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"Tsuki-chan time to get up!" Sawada Nana called out from the kitchen.

Tsuna simply chewed on his toast, ignoring the baby in front of him as he continued reading his textbook. A second later, an explosion occurred, and the house was shaken.

"I'm going now mom. Tell Tsuki to hurry up or she'll be late." He stated as he left the house.

"Have a nice day Tsu-kun!" She waved as her son left the house.

As soon as he closed the door, he sighed at the sight in front of him. "Sigh…you two don't need to pick me up everyday." He smiled at two people in front of him.

Both were dressed in the standard Namimori high uniform. And the two looked completely alike, long flowing silver hair, clear emerald eyes, a soft feminine face and a slim trim figure that many girls would die for.

But strange thing was one was dressed in a girl's uniform, while the other as a guy's.

Tsuna knew despite their feminine looks, one was a girl, and one was a boy.

"Honestly, you two, you don't have to come fetch me every day." He sighed as he approached them. Together they left.

"You'll get push around by that silver hair bastard who sucks up to your sister if we weren't around. I don't even know why you put up with him anyway? You can easily kick his ass if you wanted too." The one in the boy's uniform stated.

"Akira, I keep telling you, I don't want to disrupt my sister's life. She's going to be the leader of the Vongola, not me." He sighed.

"That doesn't mean you can't stand up to him." The one in the girl's outfit replied as she stepped in front of him.

"Akari, if I harmed him, what are others going to think? We're supposed to be a bunch of no talent people remember? Last thing we need is people from the mafia breathing down our necks because we beat up a guardian of the Vongola." He sighed.

"…I hate that. Why did you forfeit your position as a Vongola Decimo? You would make a far better choice than your sister. You already don't have the Vongola ring and just a regular A ranking ring, and your already stronger then her."

Tsuna sighed again. "Akira, please, we just got back from the future, and even more so, no one knows of our presence there. Since we helped my sister and the others out from the shadows."

"But don't you think it's strange that we were summoned? Doesn't that mean that future Tsuki was aware of us?" Akari asked.

"Perhaps, but it seems that the current little sister of mine doesn't realize it. And I prefer to keep it that way." The elder brother sighed.

"If you say so." They sighed.

"Sawada Tsunayoushi…"

"Here." Tsuna yawned as the teacher called his name. He wasn't really interested in lessons, but rather what he wanted to do in future. He has been lucky so far that almost no one was even able to find any connections he had to the mafia world apart from his bloodline. No one was even aware of his actions at all.

…But somewhere in time, his sister will discover his activities like she did in the future. And though he managed to fool his younger sister and hide his presence even through the entire future issue.

"Damn I feel tired. I really need more sleep. Stupid future business." He sighed again.

"—Sawada Tsunayoushi, please pay more attention. Your grades so far are only average."

"Right…" He waved him off. He truly had better things to do then study aimlessly at the moment.

Sawada Tsunayoushi, elder brother of Sawada Tsukiyone. Average student with average grades. Has decent social skills. Only two friends were Akira and Akari. Two strange and semi anti-social students. Has low popularity, or notice in school.

Time pass mindlessly and eventually it was time for lunch.

"Your not eating on the roof?" Akira asked. The three of them were sitting in a triangle formation on the school yard.

"My sister, Yamamoto and Gokudera are there. There's no point bothering them." He replied.

"So we're eating out here eh? I could live with that." Akari replied as she popped an egg roll into her mouth.

"Speaking of which, how's everyone readjusting to life after the incident in the future?" Tsuna asked as he did the same.

Akira shrugged. "Same old, same old. There doesn't seem to be any difference that I can tell. Don't forget it's just us 4 in a group. You, me and sis are all self train. The only reason me and sis ever got into the mafia was because of mom, and that your dad is one as well."

"Truth be told, I don't want to get involve much further with the darkness of the mafia world. But I'm worried about my sister."

"If that's so, why didn't you just become Vongola Decimo instead?" Akari asked as she put away her bento box.

"You have more power and potential then your sister does, if you wanted to, you can still take over for her." Her brother added in.

He sighed once more. "Because I keep telling you. I don't want there to be a rift between me and my sister, that's why I pretended to be useless in the past so that she would be chosen instead. Besides she discovered the mafia on her by chance thanks to my dad. She wanted to be Vongola Decimo more than anything, even though she doesn't have the character for it." He chuckled at the thought of his little sister trying to act like a professional mafia boss.

"Still, kudos on managing to fool your dad for so long. Something I always wondered how you managed to do so." Akira chuckled.

"Not as impressive as you managing to get your mother to train us even if it was only for a short while before she went on a year's worth of vacation." Tsuna stated as the three of them started laughing out.

School was out, but Tsuna was simply cleaning the classroom. Everyone else had gone home, his two friends were in the socializing club which they made, and were waiting for him to finish his work before joining them.

"And that should be about it." He stated as he shoved a chair in.


"Very impressive, that was quick work indeed Sawada Tsunayoushi."

Immediately he turned about, barely able to keep his surprise. "Re—Reborn-san, what are you doing here?"

The infant just smirked. "You can drop the act already I know about it."


"Drop the ignorance Tsunayoushi. I know you've been involved with the mafia for quite some time already. Along with those two friends of yours." He responded as his smirk got bigger.

Immediately his surprised expression reverted to a frown. "Fine, I knew I was careless in the future. You probably never even knew about me before didn't you?"

"Impressive. You really are as good as I thought you too be." The baby replied as he got up and leapt forward to a table in front of him.

"What do you want Reborn?" He asked.

"A better question is what do you want? A person like you with so much power and potential and skills, should have been the Vongola boss. But instead I was told by the ninth to train your sister instead. I knew something was wrong, even though I saw your sister's potential, I never did get rid of the feeling that something was wrong, and now I know why."

Tsuna sighed again. "This question again? Look I'll be honest. I acted weak and made my sister look strong, because I know her dream is to be Vongola Decimo, and I also didn't want to cause a rift in the family." He replied.

Now it was Reborn's time to frown. "So you gave up the position on purpose?"

"Yes, and you can't do a damn thing about it. My sister is the official Vongola Tenth, making it impossible to change positions and all." He replied.

"Your still part of the family."

"Not the Vongola, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Reborn smirked as he raised his gun. "You sure about that?"

Tsuna smirked in return as he held one hand forward. "You want to test me?"

Yet as the tension was building up, the sound of simple footsteps quickly broke it as surely someone was coming back up. Reborn noticed this and quickly leapt out of the classroom through the windows.

"Hey Tsuna! You done yet?" Both siblings stood at the door awaiting their friends to finish.

"I'm done already." He replied as he picked up his bag and left. Clearly knowing that Reborn wasn't finish with him.

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