Chapter Seven: To Shipwreck Cove

In the morning Jack, Angelica and Alicia boarded a ship to Tortuga, they had gotten lucky and ran into a few pirates that Jack had known and had not yet slighted. They were happy to take the trio to Tortuga considering they were going there themselves. Along the way, Alicia proved to be a handful, considering they were on a ship, Jack nor Angelica had figured that she could get herself into too much trouble. Alicia proved them wrong. She would often bother the pirates with questions or a quick swipe of someone's sword, without them noticing and running off and using it as a play thing. She even figured out how to fire one of the canons which luckily only hit open water. The entire crew, and Jack and Angelica, were exhausted by the time they made it to Tortuga. The crew liked her spirit though and mentioned to Jack that for a woman she could be a good pirate some day and to bring her back when she was less lively. Jack took it to heart, starting to agree with Angelica that their only daughter should have been kept hidden away from piracy. It was much too late for that now and they had to deal with it as best as they could. They left the ship behind and set out looking for Gibbs who conveniently had the Pearl. He had promised to stay in Tortuga, so Jack figured he would be around here somewhere. It didn't take long for them to find him; he was being a loyal friend and taking a nap on the deck of the Pearl. Alicia was amazed by the huge ship with beautiful black sails, and was very proud that it was her father to whom it belonged to. Jack tossed a nearby water bucket onto his sleeping companion who awoke with a not so friendly welcome before he noticed who it was.

"Who in the world- Jack!" He seemed surprised that he had made it back alive. He then noticed Angelica and nodded to her, which she responded to nodding back and giving a subtle smile.

"Gibbs, how 'as the Pearl been?" He cut to the chase quickly, he looked around the deck. Everything seemed good.

"Good, hadn't much trouble considering Barbossa now has a ship of his own." He turned his head at the sound of small feet running across the deck, and an exclamation of 'wow!' He saw Alicia and with a confused look, looked back at Jack, then realized why Angelica was there and gave a knowing, witty smile at them both. Angelica rolled her eyes. Jack looked over to Alicia, and then moved his eyes back to Gibbs.

"Alicia, come 'ere." He told her. Alicia turned around and pouted a bit as she walked back, she wanted to explore the large ship.

"Yes?" She answered simply, in a strained mocking tone implying that she didn't want to be here.

"Gibbs, this is Alicia.. my daughter. Alicia, meet Joshamee Gibbs." She smiled up at him politely.

"Nice to meet you." She said simply. Gibbs chuckled, and patted her on the head.

"Now Jack I never would have thought.." He cut himself off, considering it would sound rude if he continued in front of Alicia. Angelica smirked knowing what he would have gone on to say and shrugged subtly. Alicia sat in the mists glancing around everyone at the unique ship. Jack looked at Alicia

"Go on...just don't-" Jack was about to say 'something stupid' but he changed his words "break anything.." She smiled and rushed off. She went straight for the Captain's Cabin, wondering what was inside. Angelica watched her and knew it would be useless to try and stop her. Gibbs chuckled again.

"So you were telling the truth Miss Angelica?" Angelica didn't understand why it was so unbelievable that she was not lying she answered.

"Yes." Gibbs looked to Jack in bewilderment.

"I never would have thought, if any child I figured it would be a boy of some sort." Angelica crossed her arms and stared at him coldly, and he swallowed and said. "My apologies." Angelica shrugged it off easily, wondering what was so wrong with a girl.

"Aye, as did I.." Jack smirked. Angelica rolled her eyes. Gibbs seemed to be shocked into honesty.

"Even if you ever did have a girl I would figure she wouldn't be so-" He cut himself short before he would screw up again, though he felt he already had. Angelica huffed.

"Jack I will be back, keep an eye on her." She said and then walked off the ship not wanting to hear any more of this conversation.

"Alright, Angelica.." Jack waited until she was off the ship "Continue, Gibbs." He smiled sheepishly and continued what he was going to say slowly.

"Well, Captain, I just never pictured that, your daughter, Alicia, that she could be.." He babbled.

"Well go on, Gibbs.." He kept a straight face, he was sure he already knew what he was going to say but he wanted to hear him say it anyways.

"So.. so cute, sir." He finished his babble hoping to not make Jack too cross. Jack made a funny face.

"What are you trying to say? I cannot produce a cute creature?" Gibbs shrugged.

"Not that you couldn't, I just didn't expect it."

"Trust in me, Gibbs. I saw none of this coming.."

"How are you taking it-" He was interrupted by a crash and muffled yell of 'sorry' coming from the cabin. Jack quickly looked over to the cabin

"How do you think I'm takin' it?" Jack walked over to his cabin and opened the door loudly. Gibbs followed him curious as to what had fallen. As Jack opened the door, Alicia was picking up a few maps and large books that had gotten knocked off the table. She smiled innocently and set the last book back on to the table. Jack shook his head

"Gibbs, do you see what I 'ave to deal with?" He smirked and Alicia. Alicia's smiled widened and she walked up with her hands behind her back with innocent eyes, she then hugged Jack around the waist then went and plopped onto his bed. Gibbs watched in some sort of twisted amazement. He studied Alicia for a few seconds picking up all that she had in common with Jack personality wise, and physical wise.

"She is defiantly your daughter Jack." He commented then chuckled, "Just as lively as you were near that age I remember." He remembered when Teague had just picked him up, Jack was maybe at her age or a little older. Jack slightly turned his head towards Gibbs

"Should I be worried, or proud?" He asked slightly wiggling his fingers and moving his head in different directions as he spoke. Gibbs smirked.

"Both." Alicia hopped off the bed and started exploring Jack's cabinets.

"Do not grab any of the bottles, they are mine.." Jack walked further into the room as Alicia opened his rum cabinet and was about to pull one of the mysterious bottles out. Alicia closed the cabinet, and smiled again obviously thrilled to be on her father's ship. She jumped back on the bed and peered out the porthole. Gibbs walked in and sat in the chair that went to the desk that held Jack's charts, watching them with amusement. Jack walked up closer to Alicia, he stood at the edge of the bed.

"What'ca think, love?" She turned to him and sat on the edge of the bed in front of him. "I have heard of the Black Pearl, but I never imagined that it would be so amazing!" She did a little bounce at the end, obviously still excited.

"Of course it's amazing; it's the Black Pearl, my ship." He smiled at her, glad in a fatherly way that she liked the ship. She giggled and them surveyed the room again and hopped up. She made her way toward a chest and pushed it open. There were a lot of old clothes in there, even an old canary yellow jacket. She scrunched her nose, and when she did, Gibbs burst out laughing. She looked at him then shrugged and turned around and looked at Jack. "Why would you need this ugly thing?" Jack smirked and started to laugh

"Believe it or not, love...I use to wear that waist coat when I was younger.." She laughed with him, she thought the thing was absolutely dreadful looking and the thought of it on her father made her laugh even harder. Gibbs joined in as well. Jack slowly stopped his laughter

"Mr. Gibbs, tomorrow I need the men to be on deck and ready. We will be heading to Shipwreck cove." Alicia smiled enthusiastically. Gibbs nodded,

"I told them to not wander out of Tortuga. I'll spread the word from for them to hurry back right now." Gibbs stood up and walked out of the room, then hurried off to the closest tavern. Alicia looked at Jack. She set the coat down and walked to the table with the charts.

"What are all of these?" She wanted to distract him for a few minutes so she could do something.

"Charts, maps and other things.." Jack replied seeing the sly look in her eye.

"Can you show me how to read one?" She asked innocently enough. Jack walked over to the desk and startef to explain.

"Well there is a compass on the very top right" Jack pointed to it, he pulled out his compass and placed it next to the one on the map. "See? We are here.." Jack pointed to the one red dot. "Tortuga, and we need to go South West because we are headed for Shipwreck cove.." While he was talking Alicia had made a unnoticed escape out the door and began to climb the rigging to the crows next, she was almost a fourth of the way up before Jack had noticed her absence.

Jack went to look up, she was gone and the Cabin door was open. Jack walked outside quickly and saw Alicia climbing up to the crow's nest. Jack jumped up, and started to climb as well.

"Alicia.." She cringed when he called her name, figuring she was busted. As Jack called her name, he passed her and then looked over to her "Well.. come on." She was already so far up; he figured he could take her all the way. She was surprised when Jack offered to take her the rest of the way up. She smiled and continued climbing after him, mimicking the way he put his feet into the rigging so she moved faster.

As Jack was getting closer to the top, he waited for Alicia so he would be able to help her and push her up. She caught up with him quickly, and noticed that it would be very hard for her to get up by herself and that was most likely the reason he held up. Jack grabbed one of Alicia's hands and swung her over, he pushed her up "Alright, hold onto the railing.." When she had a good grip, Jack pushed her up even more. She finished pulling herself up and held on to the railing and noticed how high up she was, she could see very far, she bounced then stopped quickly feeling like she would fall. Jack pulled himself up, and once he was in the crow's nest, he grabbed onto Alicia and made sure she was fully on.

"We're up really high!" She commented, smiling and Jack smiled with her. "Aye.. your mother might kill me for allowing you to do this, eh?"

"Should I not tell her?" She looked up at him.

"Well, she might see us before you have a chance to tell 'er."

"Oh.." She looked at the rigging and figured it would be much harder to go down then it was to go up. She gulped and looked at Jack unsurely.

Jack put one hand onto her head.

"Why do you think I'm here, eh?" He smiled at her reassuringly. She smiled back, feeling a little better about going down.

"If we are quick, mama might not see.." She commented. Jack got onto the railing and swung himself onto the ropes.

"Alright, lower yourself." She nodded, and stepped over the railing, trying not to look down. Jack climb up a bit closer so she could reach him. "Hold onto me." Her eyebrows shot up.

"O-okay." She held on to his neck and closed her eyes, holding on so tight she was nearly choking him. He coughed slightly at her tight grip, but ignored it. He started to climb down; it took him a while to get the exact footing. It was harder to see with Alicia on his back, but soon enough they made it down to the deck.

"Y-you can let g-go now, Alicia.." Jack was semi choking still as he tried to speak. She opened one eye and realized that they were back on the ground and sighed then let go and fell to the ground, the deck was moist so she slipped. She glared at the deck. Jack laughed when she slipped "Alright, love?"

"Fine." She mumbled and stood back up. She scrunched her nose slightly, and then smiled realizing that they had made it down before Angelica had come back. She stood on her tiptoes and looked over the side to Tortuga; Angelica was actually nearly to the ship. Alicia smiled triumphantly. Jack walked over to the railing, he saw Angelica coming back, he smiled as well. They got down before she came up the gangplank. Angelica walked up.

"What did I miss?" She knew something must have happened. Alicia looked up to Jack.

"Alicia was just looking through me charts, and now she knows how to read 'em." Jack looked back down at Alicia and then looked at Angelica. "Where did you go?"

"I took a walk down the beach." She felt she wasn't getting the full truth, but she figured if Jack wasn't going to fess up she probably didn't want to know anyways.

"Well, Gibbs and the crew will be on deck and ready in the morning.. I will go and set up a cot for myself. You and Alicia will be takin' the bed." Angelica nodded, Alicia was no longer paying attention. There was two pirates practicing their sword skills on the shore, not threateningly just merely practicing. Alicia was awed by it. Angelica sighed. Jack whispered into Angelicas ear. "Does this mean that she will ask me to teach 'er?" Angelica looked at him.

"Do I even have to answer that?" She whispered back harshly. He smiled.

"So she will ask, what shall I do?" Jack would teach her, but he knew that Angelica did not want their daughter to become a pirate.

"She knows that I know and she will use it against me, just do it." She sighed, there was really no way around it while still being fair to her. Jack smirked.

"You know Angelica, she is like you in that way, interested in pirates and what not." She glared at him coldly.

"I was only interested when you persuaded me into it."

"Keep tellin' yourself that, love. You were interested in me, a pirate. You had curiosity and you acted on it. I did nothing of the sort." He smirked at her. She continued to glare at him. She was about to protest but Alicia looked up at them smiling innocently.

"Papa, can you teach me that?" She pointed towards the two pirates who were still practicing their skill. Jack looked at Angelica, then at Alicia and smiled.

"If you like."

"Really?" She squealed, and hugged him tightly. Angelica couldn't help but smile and Jack smiled as well and patted her head.

"You're welcome, deary." She let go of him and smiled then dashed to the unders of the ship. Angelica looked at Jack.

"When are you going to teach her?" Jack looked back at Angelica.

"Not too sure. Perhaps tonight, or maybe tomorrow on our way to Shipwreck Cove."

"I don't think you are going to get it in tonight.." She said because you could hear Alicia racing around in the lower decks.

"Hmm..seems that way. Full of energy she is.." He commented hearing her below the ship racing about.

"Reminds me of someone.." She tapped her chin mockingly and smirked. Jack smirked back at her.

"Yes, she does..Doesn't she?" She smiled at him.

"I'm glad you stayed." She said truthfully, Alicia just becomes more and more of a handful and she was grateful for Jack helping her.

"Really? Hmm that's a first." He winked at her and she rolled her eyes.

"You have not given me any reason to not be, let's not change that."

"No promises, love." Jack smirked, his golden teeth showing. She huffed and then smiled, shaking her head lightly. Jack looked over to Angelica.

"I guess that I am glad that I stayed as well.."

"You guess?" She smirked at him.

"Yes, I guess." He smirked back mockingly.

"How long of a trip do you think it will be?" She asked changing the subject.

"It is off the coast of South America, so we have some way to travel..." Jack thought about it for a few seconds "A couple of days perhaps.."

"Alicia has not broken anything yet, has she?" She asked somewhat worriedly.

"Close to it, knocked down some of my charts and books on the floor." He answered chuckling lightly. She smiled, then Alicia came rushing up the stairs. Jack smiled at Alicia as she came up the stairs.

"Bothering me crew, love?" He joked.

"There were only two men down there, they were arguing over who got the rum first." She replied smiling.

"At least it's not me good rum. That is locked up in my Cabin.." He commented looking back towards his cabin.

"They're funny, but kind of annoying." She commented and made a funny face.

"Did one of them have a wood looking eye? And the other is slightly...large-r in size?" He asked trying to decipher who the two men could be.

"Yeah." She said thinking about them.

"Ah, Ragetti and Pintel.." Jack shook his head. "Always tryin' to get me good rum.." Alicia giggled.

"They didn't see me, but they are funny to watch."

"Aren't they?" Jack smirked "Well, it seems that the day is coming to an end." Jack walked into his cabin and motioned for them to follow. He then went over to a cabinet. He pulled out a cot and set it up.

Alicia knew what that meant, she wasn't ready to sleep yet she was still too awake. She tried to run but Angelica grabbed her before she scurried off.

"Come on, it's time for bed. That way we can leave early." Angelica told her, Alicia figured that if they got to leave early then it would be worth it. She reluctantly walked into the cabin.

Jack sat on his cot and kicked off his boots; he laid back and put one arm behind his head. Angelica lifted Alicia up and set her on the bed. Alicia laid back and realized how tired she was, and she fell asleep almost instantly. Angelica sighed, "At Least she is not putting up a fight tonight."

"But she will be up tomorrow, she will wake me up early...I know it." Jack smirked and closed his eyes to rest. Angelica laid down and pulled the blanket of them both, she was worn out so she also fell asleep quickly after she made sure Alicia was truly asleep. Jack opened his eyes and turned his head to look at them. He smiled contently then he closed his eyes and fell asleep, which was easier than usual.

Sometime in the middle of the night Alicia woke up and got up. She walked around the cabin a bit dazedly. She was trying to remember where she was and when she saw Jack she did. She looked back at Angelica who was fast asleep and then to Jack, who was also asleep. She blinked her eyes tiredly and considering that she was now closer to Jack then Angelica, she crawled up into Jacks got and cuddled up into him. She pulled the blanket over her and fell asleep quickly.

Jack woke up, when he felt Alicia beside him. He looked around still somewhat asleep and saw Alicia was right beside him, snuggled up to him. He put one arm around her so she wouldn't fall off the small cot, and smiled. He closed his eyes still wearing that smile and fell back asleep.

The next morning Angelica woke up early, and noticed Alicia was no longer there. She sat up abruptly and scanned the cabin hoping she was still in her. When her eyes wandered over Jack she sighed in relief as she saw Alicia there as well. She sat back and smiled lightly looking at them both. Jack seemed to be smiling in his sleep lightly.

Jack woke up and opened his eyes hearing Angelica shuffle in the bed. He looked over and saw that Angelica was awake and smiling at him. For a moment he forgot why, and then he remembered that Alicia was cuddled up to him.

"Does she normally do this?" He asked quietly so he would not awake Alicia. Angelica shrugged.

"No." Alicia had always been one to sleep in her own bed, she wondered why she had woke up and moved to Jack's cot. She let it go easily though, knowing that Alicia was glad to have Jack.

"Oh.." Jack sat up, removed his arm slowly so that Alicia would hopefully not wake up. He rubbed his eyes, and looked out the porthole. "The men should be up by now. We will make way when Alicia wakes up." He said quietly. After a few seconds Alicia yawned and opened her eyes. She sat up and remembered why she was next to Jack. She smiled sheepishly at him and got up; she was planning to wake up before he did. Jack smiled at her, and then he put his feet on the ground, grabbed his boots and put them on.

Angelica put her boots on as well and stood up, she waited for Jack to go out to the deck. Alicia didn't wait for either of them she walked out the door while they were putting their boots on. There were a lot of pirates on the deck readying the sails and swabbing the deck. All of them stopped after they saw her, Gibbs quickly spread word through the crowd what he had forgotten to tell them. They all looked at her strangely then slowly got back to work. She started to slowly walk back in the cabin, wanting to be freed of the questioning eyes. Jack walked in front of Alicia before she could and walked up the steps to the wheel. Angelica walked out on deck after Jack and watched as everyone worked, she knew a few of them, they were surprised to see her too.

Pintel and Ragetti made their way pushing each other to Jack. Pintel gave Ragetti a shove and he smiled at the Captain.

"We .. and the rest of the crew were wonderin' what the little girl was doin' on the ship?" Ragetti stammered as he asked. Jack looked over to Ragetti

"She'" He started not knowing how to say it. "Let's just say that I can get really can happen. From these things, the woman that you were with tells you that a little creature suddenly came around, savvy?" He said quickly and quietly so neither Angelica or Alicia would hear. Pintel and Ragetti nodded their heads and mouthed 'oh', and then Ragetti giggled.

"She does look like you in a miniature girly way, Captain." Jack looked at them both not knowing quite what to say.

"Er..Thank you.." Jack nodded his head in a way that said 'get back to work'. Pintel lumbered off and Ragetti giggled some more and followed him. Ragetti went out of his way to walk near Alicia and waved hello at her. She smiled and waved back, then fearlessly walked up to him, she remembered he was one of the funny two she saw the other day. She stuck her hand out and said "I'm Alicia." Ragetti had no idea if he would get in trouble but he shook her hand and answered her. He was slightly shocked at her fearlessness but thinking about who both her parents were decided he shouldn't be.

"I'm Ragetti, and that there is my Uncle Pin'el. I would love to stay an' talk but Cap'n 'as ordered me back to work you see." With he smiled apologetically and followed Pintel.

Jack looked around and saw that everything was almost ready to go, so he held onto the wheel and yelled out "All hands on deck!" To make sure everyone was there and ready to go. The few of the remaining sailors came up from the under decks and finished the last of the work. Alicia raced up next to Jack, she stood slightly behind him, and watched everyone work. Jack turned the wheel, they started their long travel to Shipwreck cove. He looked around just to make sure that the men were doing their duties, they were.