Was listening to 'Seasons of Love' (from 'Rent') earlier, and that got me thinking. And I let my mind wander. So, welcome to my four chapter story, beginning with my very favourite season because I love the beach, love swimming, love the hot weather, love late nights, and love the holidays. Read and review!

Rhyleigh xoxox

Summer had well and truly arrived, Rachel Rafter yawned, as sun beamed through the cracks in the blind. She loved the summer season- out of the four, summer was definitely her favourite.

"Morning baby", Jake Barton whispered, his arms snaking around her waist.

"Good morning", she whispered back.

There was a reason why she loved summer the best. She had weeks off from work, allowing her to sleep in all she wanted, to stay up as late as she wanted. The sun let her spend all the time she wanted with the people she loved- her parents, her brothers and baby sister, and most importantly, Jake Barton.

The beach house was their escape. The memories of her childhood lived at Whiting Beach, a place where she was still happy to return to. Her grandparents, parents, brothers and baby sister had left only three days before, leaving the house on the beach all to the couple.

When Rachel arrived at Whiting Beach, it was like time seemed to stand still. She lost track of the hours, the minutes, waking at dawn and heading back inside long after darkness enveloped the sky. As a child, once at the beach, she would only sleep when truly needed it, trying to stay awake as long as she could.

"Beat you down to the water", Jake whispered to her, kicking off the light sheet covering them.

Rachel, grinning, wrestled with the sheet and padded onto the veranda to grab the bikini that had been drying.

Jake just laughed, as she adjusted the straps. "Time's a tickin', Rafter!"

"Waiting for you, Barton", she said cheekily, slamming the door shut and dancing onto the already warm sand. The water lapped at her ankles, frothy white champagne foam in the early morning sun. With a slight shiver, she waded out knee deep, not before Jake grabbed her around the waist.

"Jake!" she squealed.

Picking her up, bridal style, he carried her into the deeper water, making her shriek as the water prickled her skin into goosebumps.

Dumping her in, he quickly grabbed her into a passionate kiss, as they bobbed up and down in the deep.

Summer was definitely her favourite season, she grinned, her blue eyes meeting his rich chocolate brown.