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Cougar Town - Prologue

"Ms. Swan…what are you doing?" Edward stammered as he backed away from me, only to have his escape route blocked by the kitchen counter.

"Bella, call me Bella, Edward, and what does it look like I'm doing?" I asked as I ran my manicured nails down his chiseled, barely furred chest. His body was like a rare steak, begging to be cooked by me. And boy did I want to cook him up.

"I…I…we…" Edward kept stuttering, at a loss for words.

"Shhh," I murmured, placing two fingers over his full, pouty, soft and kissable lips. "If you're too loud, Emmett will hear us. Do you want him to catch us?"

Edward just shook his head and I removed my fingers from his lips, trailing them back down his body until I reached the strained waistband of his sleep shorts. The front of them was tented with Edward's arousal and I silently mused about how, in my time, seventeen year old boys weren't made like they were now. But, even though it was eighteen something years later, I still had a thing for the younger men, which is one of the reasons why me and Jacob McCarty never worked out. But enough about him and back to the stallion in front of me. He looked ready to be broken and I definitely wanted to be riding him when it happened.

Edward was wide eyed and panting as my hand began to skim over his ever ready erection that pushed his shorts to their maximum stretch capacity. I swear he about choked when I quickly reached around the wide shaft and squeezed it, slowly pumping my hand up and down him, working him until I knew he would break.

This is wrong! He's your son's best friend! He's only seventeen! You're thirty-five. Back off, Bella! Back off now!

I gave a mental finger to my inner voice and told her to fuck off. I had been salivating over Edward Cullen since his first day in my Senior English class, and now that I had him, I wasn't backing off. Emmett and my job be damned, I wanted to see if Cullen tasted as good as he smelled, and boy did he smell good.

I carefully watched his vivid green eyes dart from my hand working his shaft, to my breasts which were barely covered by my black lace and leopard print miniature silk teddy, to my mouth and then my eyes. His hands were twitching like they wanted to do something more than grip the edge of the counter for dear life.

Urged to feel his long fingers splayed across my body, I reached for one hand with my free one and pulled it free from the counter, lifting it up and placing it on my breast. Edward gasped audibly, his eyes wide with shock before they quickly became hooded with desire. His fingers, which had been frozen, began to thaw as he experimentally began to squeeze my breast like he hadn't ever touched one before.

"Have you ever touched a breast before, Edward?" I asked him in my lusty cougar voice.

"No…no ma'am," Edward replied.

Oh fuck.

"Have you ever done anything with a woman?" I had to ask. I had to know if I had hit the jackpot or not, because I definitely loved to train my cubs. Edward wouldn't be the first. But he would be the youngest by far.

Edward's face flushed red and he looked down, shaking his head and ceasing his movement over my breast. I reluctantly released his cock and put my hand under his chin, lifting it up slightly so I could look at his eyes. At only five-foot-four, it was pretty easy to look up into his eyes, even with his downcast glance, because Edward was already six-foot-three.

"Don't be embarrassed, not one bit. Besides, this means that we can have even more fun…" I didn't want to elaborate any more than that so I let Edward's mind ruminate over my unfinished sentence while I made the plans for all the things he was going to learn. First order of business, though, was getting him upstairs and onto my bed.

I placed my index finger over my lips and motioned for him to be quiet while I grabbed his hand that had been fondling my tit, and began to tiptoe upstairs. We crept past Emmett's room and I heard his tale-tell chain saw snoring coming from inside. He would be out for hours and wouldn't hear anything during it. I could take my time.

Pulling Edward along with me, I walked into my bedroom and turned to shut and lock the door. Edward peered around, obviously nervous as he ran his fingers through his unkempt bronze hair. I wanted to be the one pulling and tugging on it, and if I had my way, I would be doing that soon.

Walking to my king size bed, pulling Edward along with me, I sat down and made him sit beside me. I placed his left hand on my right thigh and wrapped my right arm around his neck, pulling his face closer to mine.

"Have you ever been kissed, Edward?" I asked him, purring as I looked into his eyes.

"Yes ma'am, I have," Edward said shyly. Oh I so did like them shy.

"Was it good?" I pressed.

Edward didn't answer but just shrugged his shoulders instead. Oh the poor boy, not even really been properly kissed before. I had to rectify that immediately.

What the fuck are you thinking? You're going to get fired! Your father is the chief of police here; he can arrest you for this!

I pushed my inner bitch away by her face and focused on the innocent boy sitting in front of me. I had to be careful with this one, because of his age and my position. But, if I worked it and him just right, this was going to be too much fun to pass up. Making my decision to go for it, all or nothing, I closed the short distance between us and pressed my lips to Edward, cementing my road to hell.

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