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"When I look into your eyes I can see a love restrained

But darlin' when I hold you, don't you know I feel the same?"

Damon's POV

I frowned as I sat on the loveseat before the fireplace. I sipped at my glass of blood, trying to take the edge off of the pain. As I sipped it, though, my body instantly rejected it, causing me a fit of coughing. Blood spurt into my hand as agonizing pain radiated though my veins. This process was definitely happening much faster than my last bite.

"Damon," Elena's sweet voice sounded from behind me.

I turned and wiped my hand onto my shirt. The room spun at the movement and I couldn't stop the dizziness.

Once my mind regained balance, she was standing just beside me. I knew it was dangerous for her to be so close. I could snap at any moment and end her life.

"Is there anything I can do?" she asked me, sitting beside me.

I gave her a half-smile "You can drive a stake through my heart."

She shook her head "I can't do that…"

I sighed "Why is it so hard for you guys to kill me…I definitely deserve it."

"No you don't," she whispered.

I rolled my eyes and couldn't stop the feeling of my broken heart. It was worse than when Katherine told me she never loved me…it was worse than when Elena said she would never love me. I gazed at Elena and tried to feel the way I used to. The truth was that I never actually loved her…I definitely thought I loved her. I guess I never knew what love felt like until Klaus sent me away. I loved him and there was nothing I could do about it.

I was broken from my thoughts when I felt Elena's soft lips against mine. My stomach jumped and I gently pushed her away. Her large, doe-eyes filled with hurt and confusion.

"What was that?" I asked.

"I love you, Damon," she whispered.

"No, I don't want another pity kiss," I said bitterly.

She grabbed my hand "No, it's not pity…I do love you. I don't want to lose you," she said, her eyes filling with tears.

"Are you serious?" I asked, feeling anger "No, don't you dare go there. You love Stefan…"

She opened her mouth to speak but I stopped her, pulling my hand away.

She tried to hold it again but I backed away "I don't love you, Elena. To tell the truth, I never really did." I knew the words were harsh but she needed to hear them.

"Damon…" she breathed "Please don't try to push me away."

"I'm not trying to push you away. I care about you but I'm not in love with you," I said "I never knew what love was until a few weeks ago."

"What are you talking about?" she asked, a tear spilling down her cheek.

"I met someone else…and I am in love with them," I said, thinking about Klaus. There was no point in hiding it anymore; I was going to die.

"May I ask who?" Elena said with jealousy strong in her voice.

"It doesn't matter anymore…" I said, walking over to the fireplace. I pulled my ring off and held it in my hand. I stared at the fire for a moment before tossing my ring in.

"Damon! Why did you do that?" Elena gasped.

"It's over…Klaus isn't coming back," I growled, spinning around. I made my way out of the room, pushing Elena off and ignoring her cries.

I walked outside, tuning out everyone who was trying to speak. I was disappointed to realize that there was no trace of sunlight. Dark, gloomy clouds covered the sky.

"Damon," said the velvety voice of Klaus.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, staring into the woods.

"Where is your ring?" he questioned. I felt his hand touch mine.

I reared back, glaring at him "Do not touch me," I snarled.

"I have another deal," Klaus said, his eyes mischievous but I knew it was all for show. I had seen sides of him nobody knew existed.

"I am done making deals with untrustworthy, pathetic Originals," I snapped.

"I will heal you if you come back with me," Klaus said, his eyes wary.

"Go to hell, I want nothing from you," I said darkly as I walked back over to the door. After I was bitten, Stefan and I had signed the house over to Alaric so that all vampires would no longer be allowed in.

I walked through the door, slamming it behind me.

Klaus's POV

I watched Damon walk back into the house. I knew I would not be allowed in there, considering I was not invited by the new owner. I wish I could find it in myself to tell him the truth…I wanted to tell him how much I cared about him. I couldn't let him die. I thought it would make things easier but it made everything worse; I needed him.

I couldn't swallow my pride enough to tell him that. I thought making the deal with him would be enough. How could I believe that when I hurt him so bad? I wondered if he even loved me or cared about me. If he did, he definitely did not now.

I stood there for a moment, staring at the front door. I knew that if I did not come clean really soon, Damon would be dead. He had just a few hours…the bite into that main artery had been the fastest way to end it. He would skip 90% of the process…he would only feel pain, weakness and then death.

I had to think of something else. I shook my head at that though. No, I would let this happen; I had to; For my own sanity.

. . .

One hour later

. . .

Damon's POV

Once more, I lay in my bed, feeling the numbness start to take over as the werewolf bite silently killed me. It had only been merely a month or so before I lay in this same position. Of course I wanted to go with Klaus but I didn't want to feel the ache in my heart again. I didn't want to fall for him and have him try to kill me again. All of the pain would finally be over.

I felt my eyes water slightly but I blinked them away, wondering who was in the room with me. I turned my eyes to see Elena sitting beside me; Stefan and Alaric were whispering on the other side of the room. I heard a banging on the door.

Klaus's POV

I slammed my fist on the door, just wishing someone would answer it. I needed to get in that house right now.

The door swung open and I was slightly relieved to see Alaric there. He was just the person I needed.

"Are you here to watch Damon waste away?" Alaric said.

"You best invite me in before he does," I said flatly.

He crossed his arms and before he could speak, I locked my eyes with his "Invite me in," I compelled, glad to realize he no vervain in his system.

His eyes glazed over "Come in," he said, moving to the side to allow me access.

I took it gratefully, running in at inhuman speed. All I had to do was follow the scent of Damon, which seemed to be everywhere from his bleeding neck. I ran up the stairs and into what I assumed was his room.

The moment I stepped in, I was shoved back by Stefan. I wouldn't allow him to stop me. I pushed him and he slammed into the wall across the room. Elena's eyes were wide as she sat beside Damon, who lay on the bed, pale and sickly. I felt a pain in my chest, knowing I was the reason he was like that.

I walked over and lifted Elena, pushing her onto the floor. I stared down at Damon, who managed to give me a weak glare "Just kill me," he coughed weakly "Nobody else will."

I didn't want to show how much it hurt to hear that "Just take my deal," I said.

Stefan walked over to me and placed a wooden stake in my hand. His eyes said something that confused me "Kill him…or save him. It's your choice…just remember, what you decide will be there for the rest of your existence."

From the way he was watching me, I could tell that he knew how I felt. How could he know?

I sat down beside Damon on the bed, balancing the stake in my hand.

"Just do it…" he whispered so weakly I could barely hear it. He closed his eyes.

I grasped the stake and held it over his heart…my hand shook as I spoke "You can live; you just have to agree with my deal."

"No more deals," he said flatly, his icy eyes holding a cold glare.

I tried to pressure the stake but my hand wouldn't budge. I ground my teeth and threw the stake across the room. Dammit, he was going to make me say it.

"Fine," I said, trying to compose my bad reputation. I bit my wrist open and moved it to him.

He moved his head away "I don't want anything from you."

I took a deep breath, knowing I had to say it "You're going to make me say it," I said, shaking my head "I'll say it."

I knew that Elena, Stefan and Alaric were listening intently…watching my every move; I didn't care.

"You can't die, Damon," I said, feeling my stomach turn "I can't let you die."

He was about to speak when I stopped him.

Damon's POV

My aching heart jumped when Klaus's eyes filled with comfort at his words.

He smiled "I love you, Damon," he said with a laugh "I've never said that to anyone…hell, I've never cared about anyone like this."

I felt my breath stop at his words. Somehow, those three words meant everything to me. He really did care. I could tell from the look in his eyes that it was true.

"I know I don't deserve you and I know I've hurt you but I was just afraid to feel anything…Love is a vampire's greatest weakness," he continued "But I guess I am just as weak as every other vampire out there because I cannot deny the feelings I have for you…"

I felt my broken heart start to mend. I just stared at him, mostly out of shock. I was completely speechless.

"I know it is going to take a lot of time for you to forgive me but I need you to…I need you to let me heal you so that I can have eternity to make it up to you," Klaus continued, his voice filled with sorrow.

I managed a smile as he moved his mouth down to mine. Our lips touched and instantly, I was filled with euphoria. The kiss was weak as he parted his lips…I grinned to myself as I let my tongue touch his before biting down. His body stiffened for a moment before he held me closer, allowing me to drink the blood which poured out. I swallowed down a few mouthfuls before feeling my strength start to come back. I could feel the werewolf bite heal itself.

Klaus pulled away, smirking that beautiful face. Blood was smeared over his mouth; I sat up and realized I had blood leaking down my chin. I used my tongue to lick up most of it before wiping the rest with my sleeve.

"I'll be at the house," Klaus said, referring to the place where we made our first deal.

He began to walk away "Klaus," I said.

He turned and tilted his head to the side.

"You didn't have to try and kill me to make me go back with you," I said "All you had to do was ask."

He grinned again and nodded, walking past everyone and out the door. He shouted back "Sorry I killed your girl, Alaric."

That was when I realized everyone was still standing in the room. Stefan had his lips pressed together, trying to refrain a smirk. He already knew what was going on as well as Alaric, who had a blank expression on.

Elena was the one whose eyes were as wide as saucers. Her jaw was dropped "Did that just happen?" she asked.

I nodded "yes," I said.

"B-but you hate him…he killed me! He is a horrible person!" she exclaimed.

"He may have killed you yes, but that doesn't make him a horrible person," I said simply "At least he had a motive when he killed you. I killed Jeremy just because I was in a bad mood."

"Can't forget about killing me when you were in a bad mood," Alaric said, shrugging.

"Yeah, and you killed Lexi just to get the town off your back," Stefan added in.

"Thanks guys, I feel like such a good person," I said sarcastically, realizing that Klaus and I were a little too perfect for each other.

Elena's expression was torn with confusion "Doesn't it make you two just a little suspicious that Damon-who I am sure has never been with a man-is in love with Klaus? I mean, couldn't he have compelled him while they were gone? I'm sure Klaus didn't allow you any vervain, Damon."

"Jealous much?" I heard Alaric mumble beneath his breath.

I let out a laugh "Actually," I said, standing up and stretching my now electrified muscles, "Klaus supplied me with vervain every day. He said it would be good to have in case he made any hybrids."

Elena pressed her lips together "It doesn't make sense…you aren't gay, Damon."

"When you have been alive for more than a lifetime, you come to realize that there are no labels. I think of men just as I do women…I usually just don't act upon them…I'm sure Stefan feels the same way," I said simply, knowing it was the truth.

Her eyes turned to Stefan accusingly.

He lifted his hands "He has a point…gay and straight are seriously just stupid human names for it."

"Damon, please don't leave me," Elena cried.

I felt strangely guilty from Elena acting this way in front of Stefan. I glanced at Stefan "Can you get her out of here, please. I almost died again and I am very thirsty."

I frowned as Stefan led her out of the room, rather forcefully.

Alaric stood there, a look upon his face that I couldn't pinpoint. He let out a half-smile "I knew you loved him."

"I don't know how you did but I'm sure you're pretty pissed about it," I said "considering he killed Jenna in cold blood."

"Not pissed…just confused," Alaric said "I seriously thought you were in love with Elena."

"Well, so did I," I said "She is just another Katherine."

I pulled off my long sleeves shirt and made my way to the drawer. I pulled out another one and slid it over me. I could sense Alaric watching. I turned to him and walked over; he stood there, his eyes looking as if they were debating on asking a question.

"Just ask," I said.

"About the men thing…" his cheeks reddened "Did you ever think about me that way?"

I smiled and chuckled, shaking my head "Oh, Ric," I laughed and placed my hand on his shoulder before leaving the room.

"Seriously…I want to know," Alaric called back at me.

I rolled my eyes and continued my way. I walked down the stairs and grabbed my leather jacket from the couch where Elena was sitting. Her eyes were filled with tears as she tried to hold onto it. Stefan was sitting beside her with his head down.

I yanked it from her grasp and began my way out the door. I would have to leave for a while now; I wanted them to patch things up. Or Stefan needed to get a grasp on things and end it with her. Either or, I would be a phone call away.

With that, I left and made my way to the house where Klaus was.

. . .

I was about to knock on the door when it suddenly swung open and I was grabbed. For a moment, I felt fear seep through my veins. I grinned, though, when Klaus grabbed two handfuls of my leather jacket and threw me onto the coffee table. The glass shattered beneath me as Klaus landed on top of me. He crashed his mouth with mine and began to kiss me hungrily. I loved the primal way he did this…it was thrilling.

I grinned and slid from beneath him. The moment he stood, I grabbed his shoulders and threw him into the wall in front of me. He fell into a hole in the wall which I took advantage to hold him there. A low growl sounded from his chest as I nibbled on the skin of his neck.

He shoved me off and stood back, his face were-vamped out. I stepped back as he stalked slowly towards me.

For a moment, I thought he was going to kill me but he shook his head and composed his features "You need to be careful, Salvatore. I am part werewolf…that means my instinct to kill vampires is still there."

I didn't know how to reply to that. I hadn't really thought about it but now it made sense. I just nodded, realizing how much of a stupid idea this was.

"Then again…I can still bite you…I happen to always have the cure on me," Klaus said, his features darkening again. I grinned and decided to play along. I jumped at me but I moved out of the way, running into the kitchen.

I tried to dodge again but he managed to knock me onto the island countertop. He held me there as he kissed my neck gently.

My body shuddered when his lips touched the 'spot' so to speak. I seemed to catch on and began to suck gently on the skin and nibble just lightly enough to not pierce the skin. Shivers ran up and down my spine, causing my eyes to become blurry. I let my head fall back on the table as I grabbed his head, trying to push his fangs into my skin. I had never wanted a vampire to bite me like this before.

I felt his smirk on my skin as he nibbled a few more time, driving me insane. I couldn't control the moan that escaped my lips when his teeth entered my skin. There was that feeling again…the pleasure-pain of werewolf venom entering my body. It seemed to electrify every vein in my body…it was actually enjoyable if you were into pain.

After almost a minute, he continued to drink my blood. I knew now that he was taking too much and if I didn't stop him, I would definitely die. I gently began to push him back and just as I did, he moved away. His eyes were glassy as though he were drunk when they met mine.

For a moment, he just stared at me before biting his wrist open and shoving it in my face. I willingly took it, glad when my strength started to come back. After I felt a little normal, I pushed his wrist away and moved my lips to his.

I could taste my blood still in his mouth and it was somewhat exhilarating. He held me tightly, his kisses starting softly before becoming rough. He trailed down my neck once more, nibbling on the spot which he knew drove me crazy. After a moment, I moved back to stare into those icy eyes.

"I love you, Klaus…" I whispered, tasting the words on my tongue. They were unusual but they felt good.

He smiled, a true smile, meeting his eyes before kissing me back "I love you too, Damon Salvatore…"

With that , he pulled me into this arms and held me closely. I never knew something could feel this great but it did. I finally found the one person on this planet that loved me for who I was…someone I would never have to change for.

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