Schoool couldn't end fast enough. I just wanted to get to that park! I mean, I needed to know why she was here...

When the last bell rang, I was the first one out of my seat. I ran to my locker, dropped off my school stuff and grabbed my board. Just as I was heading towards the front doors, I was stopped by the principal.

"Where do u think you're going, ?" He asked.

"Uh, home?"

"I don't think so." He pointed towards his office. Crap.

I followed him to his office and sat in front of his desk, wondering what I did to deserve this. I should be at the park with Rosemary RIGHT NOW.

"Um, so did I do something wrong?" I asked.

He just laughed, like he assumed I knew exactly why I was here.

"I'd say so." He said, adding, "Are you feeling better?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well you weren't at school for first period, so I assume you must've been sick."

So that's what this is about... Damn it.

"Oh, that... Sorry I slept in."

"Yes I'm sure. And you just happened to wake up in time to be here when that class ended?"

"I swear I wasn't skipping!"

"Right, well if you need more time to sleep then you can do that in detention. Room 207. Off you go." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

There was no point in arguing with him. I've seen him pissy... Not fun.

I walked down the hall, towards room 207. Great. Now what? I don't even have Rosemary's cell number so I can't let her know what's going on. She probably is sitting at OUR park, thinking that I just didn't bother to show up. I guess I'll just explain at school tomorrow.

The next day, I made sure that I was at school early. I hoped she would be too. But it turned out that she was running late that morning so I didn't see her til after class. As soon as I saw her in the halls, I walked up to her.

"Hey." I said.

she looked up from her locker. "Oh. Hi."

"Hi. Look about yesterday-"

She cut me off. " Forget it ok?"

I looked at her, confused. "But I-"

"Look, if you didn't wanna meet up with me, you should've just told me. I mean, after what happned when we were little, I don't really blame you. But you didn't have to leave he waiting there forever."

"I didn't mean t-"

"Whatever. I have to go. class is gonna start soon. See ya." She walked off without looking back.

"Ya... see ya."