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Chapter One Important News

Jack was in Tortuga, walking down the streets until he noticed a familiar face walk up to him. She obviously had something important on her mind. Jack didn't know whether to stay or to run. He reluctantly decided to stay, he hasn't seen the woman in years anyways.

"Jack, what I said on the island, when you left me, was true." she spoke the truth. She was standing tall she wanted something. Jack looked at Angelica, he was a bit confused.

"What, that you loved me?"

"No, that I.. we have a child." she sighed. Jack didn't think she was serious, yet he was trying to doubt himself.

"No, can't be mine then."

"It is yours, Jack!" she was getting frustrated she knew this would happen. Jack still with a lot of doubt replied,

"Angelica, it can't be mine.. I don't remember us ever.."

"You were drunk!" they had been over this before and it was really starting to irritate her.

"I was never, nor will I ever be that drunk." Jack replied, just as he did every other time.

"You were that drunk! I can prove it!" Her cheeks were starting to get rosy, as she got more and more flustered.

"Angelica, Love.. it's not possible deary, there is no way...are you sure that it wasn't another drunk Pirate?"

"Jack, I am positive. There is no other person." She tired to calm herself down by taking a few deep breaths.

"Well.." He saw that Angelica was being very serious with him and yet he still had doubt," How can I be sure? How will I know that you're not trying to fool me over again, love?"

"What reason could I have to fool you?" she paused. "I can take you too her. She is staying with a childhood friend of mine, while I came to find you." Jack looked into Angelica's eyes, he saw that she was in need, that she needed him to do this "Well.. I.. This is only to prove that the child is not mine, but yes, I will come with you, love."

"Then let's go! I need to get home." She was relieved he agreed to come with her, she needed his help.

"Alright.." Jack sighed a bit and then followed Angelica to a near by dock.

After a shorter voyage they were at the dock's of Seville. They left the ship and stood on the dock briefly. "Jack, my home is this way." She beckoned him to follow her down the dirt path. Jack paused for a moment, he looked at his surroundings and then he proceeded to follow Angelica. After a short walk they arrived at her house. She walked inside and down a hallway. When she returned she had a young girl following her. She was 7 maybe 8. She was a perfect combination of Jack and Angelica. Jack watched as Angelica brought out the little girl, Jack took a careful look at the young one and Angelica.. She looked a fair amount like Angelica, yet he still wanted a piece of doubt in his mind that the little one was not his.

"Well? Do you have anything to say?" Angelica was starting to get annoyed at him again. He was just standing there and she knew what he was doing. He was trying to come up with how the child was not his. Jack had no clue what to say, well.. all he could think of was that the child was not his, but he didn't want to say that in front of the young one, all that came out of his mouth was,

"H-Her name?"

"Her name is Alicia." At least Jack was taking some kind of interest in the child. Alicia meanwhile switched from watching her mother and then back to Jack. She had no idea what was going on. No one had explained it to her fearing the worst. Jack kept saying her name over and over in his head, he saw some similarities between the both of them.. Jack just didn't want to admit anything, he was still praying that the doubt in his mind would keep him calm. Alicia finally spoke, tired of being confused.

"Mother who is this?" Her voice was heavily accented like Angelica's, but you could here the difference that Jack had given to her. He realized Angelica must have also taught her English. Angelica looked at Jack expecting him to answer her. Jack thought that he wouldn't be able to reply, but he was able to squeeze it out,

"I-I'm Captain.. Jack.. Sparrow.." He looked at Angelica, he wanted her to see that this was very awkward for him, but also that he still was not going to admit anything at this point. Alicia gave him a look, she shrugged it off, smiled and said,

"Nice to meet you." Angelica meanwhile was standing behind her glaring at Jack. He knew it was his daughter, yet he was still going to be this way! She knew she shouldn't have went and got him. She turned her focus on to her daughter. "Alicia, go play while I talk to him." Alicia nodded and after one last look at Jack went back inside the house. Jack sighed of relief, he was very stressed by this.. his doubt was leaving him.. but he was trying to hold on for just a bit longer before accepting it. Jack knew that he wanted to refuse her and if he did Angelica would be even more angry than she was already, but he just needed that piece of doubt that was now holding on by a piece of thread.

"Is she really mine, Angelica..?" Jack stared at the dirt filled ground, silently afraid of the answer he knew was coming.

"I have told you Jack, you looked at her you should know." After he just stood there for a few seconds she continued to say, "Jack, she has your eyes, nose, and personality once you get to know her. I am positive." she sighed her anger was ebbing she saw that he was starting to grasp the situation. Jack thought about all the things Angelica listed off and saw Alicia's face in his mind, He could not stop thinking about everything Angelica was saying.

"So.. When did you have her?" Angelica's anger was gone now. He finally understood.

"Around nine months after we first met." she was trying to lighten the mood a bit now. No matter how much she said she despised him she still didn't like to see him so.. broken. Throughout this time Jack's face did not move from the confused look he was still wearing.. Jack rubbed his face and his temples.. Jack still wanted the doubt that he had earlier, but the truth was hitting him harder and harder. He would still hold off a little before he truly accepted what the truth was. "So.. she has your last name, I'm guessing."

"Yes, I had my doubts that you would come let alone believe me.." she paused, "But it can be changed if that is what you want." she watched him carefully. She could see how hard this was hitting him. He didn't even pick up on her banter. She was starting to get worried that he would run off, not that she would ever admit it but she needed him. The girl was a handful and she didn't think anyone else but him could help her.