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"Everyone knows I love a good scandal!" Rita Skeeter told Tilden Toot on his wireless show, "But this was beyond anything I could have imagined! We thought Minster Fudge's denial of Voldemort returning was big but this is beyond that! It's the scandal of the Century! It was like Christmas come early!"

"And another book opportunity," Tilden peered over his glasses knowingly at Skeeter. This wasn't the normal subject to be discussed on his show but his publicist thought it was a good idea so he went with it.

"Everyone loves a good story Tilden. The best part of this one is that it's true!"

"Well," he rolled his eyes, "The title of the book is The Minister's Wife, self explanatory."

"There is so much in a name! Take Potter and Malfoy for example, they are both household names throughout the wizarding world," she said eagerly, "and coincidently are the key parts of the book…"

Tilden picked up the copy of the book that was on the table in front of them and quickly flipped through the five hundred page tale, "You mean to tell me that this is how it happened? This book," he waved it in the air, "tells the whole story of how the wizarding world became obsessed over the past couple of years with the Potter, Malfoy situation?"

"Yes and so much more," she scooted enthusiastically to the edge of her seat.

"More than the usual rubbish you write about," he stated skeptically

Skeeter's eyes flashed with anger, she giggled and put on a polite smile, "I can assure you Mr. Toot that I received the whole story from a reliable source."

"Oh really, and who might that source be," he raised an eyebrow

"James Sirius Potter," she leaned back in her chair grinning as if she won a battle as Tilden's eyes widened.


"I am very serious, we sat down over tea and he told me the whole thing beginning to the very second we talked last summer. I compiled all the information and here I am a year later with my newest release, The Minister's Wife available at all bookstores." She chirped merrily

Tilden opened the book to the first page, "On this show I usually talk about important issues. Not the status and what the local celebrities are up to! I am about truth and reason so since you're here we're going to get some."

"What?" Said Skeeter nervously

"If this is as true as you say it is you'll have no problem explaining as we go through the entire book," he smiled at her, "Kelvin," a young man opened the door to the studio, "bring some tea, it's going to be a long night."

"It's five hundred pages," Skeeter said outraged at Tilden's idea

"It's not that long and with the two of us, we'll get through it," he smiled maliciously, "you wouldn't want to let your fans down, would you?"

"No," Skeeter replied with false excitement.

"Great! Let's begin shall we," Tilden began to read aloud….

The Minister's Wife

The Foreword

August 10, 2025

"Everyone knows… There really wasn't an easy way to hide it, with people like you lurking about," James rolled his eyes as he watched Rita Skeeter's Quick Quills Quote scribbling away in the air. He knew he should have regretted what he was doing but he figured it was the only way people would ever know the truth about what really happened and when it all began.

"My job is to report the truth to the world James," Skeeter said with fake concern, "you're doing the right thing."

"I highly doubt that, I should probably write the damn story myself," he crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. They were sitting at a back table at Martin's Outdoor Café in Diagon Alley. The entire café was outside, it was an extra wide Alley between two buildings filled with tables and covered with colorful umbrellas. There was only a small building in back which housed the kitchen.

"I think I'm more qualified. As you were saying…" she persisted eagerly. She was over excited like a child in a candy store to be sitting across from the oldest Potter child who was getting ready to share the juiciest details of the biggest scandal to ever hit the wizarding world, her thinning gray curly hair blowing slightly in the wind and her wrinkles stretching out every time her smile widened.

"Before I say anything of consequence or of an interesting matter," he pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket, "I have something for you to sign."

Skeeter's smile dropped, "sign?"

"Oh yes, you didn't think that I would let you write about, how did you put it in your tabloid… The Scandal to End All Scandals, without the proper legal documentation did you? It simply states that I can basically take everything you own and throw you in the streets if you twist even the smallest of my words around and that this conversation must be put in the foreword of the book." He smiled as she read over the paper disappointedly. He ran his hand through his messy dark brown hair and watched Skeeter amused. He had brown eyes and a neatly trimmed mustache and beard. He was twenty years old and lived in a studio flat amongst the muggles in Chelsea, London. He doesn't really like the attention he gets in the wizarding world. He's a painter and photographer and the only time he really makes an appearance among the witches and wizards is when he has a gallery opening hoping to sell a few paintings so he can pay his rent. He chuckled as Skeeter struggled with herself whether to sign it or not.

She sighed and reluctantly snatched her quill from the air and signed the bottom of the paper, "that wasn't so bad was it," he folded the contract and put it back in his pocket of his paint stained jeans.

"Smart Kid," Tilden interrupted himself as Skeeter rolled her eyes. Tilden continued…

"Of course anything for the people," she smiled her charming false smile. She knew signing that contract was a big risk but it was an even bigger risk not to take this story with all the possible money to make at stake.

"Great! Now from the beginning, it was November 1, 2024 the day the Minster for Magic was being officially sworn in by the Wizengamot. My parent's house was completely chaotic. Everyone was getting ready to go off to the Ministry. My brother Al was preoccupied with studying for his NEWTS. It being his seventh year and all just because he was missing a couple days of school he would not slip on the school work. Lily was only concerned about if she looked fat in her dress and my Mum wishing she would think about her OWLS but stuff like that is never any use with Lily," he sighed, of course everyone knew that Lily Potter was always in the tabloids for leaving school grounds without permission, being caught drinking underage, smoking, at some party, she never missed a new club opening, and which ever famous wizard she was dating this week. She dated all five of the "Wizard Boys" and Harry had a conniption when she began dating the rapper Merlin, mainly because he escorted him to Azkaban prison himself twice for drug possession. "Anyway there were more people in the house then usual Minister Support staff and security and what not…"

Chapter 1

Hi Ho, It's off to the Ministry We Go!

November 1, 2024

James sat on the couch in his suit in the living room of 12 Grimmauld place watching everyone run about in preparation for the day that began twenty minutes late according to Stamford Jorkins. He is the publicist for the Ministry of Magic and the one responsible for this completely unnecessary huge press conference they were going to attend in the atrium of the Ministry. James sunk lower on the couch, he was currently working on a five part light series of the view from the roof of his building and he had to be home by 6:45pm sharp to begin painting at 7pm so he could continue working the evening painting of the series. It was nearly noon now and there was talk about a celebratory dinner afterwards which he would just have to sneak away from. He was quite good at getting away unnoticed and tonight he would have to put those skills to work.

He heard the front door open behind him and all the people filing out. He hoped that no one would noticed that he wasn't making moves to join the people exiting the house, so he wouldn't have to join in on the festivities or public disturbance as he thought was a more appropriate title. James smiled to himself as he heard the door close behind the last person celebrating his victory silently. To his misfortune he had to put the happy dance he was doing in his mind on hold as he heard someone rattling the knob on the front door then proceed inside.

"Nice try James," Ginny stood in the door way to the sitting room with her arms crossed. The petit red haired woman was still just as fiery as ever. She was a bit more curvy and bit thicker then she once was but never fat. She had three children and she was 44 years old, she wasn't exactly the Quidditch playing teenager she used to be but the years had been good to her. After school she spent ten years as seeker for the Holyhead Harpies, she then retired to work for the sports section of the Daily Prophet, she eventually became senior Quidditch reporter and today she now heads the sports department. But on this specific day she was dressed as any other wife of a politician would in an attractive yet businesslike manner and her hair pulled back into a conservative yet pretty bun.

James stood from the couch and turned around to face his mother, "do I get points for trying," he smiled as he placed his hands in his pockets and strolled towards his mother.

"Yes love now let's get a move on," she said walking back to the front door and holding it open to make sure he went out of it, then following him herself. "It's not every day your father is named Minister for Magic."

_Ministry Of Magic_


The Atrium of the Ministry was no stranger to crowds and noise as it was chaotic every morning, the many protests, press conferences, and business parties that were held there to count. But today it seemed to have twice the number of people crammed in there was no way it could possibly be safe.

This wasn't just any other ceremony, sure Ministers had been sworn in before but this time it was special. After much begging and pleading by the Wizengamot and the people. The boy who lived, the chosen one, the golden boy, Harry James Potter himself was being named Minister for Magic. Witches and Wizards from near and far came to be present on this day, people took days off, pulled children out school, some people even thought formal attire was necessary for this Tuesday afternoon.

"You look awful man"

"Thanks mate," Harry narrowed his eyes at the reflection of Ron in the mirror in his office. He was practicing not looking nervous. Harry's reflection was of that of maturity. His face had grown harder and he had begun to gray. Of course that process started years ago from the stress of being an Auror. He found the secret to controlled hair was shorter and lots of product. He also traded in his black thick rimmed round glasses years ago for a pair with a much thinner practical frame.

Immediately following the downfall of Lord Voldemort and because the Ministry insisted that he take his school test he then entered Auror training. He eventually became senior Auror, then head of the Auror Department in 2007, then Head of the Law Enforcement Department as a whole. After much persuading he agreed to become a candidate for Minister for Magic. In mere moments he would be inducted and he still wasn't hundred percent positive this was the best idea.

"Better from me then someone else," informed Ron. "Relax Harry you can do this," he placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "I believe in you man."

Harry took a deep breath. Ron was not the most sensitive person he knew but his always being around made him feel better. "Thanks," he turned away from the mirror.

"Harry you know you're going to be great," Hermione stood from the chair she was sitting in.

"Your right because I have you two"

She smiled, "We're not exactly Minister Support Staff," Hermione is the Defense attorney for the Ministry. She began working in the house elf relocation office and then as a public defender. She married Ron and has two children off at Hogwarts. She now wears her hair at shoulder length and tends to it every day making her curls look nice and intentional rather than wild and natural. "So unfortunately our help will have to be limited. We don't want anyone to think there's some sort of under handed trickery going on."

(Page Break)

"Why are there so many bloody people here," James said scanning the crowd he pulled his head back inside the curtains. There was a stage set up in front of the gold gates where visitor registration was and the lifts just beyond down the hall. There were curtains running all the way behind it so no one could see all that was happening backstage. No one except authorized personal was allowed backstage or anywhere in the ministry other then the atrium. The lifts were blocked and no one was anywhere else except the Minister and the Wizengamot. Rumors were also going around that the Unspeakable's had even cleared out the Department of Mysteries. He leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette.

"This is a huge deal! Do you understand who our father is?" Al questioned James heatedly

"I understand, that you need to realize that the world is bigger than Harry Potter and your grades," he took another puff of his cigarette.

"I don't think you're supposed to be smoking in here. This is bigger than you…" Al began one of his righteous speeches as he waved around his Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook his was studying from.

James inhaled deeply drowning out his brother, he watched the people hurrying about backstage. He watched as his mother who stood calmly by the entryway to the alcove to the lifts. He noted the side part in her hair that was pulled back tightly into a bun. The way she nervously pulled at the hem of the brown and gold baroque blazer that she wore over her simple brown dress that ended just above her knee. How she would lean forward in her heels when her feet were throbbing. The way his mother looked uncomfortable in the world that she was in, the structure of the prestige that was thrust upon her by Harry Potter the Boy who lived, who grew up to be the Savior and political foreface of the British wizarding world, with a greater respect than he knew internationally.

James lifted his right foot to snuff his cigarette on the sole of his shoe. He tossed his cigarette bud on the floor and when he looked up he noticed a man walking up to his mother. He was tall and slender. He had platinum blonde hair that was receding and a mature face that looked as if he became more attractive with age. He was in casual attire, a crew neck navy blue sweater, jeans, and some sort of black trainer like shoe. He had a travel coffee cup in his hand and a stack of files tucked under his other arm…

"Oh my god," Al whispered to his brother, "Do you know how that is?"

"No." James looked at his wide eyed brother then back over to the man.

"That's Draco Malfoy."

James just shrugged

"Of the Wiltshire Malfoy's one of the richest families around, of the deranged I'm going to kill you father Lucius Malfoy, of the man Dad has hated since he was a boy. I don't understand why you don't know this," Al rolled his eyes as if it was obvious.

James looked at his brother curiously, "you really need to get laid."

(Page Break)


Ginny rolled her eyes, "What do you want Malfoy," Ginny said without turning around.

"Long time no see." He walked around so he was standing in front of her.

"Not long enough. So to what do I owe this little reunion of ours," she smiled falsely.

"Well it really isn't a reunion now is it? I've seen you at events, being paraded around by your Potter," he smirked

"That's Minister Potter."

"That maybe true, but as the Head of the Department of Mysteries I still don't have to report to him." He puffed up his chest proudly. "I actually came in to do some work, not show support for the Potty that will be our new leader in the next fifteen minutes."

"Your 45 years old should you really still be saying potty."

"Just because you get older doesn't mean you change, I mean look at you. You're still following around Potter. Still the product of a large poor red haired family…."

"You're still a greasy blonde ferret, who thinks he's hot stuff because he has money…"

"Actually now it's mostly because I know stuff that no one else does and I never have to tell." He smirked.

Ginny laughed, "I'm sure that excites you greatly."

"More than you know"

"So besides that how have you been?"

He shrugged, "I'm divorced, I have a seventeen year old son that I get to see every other weekend in the summers, at New Years because his mother insist on having Christmas and every other Easter break. I'm making a shit load of money and shag a different twenty something year old woman every night… I'm fucking fantastic!"

Ginny smiled, she may not approve of the way he lives his life but the freedom to do whatever you want didn't sound half bad to her, "I'm sorry you don't get to see your son that often… I'm sorry I've forgotten his name."

"Scorpius," he sighed, "He's a right arrogant bastard. But what can I say, I love him."

"You just described yourself."

"I don't recall mentioning devilishly handsome," he chuckled, "Don't you have some carbon copies running about?"

"I have three beautiful children," she defended, "they are their own individuals. I love them greatly, their over there." Draco turned to look where she was pointing, on the opposite wall a tall messy brown hair boy was being lectured by a messy red haired boy with green eyes that was waving a book about hysterically. A few feet away an attractive black hair girl was sitting on the floor reading a magazine.

"The ginger tops at bit mental, isn't he" Ginny punched Draco in the chest. "Ouch," he said rubbing where she hit him knowing she left a red mark.

"He's passionate," she corrected

Draco rolled his eyes, "I must be off before the shenanigans begin," he gave a curt nod before heading to the lifts.

(Page Break)

"I have been asked time and time again if leaving my post as Minister for Magic has left me bitter, even after all these years" Kingsley Shacklebolt stood behind the podium addressing the massive crowd, gathered there for the inauguration of Harry James Potter. "I always say that it left me satisfied and in need of grand holiday. As I moved on and was honored to become a member the Wizengamot and watch other great Wizards take on the position of Minister I felt a surge of pride to be a part of the making of our nation. But this next particular Minister has created this looming excitement, one, that I share personally with all of you. I have known Mr. Potter, Harry since he was fifteen years old, I've watched him grow up into a brilliant and fine man and a gifted wizard, I am proud. I am extremely confident that I am leaving my people in highly capable hands …."

James stood on the stage between his brother and sister trying to appear mildly pleased to be there. As Kingsley drawled on about stuff but this really was getting irritating and he was trying hard not to look at his watch. There were so many people taking pictures it was nerve racking, it wasn't as if he never had been photographed he was the son of Harry Potter for god's sake but there were way too many lights.

Lily looked comfortable with the attention as if this was what she had been waiting for all her life and Al as if he was proud to stand by his father no matter what the cost. Ginny however was a completely different story, she stood next to Lily with a pleasant look etched on her face as if she knew the correct protocol for the occasion. But to the person who knew her you knew she wasn't having a good time.

"As Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot it is with extreme pleasure that I stand before you all today. I have done this a couple times over the years and it is only today that I can say that this is a day that will live in infamy in my mind and all of yours, this is the day that Harry James Potter is named Minister for Magic."

The crowd erupted with applause and cheers as Kingsley stepped aside to let Harry take the podium he kissed Ginny on the cheek before he stepped up...

"Well... all I can say is that I'm honor that so many people have such faith in me. I can also say that I have faith in all of you, as I've grown with you, learned, triumphed, and loved..."

(Page Break)

"You sort of can't help but be proud," James told the reporter for The Times who was in his parent's living room. There so called celebratory dinner had turned into a meet the press. James wondered why his parents would allow these people into their home. They're going to have to redo all the security charms. They had already been pumped up when Harry refused to move into the Ministers Mansion, saying he was not uprooting his family. "After all he is my father"

"Oh yes I received all of my OWLS," Al told a reporter from the Prophet a few feet away, "my father was so proud," James really wanted to roll his eyes but since he was being scrutinized he figured it best to be on his best behavior.

On the opposite side of the room Lily was talking to Wizard's Style, "I'm not one of those girls who say their most comfortable in a t-shirt. I prefer to get dressed and sparkle." James often wondered what planet his siblings were from but he pushed that aside and turned his attention back to the guy from the Times.

"What do you think he'll bring to the country that other Minister's haven't?"

"I think he'll keep up with the Ministry taking responsibility for breeches in security and communication, protect and serve has always been his MO. But I think what is so new about him is that he's wanted, the public generally doesn't care for politicians but because his life our entire families has been highly publicized they feel as if they truly know Harry and can relate."

"Thank you for your time"

"No problem." He smiled, git, "don't forget to enjoy the buffet table."

"Suppose your invitation to this press soiree was lost in the post," Tilden smirked over the book at Rita.

"Oh please carry on Tilden, I'm sure the listeners would rather hear what happens next," said Skeeter through clinched teeth.

He chuckled, "I'm sure most of the listeners know that you were banned from all events hosted by the Minister way before he became Minister. I believe it was back in 2012 when he became Head of Law Enforcement… but I digress," he read on…

James turned to leave but someone stepped his way, "and where do you think you're going," Stewart Henderson was his father's publicist, a shrewd man who mostly got on James' nerves.

"I was just going to have a cigarette," he lied knowing good and well once he set foot outside he was going to make a run for it.

"In a bit but you have yet to talk to Witch Weekly perhaps they'll name you most charming smile?"

"If they do I just may vomit"

"That's not a very positive attitude. The woman from Wizard World is dying to meet you," he said stirring him through the crowd in the living room. "I hope you have been using the list of appropriate answers I gave you"

"The long scroll in purple ink"

"That's one"

"I used it to mix paint"

Stewart ignored him and stopped him in from of a short woman with a black bob, "Susan I'm glad you could join us, this is James. If you'll excuse me," he said before walking away.

After James had indulged the woman from Wizard World about his father's place in the world, told Witch Weekly his favorite color and recipe for chicken, and informed Wizard's Style of where he buys his trousers he managed to sneak down into the kitchen, which was filled with more people he didn't know who were catering the affair. He pushed open the backdoor and headed up the steps into the evening autumn air, you could smell winter on the way. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it, just as he was about to go out onto the lawn…

"I thought I told you not to do that"

James turned to his right, his mother was wrapped up in her coat sitting on the patio. He smiled, "you want one?"

"Yeah," James laughed as he walked over and handed his mother a cigarette and lit it for her.

"Does Dad know you smoke," he asked sitting down in the chair next to her

"There's a lot of things your father doesn't know," she said blowing out smoke. "This is a nasty habit"

"Yeah I know but it's my vice," he shrugged

"So where are you sneaking off to"

"Nowhere I suppose, its pass seven"

"What happened at seven?"

"The light of the city… for the painting I'm working on"

She nodded, "I'm sorry you missed it"

"It's alright"

"No it's not… this probably won't be the last." She sighed, "I know it's not the first time you've missed something but it's only going get more complicated. Ten years in office is about standard and knowing Harry he'll stay longer… until they kick him out… which won't happen because…"

"He's the boy that lived," finished James

Ginny looked over at James and smiled softly as if she was remembering a fond memory. "You're absolutely terrific you know that right?" She didn't wait for a response as she stood, "take this," she said handing him back the cigarette, she kissed him on the forehead, "have a good night love," she said before heading back down the steps and inside through the kitchen.

The Society for Distressed Witches Annual Benefit

November 7, 2024

"Well of course I'm excited I've always been a supporter of the Distressed Witches Society and over the past couple of years I've gotten Harry involved as well. I think it's so important to have an outlet where women can discuss whatever issues face them. They work to empower women of all ages and encourage the growth of women to surpass stereotypes of gender. This organization is a favorite of mine because it brings attention and change to the issues," Ginny smiled at the reporter from Witch Weekly.

"The question on everyone's mind is what are you wearing," the reporter asked

Ginny continued to smile although she didn't really mean it, "I'm wearing Monique Collard"

"Thank you"

"You're very welcome," Ginny walked away from the reporter over to the punch bowl wondering why she bothers wasting her breath. The server handed her a glass of punch "thank you"

The Society for Distress Witches was holding their annual black tie benefit. The ornately decorated room was filled with Witches and Wizards from a certain pedigree that did not include celebrities. If you wanted to see a real rich person this was one of those events to attend, after all it was an thousand gallon plate dinner. There were heirs, people who could trace their families to muggle royalty, politicians, ministry officials, foreigner bankers, and business men. This was not the scene of the nouveau riche but being linked to Harry Potter had Ginny on the guest list way before he was Minister, saving the world triumphs money.

"It must be hard being you?" Draco said stepping up next to her as she was scanning the crowd

She smiled, "Yes of course telling people how you really feel about things is exhausting when all they really wanted to know is where you got your dress."

"It is quite interesting"

"Shut up," Ginny was wearing a black lace off the shoulder gown.

"It looks nice"

"What are you doing here anyway? I didn't think someone like you would attend this thing."

"My ex-wife got me involved in all these charities and I keep forgetting to pull out until I get the invitations to these benefits and galas. Then I figure since I'm giving them money I might as well show up for the champagne and shrimp," he shrugged

"So you're not in support of the cause"

"No you witches don't need a society to complain about all of the things that stress you out, it's called nagging you do that to your husband's every day," he took a sip of his champagne.

Ginny snorted in disgust

"Ginny darling," Harry began joining her.

"Harry," she smiled, "I know you couldn't have possibly forgotten our dear friend Mr. Malfoy."

"Of course not," he said sarcastically with no intention of saying anything else to avoid causing a scene

"Minister," Malfoy gave a curt nod

"He was just sharing with me some insights as to why, this organization is rubbish," Ginny smiled falsely

"Oh do go on Malfoy don't stop on my account, we should get the Chairperson over here to hear as well," he smiled falsely

"That's quite alright," he sneered

"Perhaps some other time boys," Ginny said feeling the tension, "Darling I think it's about time we go, it's getting late and I have an early morning. It was nice to see you again Draco." She said before leading Harry away

Harry Potter made his first appearance as Minister for Magic at the Society for Distressed Witches Benefit on Tuesday, it's only one week in and the Minister is already showing signs of not only being the toast of the town but an interest in the organizations that reach out to the people...

The Daily Prophet

"Hi Ho, It's off to the Ministry We Go!"