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Chapter 39: The Night Before

Hermione was sitting at the vanity in the room that she and Harry was sharing she'd just finished her shower and was attempting to get ready for bed. She knew that she needed to get some rest the next day would be long and trying. Since they'd gotten the information from Mundungus they had been working nonstop on a plan to get inside of the Ministry of Magic. They knew that was the only place they'd be able to even get near Umbridge and the Horcruxe. The only problem was that since Voldemort's Regime had taken over security had gone from tight to a death grip. Over the past few weeks they'd carefully collected information and put together a feasible plan. There was no way they could go in wands blazing like they did at the end of their fifth year at Hogwarts. The problem was that as the days drew closer and closer together there was a deep sense of dread that had started to take root in her belly. It was a fear that she hadn't voiced to Harry or Ron probably because she knew that they could feel it too.

Harry walked up behind Hermione and rested his hand on her shoulder. "You need to get some sleep." He said.

Hermione nodded and looked at him in the reflection in the mirror. "You do too."

"I will." He said even though they both knew it was only half true. Harry hadn't been doing much sleeping of late. His dreams had been filled with Voldemort's thoughts and though he was sure that Voldemort didn't realize the connection between their minds had reopened he didn't like the sickening feeling he had when he woke up.

"Come on." Hermione said holding her hand out to Him.

He looked down at her hand before taking it in his own and lifting it to his lips and pressed a kiss to her palm. Without saying anything else he pulled her against him and kissed her. It wasn't a sweet kiss but a hungry one full of demand. It said everything they were both feeling, that they there was a chance that they might not make it out of the Ministry alive if they were found out about.

Hermione moaned softly against his lips her hands fisting in the back of his sweater. She nipped gently at his lips and tongue as her soft body pressed into his. She poured herself into him, letting him know exactly how she felt about him through her passion. Harry pulled back long enough to pull his shirts over his head and drop them on the floor. He undone the front of Hermione's bathrobe and groaned when he saw that she wore nothing under it. Without saying a word he kissed her again and backed her to the bed and when her knees hit the back of it he pushed her back and came down over top of her.

Hermione's back arched as Harry begin trailing kisses down her body before he came to settle between her thighs and covered her with his mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her hand fisted in his hair, "Harry!" she sobbed.

Harry couldn't help but feel a little smug, it was the first time he'd ever attempted to do anything like this before and the fact that she was enjoying herself was enough to have him incredibly hard. He never would have believed that he could be so turned on by giving someone else pleasure. HE sank one of his fingers inside of her hot core teasing her as he flicked his tongue over her clit.

Hermione wasn't sure how much more of his torture she could handle. Her body trembled under his as she rocked her hips against him needing more. "Please Harry." She sobbed.

Harry looked up at her watching her as he thrust his fingers into her harder and sucked on her clit. IT wasn't long before she arched off of the bed and sobbed his name her hot cream pouring into his mouth.

Not giving her a chance to come down from her orgasm Harry rolled Hermione onto her back as he came over top of her and slid into her from behind with a groan. He loved the way she felt under him like this, her whole body pressed so perfectly against his. He loved the little whimpering sounds that she made to urge him on and the way she tightened around him. He buried his face in her soft curls and inhaled her scent. "I love you so fucking much." He groaned his hands sliding over her curvy hips.

Hermione turned her head and claimed lips in a hungry kiss. The tasted of her cream on his skin was enough to drive her wild. She fisted one of her hands in his hair holding him against her the other held onto the head board as she rolled her hips back against his meeting him thrust for thrust. Harry's hand dug into Hermione's hip, his tongue thrust into his mouth as he slammed into her tight body. It wasn't long before Hermione' tore her lips from Harry's and screamed in his name in pleasure. Unable to hold back any longer Harry buried himself inside of her letting her milk him of his pleasure.

Hermione collapsed onto the bed as she tried to calm her breathing. "Wow." She moaned.

"Yeah." Harry rolled off of her before pulling her firmly into his arms and kissing the top of her head.

Hermione smiled and nuzzled him gently, "I love you Harry." She said.

Harry grinned, "I love you too, Hermione. Get some sleep we have a long day tomorrow."

"Do you really think that it's going to work?" she asked.

"It has to." He said after a pregnant pause, "It's the only plan we have."