Master and Yokai

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Chapter 15. End of One, Start of Another

Ao Aondon headed straight towards them. Rikuo leaped for a slash but upon contact, the blade shattered and he was knocked back. Itaku then went in for an attack but failed to damage it, instead the former took on wounds from its attack. Large and tough. They were in a pickle. Without a moment to spare, Ao Aondon launched a beam from its... mouth..? Powerful, very powerful. The ray destroyed the area and its surroundings where Rikuo and Itaku barely evaded. Unfortunately for them, it set them back a good distance away from their enemy.

"Ugh... Where is its weak point...?" Rikuo muttered. It was beyond their power to prevent Enchou from leaving during the battle. They braced themselves for another attack. Defensive strategy was their only option at the moment. Rikuo strengthen his fear and sliced off its arm. One less thing to worry about. Should they start by taking it out limb by limb to prevent it from moving? Their hopes were only tossed away from it reattached the arm.

"Don't just stand there and stare! There has to be something we could do." Itaku shouted to the frustrated clan leader. Every slash they gave failed. It kept recovering but each time it's slower. It's weak point finally appeared!

"It's regeneration is becoming slower each time... Where is its power source?"

"I saw a kettle in it's mouth... That must be it!" They dodged the retaliations as they conversed. "I'll take care of the kettle. You finish it off!" The weasel aimed at its jaw and gave it a slashed. Rikuo immediately sped forward but a blur launched pass him. The final blow was given and the monster was finally eliminated. "That's done... Oi Ri-" His expression changed to a stunned blank one when he turned around. Rikuo, too, stared, ceased to move. They both were looking at the same thing...

"Ugly creature... It got a lot of nerve to pick my boy and his friend!" the 'blur' declared.

"... ... Old man, what are you doing here...?" Rikuo dare asked. Rihan just stole the spot light!

"Well, I heard that you guys went by yourselves to the headquarters. THAT'S RECKLESS!" he lectured the third about going with more people to dangerous places.


"Hey you knuckleheads, don't you have something better to do? I don't know... LIKE PUT AN END TO THIS TYRANT?!" Itaku lectured them both, forcing them to put their family squabble aside.

"Wait. Who are we looking for?" Rihan asked. The two stared at him. He didn't see that slime leaving the area as he was entering?

"We're going after that twisted creep Enchou..."

"Uhhh... Was he about ye high, short hair, weird eyes?" Rihan described, gesturing his descriptions.

"Yeah, where did he go?!" Rikuo questioned.

"Ohhh that guy... I think I ran him over... I collided with that fool and he was picking a fight with me! I showed him who's boss." Rihan stood proudly, fists on his waist, nodding with his eyes closed.

"... Let's go help Kuro and Ryuji!" Rikuo decided and went backwards. Upon entering the room, he saw them with Yanagida and a tiny exorcist appearing guy.

"The Gokadoin House... Seimei's descendents..." Ryuji informed them. Slightly hesitant.

All of a sudden, a voice boomed, "Curse you, Enchou... Nura Clan... I won't be destroyed by the likes of you! All of you shall perish!"

"T-that voice... Sanmoto...!" Yanagida called out. Then all the parts of Sanmoto began to be drawn back to form a whole. The monster broke out of the hide out and headed straight for the Nura House. The Nura Clan and allies gave chase. He arrived at the household first, crushing parts of the building. They soon caught up.

"Let's cut it do-" Rikuo began only for his father to steal the spotlight once again.

"Looks like I didn't do a good job 300 years ago... This time I'll make it stay dead once and for all!" Rihan proceeded to attack it. He managed to deal a good amount of damage to it but not enough to take it down in one go. "Either he got tougher or that he just got fatter with fat shielding from damage..."

"Let me help you, old man." Rikuo stood side by side with Rihan. Their fears merged. A heavy aura lurked around them. Without any further delay, they dealt the final blow which was enough to annihilate Sanmoto, sending back to Hell where he belongs. Their allies and friends awed at the sight. The two separated. Rikuo faced his friends. "It's good to see that you're all alright." He gave them a reassuring smile. Torii and Maki were a bit unsure if that's really Nura but they know he isn't a bad guy for sure.

"Kiyotsugu-kun vigorously spread the word about your goodness and your clan's action. With that, people began trusting you again," Kana informed. Kiyotsugu, embarrassed, looked the other way, modestly denying it.

"Thank you, Kiyotsugu." The yokai fanatic fell in tears of joy and praise. Rikuo's vision blurred. He felt weak. Soon his eyes close and he collapsed, returning to his human form.

"Rikuo!" His friends and companions cried.

"RIKUO!" Rihan over exaggerated, rushing to his son's side. "ZEN! GET OVER HERE!"

"I AM HERE!" Zen arrived just as Rihan was yelling. "CALM DOWN! RIKUO! WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO!?" He remarked about all the wounds as he proceeded to healing him.

I wonder... Will my life at school ever be the same again...? There's much more responsibility with the clan now... Nue... I can't let him and his associates cause anymore trouble! I... have to get stronger... There isn't much time left...


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