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Of all the things that could happen to Robin, the young, athletic partner of the famous Batman, food poisoning didn't really seem like a main priority for concern.

After Bruce came in, he took some urine, and asked about other symptoms. Dick didn't recall eating anything strange, but a harmful bacteria was found in his blood and stool from spoiled seafood. He and Wally had been on a mission weeks before in Cancun, and had a meal there because KF had to refuel. Robin didn't think that it would be a bad idea to get some grub as well, and has some simple shrimp-scampi at a high-class restaurant.

The symptoms didn't show until last night, or at least not as bad. He felt a little off that week-sure- but nothing happened to that extent. He'd be fine, as long as he was kept hydrated by drinking a lot of water and getting some fluids through an I.V. It would reduce nausea, weakness and vomiting to some extent. He was also going to get some injections to control vomiting and stomach aches, along with a light food-diet for few days.

"You need to be more cautious Dick; I've taught you to never eat food out of country unless I am with you", scolded Bruce as he was filling various syringes with medication for the kid. Dick knew he screwed up, and was totally embarrassed.

"I know Bruce, I-I'm sorry, he replied in a regretful voice. I didn't think anything would really happen though, you know? –Especially since I was I civvies."

Bruce knew what Dick meant all to well. "I understand son, but anything could happen, and even though relaxing sometimes is ok, you should never let your guard down. What happened, which I'm sure was a mistake on the restaurant's part, was lucky. You don't know what'll happen out there, and just because some evil-mastermind didn't try to poison you-yet- does not mean it won't happen. I just want you to be safe. Maybe being so far away un-supervised was a mistake on my shoulders. You clearly aren't ready."

At this point, Bruce just kept rambling; he was scared for his little bird. Dick felt his heart drop into his gut.

"I understand, replied Dick. But that doesn't mean I need to hide. Please! We had a successful mission, and you of all people, have taught me to expect the unexpected. So just because something didn't go according to protocol, doesn't mean that we need to be lessened. We learned from this- I learned."

Bruce thought about what Dick said carefully. Perhaps he was overreacting a bit. He made his way back over to his son, sitting up in the hospital-bed, and pulled a chair up to it. He beckoned Dick to extend his arm, and he began swabbing it with alcohol wipes.

"Ok, just be more observant next time and tell me when a situation comes up like that in the future. We were let off lucky with food-poisoning from spoiled shrimp, but next time it could be battery-acid in a soda."

Dick nodded, but winced as he felt one of the 8 injections go in. Bruce just continued stabbing him, as he continued talking.

"You're off duty until further notice-aiming for at least a week off. There will be no visiting your team until you have a clean bill of health. Expect double your training once you're better, along with an extra-course from Barry on detecting chemicals and hazardous consumption courses; Wally will be attending it with you. Bruce finally finished with the needles as he stuck the eighth band-aid on the 13-yearold's arm. You'll remain here for the night, just in case; I'll inform Alfred, and dinner will be served within the hour."

Dick nodded, mumbling that he would comply. "Oh, and one more thing- Man Bruce I get it, thought Dick! Bruce went toward Dick, ruffling his spiky-raven hair with his large hand. He then placed it under the boy's chin, arching it to make him get eye-contact. I'm glad you're okay", he finally concluded with relieved smile. Dick blushed, and grinned.

"Yea, he chuckled, me too."

Three days later, Dick was feeling a lot better, but his abdomen and stomach still throbbed, even with pain-killers. He was also making an exceptionally large amount of trips to the restroom. Currently, he was sitting on the large, black sofa in the living room, sighing as he clicked through many…many channels on the flat screen television in front of him. Nothing was on. He was beyond bored, and had only been allowed to eat applesauce for the past couple days. Did he mention that he hated apples? He finally gave up, clicked it off, and went to use the bathroom again.

After was sitting on the sparkly-white toilet when he suddenly realized probably the most devastating thing ever…there was no toilet-paper! There was none…nada…zilch! What the hell, there has to be like five rolls in here this morning! Ughh! Dick was aggravated. After searching the bathroom for something the best that he could, he slumped back down in defeat. "Well, this is underwhelming", he mumbled as he stared at the ties on his pajama bottoms that were by his knees. Alfred was at the super-market, and Bruce was on patrol, so no one could get him some, and the only place where there would be some was 2 floors up.

After nearly half an hour of just sitting there feeling disgusting, he decided to make a run for it and use the upstairs bathroom. He needed to use the toilet again anyway. After flushing & washing his hands, he cracked open the door and listened for any noise at all. Other than his own breathing, silence simply greeted him. Nevertheless, he started to run. A minute later, the ninja made it to the restroom 2 floors above his previous location, and greeted the toilet paper inside like gold. After he was finished, he hopped in the shower, deciding that he might as well get washed up for dinner.

He collected a towel from the rack next to the bathroom mirror, placed it on the hanger by the shower door, locked the bathroom door, and began stripping. The kid then graciously invited the hot water to cleanse him, and some 15 minutes later, he was squeaky-clean. =)

Turning off the water, he pushed the shower curtain aside and reached for his towel. His towel, the one he remembered hanging up just before, the white fluffy one that he just picked from the rack on the wall, was gone.

"What the- he cut himself off as he remembered that he could just get another one from the rack. He shook off excess water-drops from his muscled frame so he wouldn't drip all over the floor, and stepped out onto the floor. Oddly, the bathmat was nowhere to be seen, along with all the towels that were just on the rack. There was nothing in the bathroom. There wasn't even a single washcloth to be found. He panicked and felt severely violated. Rushing toward the door, he checked and indeed, it was still locked. For Pete sake, his dirty clothes weren't even on the floor!

The scenarios were running through his head wildly. It could've been Alfred, but how would he have gotten in…How would anyone get in? Wow Grayson, this is not your day. To make matters worse, the heat seemed to be off in the mansion, and the 20 degree weather outside complimented with a cold bathroom & no covering seemed like a curse. It was then that he, while looking toward the heating vent, noticed something white scrunched up by the garbage. Closer inspection proved it to be a pull-up with a sticky-note attached to it.

The post-it read- Dick, think twice before wearing Superman boxers in this house again. Clothes for you to wear are in the freezer; don't bother trying to get into your room or the laundry room, they're locked Alfred is also gone and won't be back until tomorrow morning. Feel free to use the diaper until then and meet me in the library once you're decent.


"What the Fuck", Dick seethed in confusion. He didn't even understand; this wasn't even funny. Oh, he'd get revenge somehow, and Bruce was just mad that he didn't wear Batman underwear like his mentor. He was not putting a pull-up on; Bruce wouldn't get the satisfaction! He'd probably take a picture or something! Besides, the freezer was all the way in the basement. I'm sick; he should be cutting me some slack! I should' He didn't have to go anywhere, so he sat like a pretzel on the floor, waiting. Bruce would have to give in soon enough.

That was an hour ago, and Dick was frozen. Maybe Bruce was serious. He grudgingly stood up, and shamefully pulled on the pull-up, which happened to have little Robins all over it. -Original Bruce, original, he thought. The cotton felt all too familiar in some distant way, but he just shook it off, avoided the mirror, and ran out of the bathroom toward the basement as fast as his bird legs would get him there. It seemed to work as he sped down the second floor, holding up the cover as he ran.

He finally reached the basement and was about to make it to the freezer when he slipped on something soft. He plummeted to the ground. Caressing his achy head, he looked down and found a-no his- favorite pair of dark green-silk pajamas sprawled out next to him, along with a pair of NIKE socks, and boxers. There was also another note.

He quickly got dressed, savoring in the immediate warmth and put his attention toward the note afterwards. Once again, it was a post-it. It read- Get dressed and come into the study.

'Wow, thought Dick, this is a weird day'. He shook up his damp hair with his hand, disposed of the diaper, and made his way to ward his 'father' who was being a big dick in his opinion.

When Dick finally reached the study, he noisily pushed open the doors, ready to bitch when he suddenly became speechless. Instead of the library that he was accustomed to seeing, a large movie screen was sprawled up against the wall, along with two big, cushiony recliners next to each other. Blankets and pillows were folded in the corner next to a coffee-table with a stack of movies and various junk-foods and sodas assorted next to it.

He was dumb-founded; was this for him? "Nice, huh', a deep voice suddenly said, making Dick jump in surprise. Turning around, Batman- the dark-knight- stood in Navy Blue pajamas with the biggest smirk possible on his face. Dick only managed to let out a big grin. He was about to say something when Bruce silenced him with a shake of the head.

"You've been working very hard lately, before you got ill, and I believe that I haven't given you enough credit. I just worry about you; that's why I push you so hard. It's just difficult on my part to realize that you're so young and advancing so magnificently. I'm just pleased, and you deserve a night off, or at least a night where you can actually do something amusing."

Dick was flattered. He was not expecting this one bit. All the anger seemed to melt away as he just leaned forward, and hugged his dad, for the first time in a long time.

"Thanks, but this doesn't excuse the diaper", laughed Dick as he looked at his mentor smirking. Bruce laughed.

"I didn't think it would, but maybe that'll teach you to wear the "enemy's" face on your behind", Bruce playfully shot back.

"You're just mad that I don't wear Batman-ones like most people", Dick claimed while giggling viciously and making his way over to the stack of DVDs.

Bruce thought about that for a moment. "Point taken, resolved as he slumped into the left chair by Dick, who was checking out the movies. Dick was quiet. What's the matter", Bruce asked questioningly. Was Dick in pain?

"Uh, Dick laughed sheepishly, all of the movies are rated R".

He looked at his mentor questioningly. Bruce simply looked at his ward in amusement.

"Yes-and", Bruce asked calmly.

Dick looked at him like he was nuts, but in a good way. "I'm allowed to watch these", he asked with a half smile on his face. His boyish features were glowing.

"I don't see why not, you do encounter most of this stuff on a regular basis anyways. -But if you chicken out halfway during a movie, don't expect me to hold your hand, replied Bruce while crossing his arms over his chest. Besides, if we want most of these movies finished before tomorrow, we better get a move on".

Dick left out a happy, determined laugh. "You're on, but I'm still eating the junk food"!

"That's fine…but if you barf, I'm not cleaning it up, again", approved Bruce.

Dick was ecstatic! "SWEET, he screeched while throwing a DVD at Bruce. Doritos seem so much better than apple-sauce"! Bruce couldn't blame him, but raised an eyebrow at the movie choice.

"Saw"? A little old-school for you, isn't it", asked Bruce with a raised eyebrow.

Dick mischievously smiled. "Yea-maybe, but if the gore gets you too barf, and if I end up puking too, we'll both have to clean it up". He then startled laughing his ass off, unable to stop. Bruce playfully smacked him upside the head.

"You're on, the billionaire agreed, but the first one too puke has to explain to clean the bat-mobile tomorrow."

"But I'm sick", Dick claimed in exasperation.

Bruce smiled. "Every formula has its own variables", he calmly stated with a smirk. This was going to be a long night.

The next day, Bruce woke up feeling sick. It turns out he was allergic to the Pringles he ate the night before with Dick. I guess not everything can be prevented with caution after all. It then became a sick tradition to have a movie night whenever someone was off commission for health reasons. ;)


THE END! =D Sorry If it got a bit corny…but hey, not everything in life meets protocol-standards… (: Thanks for reading…!