Love Letter Lunacy

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Author's Notes: ^^; The summary pretty much describes what's to come.

* * *

When I neared the Super Smash Hotel in which my beloved resided, I could feel the anxiety bubble up in my stomach, making it feel hot. I always felt like that whenever my beloved was present or whenever someone would utter the name… Of course, as I crept into the laundry room via the open window, I realized that it was not a good time to think of how anxious I felt. I had to be cautious. One flaw could lead to my ultimate discovery. The HAL Laboratory does not take unlawful entries into the Hotel of the opposite gender very lightly. I could be removed from the tournament and jailed!


One of the running dryers turned off suddenly, nearly making me leap out of my flesh. It was then that I realized I had to get into my beloved's room and deliver my letter unseen. And quick.

I took a glance to my scented letter. The soft smile that formed on my lips could not be prevented. I had worked all night writing it and even now, I am not one hundred percent satisfied with how it turned out. But, like they always say: a writer is his own worst critic. Or is that artist? Oh well.

I admired my letter one last time, trying to find any mistakes before its definitive delivery to my darling:

I vowed that I would dedicate my powers
To thee and thine -- have I not kept the vow?
With beating heart and streaming eyes, even now
I call the phantoms of our grapes hours
Each from his voiceless lips:  they have envisioned bowers
Of platonic zeal or love's delight
Outwatched with me the ethereal night
They know that never joy illumed my eyes
Unlinked with hope that thou wouldst free
Your heart from a dark slavery

Your Secret Admirer
P.S.: In other words, I am hot for your body.


Although that little grapes comment came from left field, it was the only thing I could think of. 'Fruits' was a good word but I like grapes. Grapes are yummy.



Someone was heading to the laundry room! I was going to be discovered if I didn't do anything quick! The window was my only means of escape so I swiftly ran toward it and took a possible leap of faith out of it. Thank Heaven there was a pool right underneath me. My anonymous letter was going to get ruined, but that was fine. I'll just tuck it into my---

Oh no! Where did my letter go!?

The dainty Princess of Hyrule known simply as Zelda whistled and entered the laundry room. She smiled with relief when she saw that the clothes' drying was over. Her smile faded somewhat when the sound of water splashing reached her pointed Hylian ears.

Just my imagination, she thought with a quirked brow.

Quickly and while whistling, she began unloading the fresh clothes from the dryer, dumping them into a large laundry basket without looking. Zelda rather enjoyed this menial labor called 'laundry'; she never understood why Peach and Daisy quickly declined the offer to wash and dry Fox McCloud's clothes for him. They were princesses too. Couldn't they see this as a new experience?

Zelda certainly did. Back home, she never did this sort of thing for she had servants for virtually any task imaginable. She remembered she had a servant whose sole task was to brush eyebrows!

When all the clothes were unloaded, Zelda took the laundry basket with her and prepared to make the journey to the males' hotel.

Zelda never noticed that, prior to her unloading, there was a scented love letter sticking to the bottom of the basket.

Zelda was in the hallway just outside of the room Fox shared with his comrade Falco Lombardi when she heard the former singing along with his radio in the shower. His voice was loud and booming, reaching a volume above that of the hailing water.

"C'mon baby, let's not fight. We'll go dancing and everything will be alright!" There was a pause, and then a crescendo, "Wake me up! Before you go go! Don't leave me hangin' on like a yo-yo! Wake me up! Before you go-go! I don't wanna miss it when you hit that high…!"

Zelda decided that she had better take the opportunity to knock on the door before he'd start singing something else. Not like she had anything against the current song. It was just…weird to hear Fox singing it.

She entered the hotel room itself then knocked on the door to the bathroom. "Fox…?"

Fox let out something that sounded like a puppy when its tail was stepped on. The music was cut off completely. "Oh, h-hey, Zelda!" he called out. It was evident in his voice that he was embarrassed.

Zelda muffled a giggle with her palm. "Don't worry about it. I have your laundry here," she said. "What do you want me to do with it?"

"Just leave it on the counter out there!"


"Thanks Zelda! I owe you one!"

"Your welcome, Fox. I put all of my heart into this for you," she called out, setting the basket on the indicated counter. Completely unaware of what chaos her latter statement would spark, Zelda took her leave once her errand was completed.

Fox heard the door to the hotel room slam and poked his head out of the opened bathroom door to affirm his suspicions. Good, she was gone. He smirked to himself and headed back into the bathroom to turn his radio on again.

"Jeeeeeeeeeeeeenny I got your number! I need to make you mine! Jeeeeeeeeeenny don't change your number! Eight six seven five, three oh ni-ee-ine! [867-5309]!" Fox's singing resounded loudly within the room as he dressed himself and began sorting his recently delivered laundry.

Just when he thought he was done, the renard's nose caught a strange scent coming from the bottom of the basket. He checked and to his surprise, there was a letter. Was this what Zelda put all of her heart into? Did she leave this for him? Probably.

Only one way to find out. He unfolded it and read.

And nearly went into cardiac arrest when he was done.


* * *

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