Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Harry Potter/Wizarding World. They were all created by the genius that is J.K. Rowling. Pairing includes Harry/Hermione, Ron/Lavender, Ginny/Dean, and Neville and Luna.

Summary: What happens when you realize that your best friend is the person you're meant to spend your life with? Having to be the one to comfort Hermione every time Ron's insensitivity hurt her, Harry's unable to hold his feelings back any longer. This starts during The Half-Blood Prince at the celebration party that Lavender and Ron hook up in and will continue through The Deathly Hallows and possibly after we'll see how it goes.

Author's Notes: This story was inspired by two scenes both from the movies. The first being Harry comforting Hermione after the Quidditch match in Half-Blood Prince and the scene where Harry dances with Hermione to cheer her up in The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1. The on screen chemistry between Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe was really good. Not to mention the chemistry between the characters in the book. I always believed that Hermione and Harry should end up together and was so sad when they didn't. Secondly I took some liberties with Lavender Brown, in both the books and movies she's highly annoying. However to fit my purposes I had to edit her character to make her more likeable. There also won't really be any Ron or Ginny bashing. I think that they're both amazing characters. Lastly this is the first fan fiction I've written in many a year so please go easy on me.

Chapter 1: The First Move

Harry was sitting in a corner watching the celebratory party; for once it was nice not being the center of attention. He knew that many of his classmates and hell, even a few of the professors thought that he enjoyed the fame. Those closest to him knew the truth; he'd do anything to just be Harry. Not The Boy Who Lived or The Chosen One. It didn't bother him that Ron was the celebrated member of the Gryffindor Quidditch team this time. After all he'd earned it and not just because he believed himself to be under the influence of Felix Felices which 'made' him play a perfect game. Also because too often he'd been in the shadows while Harry was singled out for the things he'd done. Or by Hermione and her intelligence then there were the five older brothers that had already done everything he could possibly think to do. "What are you doing sulking in the shadows mate? Why aren't you celebrating with us, we kicked ass." Ron asked dropping down on the worn couch beside Harry.

Harry shrugged, "Enjoying not being the center of attention for once. Besides you earned it." It was the truth in the five and a half years that Harry had learned the truth of his heritage he'd been shoved into the spotlight. He'd learned that he was famous and having that much attention, when he'd grown up in a house where he'd been known to be punished for breathing and that was on a good day, was something he'd never been able to adjust to. It's the reason he'd valued his friendships with Ron and Hermione, neither of them cared about the scar on his forehead or the titles the media had strapped him with. To them he was just plain old Harry.

Ron started to respond but he was distracted by Lavender Brown, who smiled at him and cocked her head and nodded as if to ask him to join her. "Go ahead." Harry said. He'd been watching for weeks as Ron and Lavender did this weird, to be honest he wasn't sure what you would call it, a mating ritual perhaps. They'd been flirting since school stared back, yet neither of them had made a move. To be honest it slightly pissed him off, not that he'd ever tell Ron that. After all it wasn't Ron's fault that Hermione loved him, or that he, Harry loved Hermione.

"You're sure?" Ron asked.

"Positive." Harry assured him. He watched as Ron walked over to where Lavender was while at this point he knew that Harry hadn't truly slipped him the potion he was still feeling adrenalin from the match. He didn't say anything to her instead pulled her against him and kissed her hard. It wasn't really Ron and Lavender that Harry had been watching; Hermione had just walked into the common room when Ron finally made his move on Lavender. He hated the look of utter devastation on her face before she turned and headed back out the portrait hole she'd just came through. Without another thought he stood up and followed her. Unfortunately he was delayed by his classmates wanting to talk Quidditch and go over the entire thing play by play.

Hermione feel like she'd been kicked in the stomach by one of Madame Maxime's horses when Ron pulled Lavender to him and kissed her. Deep in her heart she wondered if he would ever see her the way she saw him. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to squash the tears that were stinging her eyes. The last thing she intended to do was allow Ron or anyone else to see that her heart was broken, again. She hated the fact that even after all these years he was able to hurt her so badly. She knew that she couldn't force him to love her. Well that wasn't entirely true she probably could, but she was above sneaking love potions in chocolates or morning pumpkin juice. Ever since George and Fred opened their shop all of the girls were talking of nothing but the love potions they sold cleverly disguised as perfumes. Unable to stomach watching the pair snog, she slipped out of the Gryffindor common room to find some privacy. Her first thought was to head up to the girl's dorm but she decided against it, you only went to the girl's dorm with a broken heart when you wanted to be fawned over and have the heartache nurtured by the other girls. She wanted to be alone, to have a little peace away from the noise of the common room. She slipped into the shadows and then out the portrait hole and found a corridor that was vacant. It wasn't quite the library, which was her favorite place to go when she didn't want to be bothered. Once she was sure she was lone she let her guard drop and only then did she will the tears that were lodged deep in her breast to free themselves.

Harry stopped short when he saw Hermione sitting in the corridor; he hated the tears in her eyes and her heartbreaking sobs. Without saying anything he walked over to her and pulled her into his arms and held her tightly. More than anything else, he wanted to take her pain away or kick Ron's ass for hurting her. Maybe even both. He ran his hand up her back playing with the silken tendrils on her hair that spilled down her back. "He's not worth your tears." He said after a pregnant pause.

Hermione took a deep breath, "It's silly, I know."

"It's not silly if it matters to you." Harry said.

"I knew that Ron and Lavender had feelings for each other. I've known for ages." She said wiping her tears on the back of her hand. "I even helped him pick out a gift for her birthday."

"Knowing doesn't make the pain go away." He pointed out.

"But it should have made it easier." She said softly her head still lying on his shoulder.

"I don't think love works that way." He said. "I knew Cho still loved Cedric when I dated her. It didn't make it any easier when she cried over him though she was with me."

"Yeah well Cho's an idiot." Hermione said looking up at Harry. "I think she never forgave you for coming out of the maze alive while Cedric was dead."

Harry had never thought of it that way but it seemed to make sense. That part of Cho hated him for being alive and the other part felt kindred to him for being with Cedric when he died. "She's an odd girl." Harry said.

"She's barking mad." Hermione said with a slight laugh.

"That too." He said. "I've never seen anyone who could cry so easily or so much in my entire life. She was like a bloody water fountain. You'd think she'd dehydrate."

Hermione laughed as she wiped her eyes on the corner of her red and gold striped scarf. "I think she blames me for you breaking up with her."

The sound of Hermione's laughter made his heart skip. He wasn't sure exactly when his feelings for his best friend became more than friendly and the fact that he felt more for her scared him. "Because I wouldn't give up my friendship with you or Ginny," Harry said. "I think she was more threatened by you though."

"Me?" She asked a little on the startled side, "Why me?"

"Because of this," Harry said leaning down to kiss her softly his hand sinking into her soft hair.