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Summary: In between Journey's End the Doctor saves Donna and she can be all timelordy with him.

Warning: It does contain some serious sex scenes in later chapters so don't read where you shouldn't.

Inside the TARDIS it was quiet. The Doctor and Donna were fiddling with switches on the console and thinking to themselves that when it came to stabilizing the TARDIS, two was definitely better than one. It had been exactly 1 month 2 days 5 hours 23 minutes and 17 seconds since the metacrisis took place. It had also been about five hours less than that since the Doctor contemplated losing her forever…


"I want to stay." Said Donna refusing to make eye contact with the Doctor and attempting to fly the TARDIS. He looked at her with such longing eyes, tears welling up, "You know you can't." he said with so much sorrow.

She abruptly stopped and a smile seemed to creep up onto her face. She spun around to face him. He looked so sad and then confused as to why she was so happy. "I've got it!" she said smiling so big she was almost brought to tears herself. "Oi! I've done it again! Just that little bit of human that's given me the edge over you, TIMEBOY!"

He thought for a bit, still puzzled, and then it hit him. He started running around the console room explaining to Donna, "If I just connect your time lord consciousness to mine, I can I can absorb all of the excess energy and overspill rendering you completely stable for the rest of well, FOREVER!" He abruptly stopped," but it's too much for even me to handle." Then Donna, who had been enjoying the show he'd put on, swooped in. "Oh and we couldn't have that now could we!" she exclaimed. "what are we standing in?" the Doctor looked puzzled, "What are we standing in, right now?"

"A TARDIS?" he retorted still looking puzzled.

"Yes, time and relative dimension in space, now this isn't any ordinary space ship, this old girl is alive! And you know what she has? A big flipping heart! So what if instead, I use my newfound time lord powers, to give her the excess energy, leaving you just fine and dandy. Beat that time boy!" She finished flipping a switch on the console and then looked up at him with a twinkle in her eyes. He looked at her and exclaimed," Donna Noble, my Donna Noble, you are brilliant!"

As she readied herself, he opened up the console revealing the heart of the TARDIS. Her head fell back and she closed her eyes, the Doctor stood close ready to intervene if deemed necessary. When the connection was made, it happened quickly. She breathed out the excess energy. It took a lot of power from her to make the transfer and when she was done, she collapsed into the Doctor's arms. He closed the console and the TARDIS hummed happily, glad that Donna was there to stay….


He actually thought he would lose her forever," You're not getting rid of me that easily spaceman." Donna had said after she had woken up from the energy transfer. It had been an entire month since then, and their relationship was almost completely different. After the energy transfer, the Doctor had to nurse Donna back to health, and Donna being as stubborn as she was, totally rejected the idea. It wasn't till she almost killed herself trying to get out of the bath that she realized she needed his help. From then on, he was always there to catch her when she fell. Even if against her will, she was grateful for what he was doing for her.

With them spending literally every second together, things changed between them. Before the metacrisis, they would at least sleep in different beds. But seeing as Donna was "in no condition to ever be unattended" as the Doctor put it. Little did she know it was just an excuse to spend more time with her. After everything, he couldn't help but look at her differently, gazes at her that lasted a bit too long to only mean well. But could you blame him, she did look quite brilliant.

He wasn't alone in the changes. When she first started traveling with him, she made it clear that she didn't want any funny business, but as time went on it was hard to keep the thoughts out of her mind. And even she would stare a bit too long. After a while she learned to deal with it, but then she had to go off and kiss him, in front of Agatha Christie, too.