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It was a warm spring night in Thunderclan; no clan cats had attacked Thunderclan for a few days. Tigerclaw and Fireheart were patrolling the boarders of Thunderclan. This night was special for in the nursery a young she cat had giving birth to her first kit. The kit was small but not scrawny. The kit was black and white. The kit was mostly black apart from its mouth, paws and chest. The young she cat was called whiteheart. Whiteheart was no older than a moon when her mother had been killed by a clan cat that had come in to Thunderclan territory.

"The kit is strong" said Yellowfang who was the medicine cat in Thunderclan

"She will make a great warrior someday" Whiteheart said.

Whiteheart had decided to name her kit shadowkit, whiteheart named her kit after her mother who was called Shadowheart. Whiteheart looked down at her mewing kit and smiled at her new family, Whiteheart helped her kit suckle. She was saddened that shadowkit would never meet her father because he was a kittypet and not a clan cat. Shadowkit's father was called Merlin and being a kittypet meant that he had twolegs

Half a moon later

Half a moon passed since shadowkit was born and she was really excited about going out of the nursery for the first time because she had never been outside the nursery. Shadowkit was sitting next to her mother waiting to go out of the nursery, when shadowkit spotted a blue coloured cat walked in to the nursery

"Mum who's that" shadowkit asked her mother

You see shadowkit had never seen any other cats apart from her mother and the other queens in the nursery, shadowkit was curious of this blue cat she had never seen before

"That is our leader Bluestar" whiteheart said to shadowkit

Shadowkit walked up slowly to the blue cat, Bluestar look at the young kit. Shadowkit stopped to see the blue cat looking at her. Shadowkit's tail dropped between her legs

"Hello young kit" Bluestar said

"Hello" was all shadowkit could say

Whiteheart saw this and walked up to her kit. Shadowkit turned her head to see her mother standing behind her. Like any scared kit Shadowkit age she ran and hid behind her mother.

"Bluestar this is my kit shadowkit" Whiteheart said "She seems to be a bit timid today"

"Yes but she will grow out of it once she is used to the other cats" Bluestar said walking out of the nursery

Whiteheart turned round and picked up shadowkit by the scruff of the neck and took her out of the nursery for the first time

Outside the nursery

When whiteheart brought Shadowkit out of the nursery she put shadowkit down so that she could have a look around and meet her clan mates. Just sat outside the nursery, she could not believe how big the whole clan was compared to the nursery. Thunderclan was full of different coloured and sized cats. Shadowkit looked at her mother

"Mom the clans really big" shadowkit said

"Yes it is my kit" whiteheart said "We should go meet the rest of the clan"

"Ok mom" shadowkit said following her mother

They passed different cats, they seemed interested in shadowkit. Shadowkit ran to catch up with her mother and mew so that her mother would stop.

"Shadowkit what's wrong" Whiteheart said hearing her kit mew

Shadowkit hide under her mother as an orange cat come in to view and up to whiteheart

"Hello whiteheart and who is this" the orange cat said looking down at shadowkit

"Hello Fireheart this is my kit shadowkit" Whiteheart said

Shadowkit was still hiding under her mother but she seemed to start coming out to see who this cat was Whiteheart moved shadowkit was not hiding under her. Shadowkit had not run to hide under her mother however she had not moved from her spot. Fireheart looked down at shadowkit and walked closer to her. Shadowkit looked at him before she started to walk up to Fireheart. Shadowkit sniffed Fireheart.

"You smell weird" shadowkit said

"You'll get yet to that" Fireheart said to shadowkit

Shadowkit did not seem to be afraid anymore; well she was not afraid of these cats. Shadowkit ran back to her mother. Whiteheart had a smile on her face seeing that her kit was not afraid of her clan mates.

"Mum can I go and find some of the other kits so that I can go play with them?" shadowkit asked

"Ok but be careful" Whiteheart said to shadowkit

Shadowkit went off to go and find some other kits to play with. She passed a big brown striped cat, he looked scary so shadowkit walked quickly passed him. At the back of the Thunderclan there were a few kits playing chase, it looked like fun so shadowkit decided to walk up and ask them is she could play with them

"Hello" shadowkit said

"What do you want" said a black kit

"Can I play with you?" shadowkit asked

The three kits turned away from me, they seemed to be talking about something. A yellow and white kit kept looking up at shadowkit then back to talking to the other kits. They turned to face shadowkit they did not look happy. They came closer to her, shadowkit did not like the way that these three kits were looking at her

"You can't play with us" said brown kit

"Why can't I?" shadowkit asked stepping back

"My mother says we can't play with kitty pets" said the black kit

Shadowkit did not know what they meant by kitty pet but she could not be one

"I'm not a kitty pet" shadowkit said

"My mum said that your dad was one so that makes you one too" said the brown kit

Shadowkit was not liking them calling her a kitty pet and calling her dad one made her angry. Her father could not be a kitty pet whatever kitty pet meant

"Take that back" shadowkit said

"Kittypet kittypet" the black kit said

This made shadowkit angry. Shadowkit's ears went back and her tale was waging angrily, the black kit did the same thing as shadowkit before pouncing at her. Shadowkit jumped out of the way making the black kit hit the floor. Shadowkit looked at the kit before the other two kits chased her away from where they had been playing

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