So I'm back! =D Sorry I left this site for awhile because I'm a bum but have seriously been busy (: & I hate long author's notes…so here's just a Young Justice story about Dick trying to ignore something plainly obvious, and just needing to be taken care of for once by his 'Dad'… (:

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He's always been tough. Scrapes and bruises were nothing to sniffle about, and Robin always tried to be as mature as possible when it came to his weaknesses as the youngest member of his team. This was obviously an unrealistic vow to be forever kept, because when little Dicky Grayson woke up, he felt terrible. No, that would be an understatement; Robin felt like absolute shit! His head felt like it weighed 200 pounds….along with his limbs.

It felt like nails were digging into his temples, and he was freezing. He didn't feel too good the night before, along with Bruce mentioning that he looked a bit pale, but he shrugged it off, blaming it on his nerves. The lie worked, but today, oh today was 100000 times worse. It was safe to say that the boy wonder was certainly not feeling the aster.

With a great amount of effort, Robin managed to squirm free from his dampened bed-sheets and tried to sit his sweaty upper-torso up. Immediately after his posture shifted, an ENORMOUS wave of nausea hit him, and he felt like he was going to barf out his insides. He quickly lurched forward, but fell down when his knees suddenly gave out from beneath him. Pathetically, he crawled with his aching body on the ice-cold floor to his bathroom a few feet ahead, pushed the ajar door open with one sweaty hand, and almost cried when he found his savior of a toilet in reach.

As if he just ran a marathon, he used his remaining strength to hoist his upper-half partly over the toilet so he wouldn't miss the bowl, and puked his stomach contents out. After about 5 minutes of throwing-up, he unconsciously wiped his clammy, residue-left outer mouth with the back of his hand and slumped to the bathroom tile in exhaustion.

He hadn't been this sick in a long time; not since he and Bruce were fighting the Joker and somehow he managed to get stuck into the Pacific Ocean for two hours. Lest he forget that it was the middle of January, and he had to swim back the 7 miles to shore. If it wasn't for his well-adjusted to the elements and harshly trained body, the 11 year old probably wouldn't have survived. But at the time, he did manage to catch a severe case of hyperthermia, the flu, and bed-rest in the med-bay with hot fluids constantly being pumped into his small body for a good week or so. Even after that, he was kept off patrol for 2 more weeks until he was finally well enough to get back into being 'Robin.' But either way, he just didn't really catch harsh colds during the year like most.

He could feel the heat radiating off his body like a heat lamp, but the shivers wouldn't stop. He knew he had a fever for sure. After about 5 minutes of trying to just calm down his convulsing, Dick managed to have his back pressed against the wall, and his head in his hands. Wiping away his sweaty, black bangs, he attempted to see straight but everything was spinning and vertigo overcame him as he fell forward and yet again, vomited.

Even when he did have a cold or sickness that didn't seem too bad, he kept it to himself. For one, he hated being fussed over in that manner, and two, it made him feel like more of a small impurity in the hero world than ever. The Bats seemed to not show weakness and even kept a straight face while sporting a broken arm. If Bruce could handle a broken bone, then he could surely handle a virus.

"Ok Dick, he mumbled to himself. Wow his voice sounded raspy and congested. This is no big deal. I'll be fine. I just need some Tylenol, a little toast to settle my stomach, and everything will be A-Ok." He knew his routine would help; it had to. He could just go pop them in, take a shower, clean up this mess, and be ready for the day.

The YJL (Young Justice League) were assigned to have a great mission that day, and Robin would take the lead for once. If he proved himself, then Kaldur wouldn't be so hesitant about leaving the position in the future, and Batman would be proud. He's been working his birdy-ass off for awhile now to be in shape for this. He worked so hard, and a stupid little bug wasn't going to ruin it!

He managed to stand with great assistance from the door and wall, and made his way slowly over to his dresser to get his civvies out. While stumbling over, he managed to jolt his nightstand and his lamp ungraciously fell, crashing onto the hard-wood floor. "Damn it", he hissed as glass scraped against his bare feet. He hopped up onto his bed, luckily not falling back-ward, and unsteadily reached for some tissues to his left to soak up the blood about to drip from his foot to the floor. Wincing as he applied pressure to the semi-deep cuts on his left foot, he left it there and reached backward to grab cloth from the drawer when he felt dizzy again and puked viciously to his side, coughing very loudly.


He couldn't help but moan at his sore stomach and rub his throat afterwards, but quickly shut-up when the sound of heavy, even footsteps met his ears. "Richard", Bruce yelled in a calm manner as he made his way towards Dick's room. Yeah, he was going to hear it in a moment.

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