded sleepily, yawning as he closed his eyes and relaxed.

"Batman? Batman, you there?"

Bruce groaned, his hand fumbling around on the nightstand. He grasped his communicator, placing it in his ear and growling, "What is it Clark?"

"Emergency Justice League Meeting. Original Seven have to attend, sorry." Damn Clark, and damn his sorry, apologetic Boy-Scout-

"We have to go Dad?" Dick was looking up at him, his light blue eyes clouded with sleep. Bruce ran his hand through his son's hair, ruffling it gently as he nodded.

"I'll be there Clark." He turned off the link without waiting for a reply. Sighing, he turned from his son and swung his feet over the edge of the bed. "Stay here with Alfred; I should be home soon." He ran a hand over his face, rubbing at his eyes. He had gone over forty-eight hours without sleep, and had a business meeting in the morning at Wayne-Enterprises. He nearly groaned aloud at the thought of sleeping through another business meeting, as if his parent's name wasn't tarnished enough.

"I can't Dad, remember? Alfred's visiting his niece in London."

"...Right. Come on then." He grabbed Dick, swinging him over his shoulder. The eight year old giggled, his hands grabbing at the back of Bruce's pajamas. The idea of seeing the watch-tower and the rest of the Original Seven had woken him up a bit.

Bruce donned his cape and cowl in the Batcave, leaving Dick to rest in the computer chair. "Why don't I have to wear my costume?"

Bruce smiled, ruffling his son's hair again before handing him his domino mask. "Just wear this okay?"

Dick nodded, placing it over his eyes as Bruce picked him up. "Two to the watchtower."

The next moment they were standing in the transport room. Dick glanced around sleepily, noticing how empty it was. "Where is everyone?"

"Sleeping, like you should be." Batman growled, his hand rubbing Dick's back soothingly. "You can sleep during the meeting. I don't want you missing any more sleep than you have to."

Dick thought about protesting, but bit his tongue; Bruce was in a bad mood right now, arguing wouldn't really help his case. So, he nodded, tightening his hold on Batman's cape as he began to walk briskly to the Meeting Room.

"Ah, there you are Bruce!" Clark gave them a smile, one of those that said 'Oh-I'm-sorry-but-only-because-I-know-you-have-kryptonite-in-one-of-those-pockets.'

Batman grumbled, shifting Robin so that he rested more comfortably against his shoulder. He sat down next to Wonder Woman, glaring briefly at Barry for looking so darn energetic. It was five o' clock in the morning, why did everyone look so happy? The urge to bang his head onto the table repeatedly was strong.

Dick smiled shyly up at his mentor, snuggling deeper into his shoulder. He knew everyone was staring at him, and that's what made it better. Bruce was still holding him, still rubbing his back in slow, smooth circles. He really cared about him, he wouldn't have acted like this in front of the others for just anyone. He closed his eyes, trying hard to fall asleep. He just wasn't tired anymore.

"Alright so let's get this meeting started so everyone can go home and get some sleep, okay?" Bruce wanted to punch Clark for the teasing tone. Next time he had a party at the manor maybe he would decide to invite Lois along; that would teach the Boy Scout.

Dick smiled as the meeting droned on, slipping in and out of sleep. "Batman?"

"Hmm?" Batman looked down, biting back a yawn.

"How much longer until we can go home? You have a meeting tomorrow, and you need your sleep too." He whispered, his lips forming a pout. This meeting was taking forever and all he wanted to do was go home. Bruce hadn't slept for a while, and he got cranky when he slept during a meeting.

"Not much longer Robin. Did you sleep like I asked you to?" Bruce listened to Clark with one ear, not finding his speech about Luthor's latest plans all that interesting. He had known what Luthor was up to weeks ago. He would much rather speak to his son, finding the eight year old's concern...dare he say, adorable?

He glanced at J'onn, seeing the Martian twiddle his thumbs and whistle innocently. That thought would cost him a truck full of Oreos to pay him off...but he supposed it was worth it. The whistling increased in volume for a few moments. Make that two truck-loads.

"Yah I did, but I wanna go to sleep in a bed, you're shoulder's are too hard." He pressed his hand against the Dark Knight's shoulder to emphasize his point. "See? You make a terrible pillow."

Batman stifled a snicker, freezing when six heads turned to look at him.

"Have you been paying attention at all?" Clark stood with his hands on his hips, a pout similar to Robin's on his lips.

"Luthor planned to steal kryptonite from the Metropolis Museum of History and threaten you with it, like he always does. Some of us have work in the morning, Clark. I fail to see why there was a meeting about this at all. Now, I'm taking him home; call me if you need help, but not before." He tightened his hold on Robin, feeling the boy snicker into his shoulder.

"Two to the Batcave. Now."

Fifteen minutes later, Dick snuggled up to Bruce, sighing tiredly. "That was a good one Dad." He snickered sleepily, smiling as Bruce ruffled his hair playfully.

"Glad you enjoyed it chum. Now, get some sleep, okay?"

"Mmmkay. Goodnight Dad."

"Goodnight." Dick looked up to see Bruce's eyes were closed. He scooted up a little, kissing his adopted father on the cheek before snuggling back into his shoulder, a blush forming on his cheeks.

Bruce opened one of his eyes, kissing his son's forehead. "Sweet dreams Dick."

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