Stood in the middle of a large studio room that was nice decorated, was three girls and a boy.

? : Hey, aren't they meant to be here now?

? : Whoops, I forgot

Skirmir: Oww, my head!

Ike: Stop complaining already!

? : I am awfully sorry for my friend's foolery

A blonde girl wearing a mid-thigh length non-sleeve tunic in midnight blue with light yellow belt, sandals, necklace, hairband and brown knee-length leggings with hazel eyes entered and bowed

Lunae: my name is Lunae and these are Kalus, Meliina, Riley & my retainer, Lenna.

Named People: *bows*

Elincia: Where are we?

Lenna: I'll answer this one! You are at Lunae's studio for a Truth or Dare Fanfic

Everyone: *tries to escape*

Kalus: Don't bother, you're just going to wear out you're energy.

Riley: Sis, can you deal with this?

Lenna: On the double Bro! *pulls out icicle covered microphone*

Kalus & Lenna: *sings 'caramelldansen'*

Everyone: *dried-eyed*

Soren & Ranulf: Wow...

Lenna: *giggles and blushes*

Lunae: Oh dear me, we have a blusher! I'm only 12 you lot! *A Midnight blue scythe with gold details appears in her hands* & I'm deadly!

Rolf: Can she join the Mercenaries Ike? * Smiles at Lunae who blushes*

Ranulf: She isn't the only one either *points at Lenna*

Ike: I'll think about it Rolf.

Lunae: This is the first Fire Emblem Truth or Dare Fanfic also! So let's party!

Riley: Pumpin' up da music!

Lenna: Riley has the brain the size of a goldfish.

Lunae & Rolf: And so do you! *high-five & Lunae blushes*

Meliina: I have some Match-making to do!

Kurthnaga: Might I help?

Meliina: *Blushes*Of course you can help, your highness! *Bowes*

Lunae: Everyone send in your truths and dares for your fave RD character! Now Riley, Play San Francisco by Cascada

*San Francisco plays as the screen fades to black*