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Gokudera raised his hand to massage the back of his neck. He had been staring up at the screen for over an hour now and his muscles were really begin to ache, especially after yesterday's battle. This was getting tiring. Whilst the rain battle was interesting enough to most others, Gokudera was becoming bored.

He needed somewhere else to look.

"In order to save my neck from paralysis," he reassured himself, "Not because of him..."

Slowly, turned his head to his left where the apple of his turquoise eye stood grinning maniacally.

On his right, however, Sawada Tsunayoshi glanced over nervously. Today he decided he wouldn't worry about his self-titled right hand man's bitter attitude. He couldn't blame Gokudera for feeling slightly off today, it was probably due to his injuries from yesterday.

However, despite Tsuna's kind considerations, losing yesterday's fight was not the reason for Gokudera's foul mood. He had something on his mind. More specifically, someone. It seemed cliché enough, but the silver haired boy was unable to focus on anything other than the fallen prince himself, Belphegor.

The said prince was in fact, stood only a few metres to the left of the young Vongolas, and I'll tell you now that he was not suffering from the same problem as our lovely bomber boy.

But that was all about to change.

It gets better ^^
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