Yeah, I'm a summer baby, a cold fish in the winter. I walk to the station in the winter mornings layered up and shivering, before the sun has even peeked into the sky. Read and review!
Rhyleigh xoxox

Rachel had never been one for winter- she preferred the summer sun, the beach and the sand. She was a summer baby- and a cold fish, her father had laughed, every morning when she came out of her bedroom with her teeth chattering, despite the clothes she had layered on.

But there were certain aspects of winter that she liked- curling up in front of the fire, blankets tucked up to her chin, a mug of hot liquid in her hands.

But the best part about the winter months was her boyfriend.

She wasn't sure how, but he was a heater. His body was always warm, barely needing a jacket, and she used that to her advantage- snuggling up to him at night, sharing the blankets and a mug of hot chocolate between them.

"I love you", Rachel whispered, snuggling into Jake's arms and pressing a kiss to his chin.

"I love you too", he murmured, pulling the blanket higher over the pair of them, kissing the top of her head.