15 Things to Tell You

Timeline: Post-X2
Summary: Fifteen things that Kitty wishes she could tell John, but never will.
Disclaimer: All things recognisably X-Men aren't mine - I just like making up my own stories.
Author's Note: Originally written in 2006/2007; posted at my livejournal fanfiction journal.

1. Setting someone's hair on fire was never funny. Especially not the sixth time you tried it.

2. There are still scorch marks on my favourite jeans from the time you burned your physics textbook.

3. I hate that leather jacket you wore all the time. It made you look ten years older and sleazier than you are.

4. I kicked your ass once, and I could do it again, even though I'm still "as short as a deformed kitten".

5. I always kind of liked it when you called me 'Kitten'. But only you. Nobody else.

6. The sound of your lighter never annoyed me as much as I pretended it did.

7. Sometimes I saw you wandering the grounds alone at night. I called your name once, but you didn't hear me.

8. I know you were the one who left that book of poetry outside my door on my birthday last year. The corner of the cover was singed.

9. You were never as closed-off as you pretended to be.

10. The first time you kissed me, you smelt like fresh laundry and cheap aftershave.

11. I can't go past your room now without catching a whiff of that cheap aftershave and remembering you.

12. When the mansion was invaded, in between the running and the fear, I looked for you. You'd already left.

13. The most scared I've ever been was when I couldn't find you.

14. Magneto is a dickhead.

15. I miss you.