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Something was wrong. Something was wrong, and Touya didn't know what it was. All he knew was that Yue was in pain, and he couldn't do anything about it. Gently, Touya shook his beloved's lifeless form on the ground. "Yue? Yue, please, tell me what's happened to you." He didn't know what to do, clueless as he was about magic. Desperately, he turned to the three that had magic. Sakura shook her head, not knowing what was wrong, her face distraught as she stared down at her Guardian and friend in pain. Another glance to the brat and another shake of the head, eyes lowered. Then, with desperate hope, he turned to Eriol, and happiness dared to spark in his heart when he saw the magician run his hand over Yue's body.

"Do you know what's wrong with Yue?" He asked, clutching his beloved's hand tightly.

Eriol frowned in concentration. "I believe that the fake Clow has cursed him. I do not know how to undo this curse, unfamiliar with it as I am. I only have half of Clow's memories, and trust me when I say that Clow was not one to deal in dark magic, nor any magic that requires a soul, artificial or not."

Touya lowered his head, gritting his teeth. So after all that he had done, he was just going to have to let Yue die? His beloved was going to leave him after so much time of persuading him into his arms, of telling him that it was alright, that it would be fine for him to accept someone else into his heart, and that Touya would never hurt him the way that his previous Master had.

Standing up, the dark haired boy looked down at the pair, searching in his memories - Clow's memories - for something, something that could help the two that had survived so much, the two that did not deserve this fate of being torn apart. His beloved as well, Yue did not deserve to be separated from the one that he loved once more. He knew of the pain and sadness he had caused to all of his Guardians when he had left like that, not telling them anything until the eve of his death, and this time, he would not allow any of his Guardians to be hurt, especially the youngest, the one that he had cared for the most.

Because for all of his cold and aloof facade, Yue was, deep down, a very insecure artificial being, easily broken, and not easily repared.

He remembered, a woman, long, dark hair and maroon eyes, the ability to grant wishes. He remembered knowing the woman, remembered doing something with her that set things in motion in another dimension, something that he had not wished to be done, but it had happened anyway. He knew what he had done in that dimension, and had left on the pretext of death, but that was something that he could not reveal to his Guardians - would never reveal.

He waved his staff, face and eyes set in determination, and on the wall a projection of an extremely tall and attractive woman appeared. He smiled at her, "Hello, Yuuko-san."

The woman in question turned to look at him, her face breaking out into a smile as well. "It is nice to see you again, Clow. Although, I believe, you are Eriol in this form?"

"Yes," Eriol said, face pleasant as always. "I think you know the reason that I have called you, today?"

Yuuko's face became serious, "You and I are similar, Eriol. To know all and yet cannot help. You should know that there are consequences for crossing the limit of interference. That is why you have called me, instead of searching for an answer yourself, has it not?"

Eriol gestured towards the couple lying on the ground, one unconscious and the other devastated. He needed no words to convey his message, the reincarnation of Clow and the Dimension Witch always understood each other. Yuuko turned to address the brunette, "It is not a first that I have been in a situation such as this. Time does, indeed, pass differently in different dimensions."

Touya looked up, distraught and not at all understanding that the hell the woman was talking about. "Can you save Yue?"

"There will be a price," Came the simple answer.

He pulled Yue closer to him, cushioning his head in his lap. "Anything. As long as I can save him. Please."

Yuuko stared at him for a while, eyes solemn. "Yukito."

Touya's head snapped up. "What?"

"That is the price. Yukito."

Yukito? He had to give up Yukito in order to save Yue? It wasn't fair to give one up and save the other. Touya shook his head in denial, refusing to let either go. Yuuko leaned back in the hologram, picking something up and transporting it with her magic. "Mokona, please go to where they are to collect the price."

"What? No! I didn't agree to the price!" Touya shouted. Who did this woman think she was, coming here to save Yue and taking Yukito away from him. He loved both, damn it, how the hell was he supposed to choose between them?

Yuuko raised an eyebrow at him. "The price I am collecting," She said, as a black coloured... Thing appeared before them. "Is not the one that you are giving."


The black meat bun opened his mouth with a 'puu!', and started to suck something out of Yue and Yukito's body. Crying out, Touya lunged at it, determined to get it back, but he missed, and then the white ball of energy disappeared, only to appear in the hologram. Yuuko held the ball of energy up, "The ability to merge and become one. I shall accept your price."

She threw something downwards, and the black meat bun opened its mouth again to spit something out, a blue coloured crystal. "It was nice doing business with you." Then, both the black meat bun and the hologram vanished.

Touya stared down at the blue crystal. "What am I supposed to do with this?"

Yue's eyes opened, and he started to thrash about again. Touya panicked, but Eriol picked up the crystal and ordered everyone else to hold Yue down. He lifted the crystal slightly above Yue's eye, and the crystal started to crumble, the colour going down into Yue's eye and turning the icy silver into a more cool sapphire blue.


The Moon Angel looked up, and threw himself into Touya's arms, silently crying. "To-ya. To-ya, I'm sorry. This is my fault, if I hadn't- If I'd forgiven you back then-"

"Shh," Touya said, smiling. "It's not your fault." He leaned down to kiss Yue, "It never was."


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