Alrighty guys, I know I promised you an update in a few days... That didn't happen. I'm in the process of moving and my life is in boxes at the moment. Not very helpful for writing. I'm also extending this to a three chapter story, mostly because I felt like I had to write this bit from Castle's perspective. It's not very long, but I'm rather attached to it and I think it will clear some things up. Consider it a teaser trailer for the next chapter! Thanks for reading! Reviews are love!

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Richard Castle had never been to war. He'd been shot at, frozen, and almost blown up, but he had never had to actually navigate a field of battle. Now, he imagined that it would be something like what he had to endure today with Beckett.

All day, she had been stand-offish, not to mention about as warm as an icicle. That's not so bad. He's dealt with that before, often, actually. Then she seemed to thaw, letting him order lunch and not demanding to choose. Castle had inferred that the battle was over and the silence was passed. It wasn't the first time Kate let a case color her moods, it wouldn't be the last, but Castle took it in stride. What baffled him was the tirade that flew at him in the form of the detective, not twenty minutes later.

The author wracked his brain to think of something he could have done to warrant the change. Did he spill coffee on her police report? No. Was he distracting the boys with fantasy football shop talk? Not yet. Did he insult anyone? He'd barely spoken all day. Did he accidentally leave Angry Birds up on Beckett's computer… again? Nope. He was at a total loss. Even what was supposed to be a comforting, friendly hand on her arm elicited a response akin to total body paralysis.

Before he knew it, she was hidden behind closing elevator doors and he was fixed next to her desk like a victim of Medusa's "hair snakes"- made of stone. Honestly, Castle was baffled at what he could have done to warrant the tirade. He didn't have long to wait and wonder. He had a very important date to make. Stopping at a flower stand on the way, he picked up sunflowers, which he knew were her favorite. He wanted to make a good impression, considering yesterday was the fourth time this week he had to cancel on her.

Castle reached his destination and paused outside the door to straighten his tie and smooth his jacket before he rang the doorbell. Soon, a vision of loveliness opened the door. A vision with long red hair, a warm smile, and eyes exactly like the ones returning her gaze.

"Hey pumpkin!" Rick greeted his daughter with customary glee.

"Hey Dad! Thank you for the flowers, I'll just put them in a vase and I'll be ready to go." She grinned back at her father, and took off lightly to the kitchen while Castle stood just inside the doorframe.

"You didn't have to do all this, Dad" Alexis offered from her position at the sink.

"Are you kidding? Of course I did. I missed 4 dinners at home this week because of cases. It's practically a given that I need to take you out for a lavish dinner and then to a showing of some of the finest art imaginable!"

Alexis finally joined him by the door, "So, Chinese at Imperial Palace and a back-to-back showing of the original three Star Wars movies?"

"I knew you were my daughter" Castle offered his arm and led his daughter back down the hallway and into the elevator.





The pair laughed down 6 floors and all the way out to the car park, where their chariot awaited to carry them off on yet another wonderful Father-Daughter date.