One night at McCarty's Chapter 1

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"Bella can you get me two pitchers for table five and try not to drop them this time" Two hours into my shift and already I had dropped a full bottle of Tequila and spilled a pitcher of beer over Jane, not that the frat boys at table 5 were complaining, you could totally see through her shirt and the girls were standing to full attention.

I was so not cut out to be a waitress, I am what you would call a klutz but I wanted to pay my way. You see I moved to Seattle 6 months ago from Forks and am currently living with my Sister and her husband, so to cover my rent I work a few nights in their bar and babysit their twin girls on occasion.

As I got the order ready for table five I thought about the mess I'd made of my life. I was such a cliché, married to the football captain at 19 separated by 20 and now I was left broken and working in my sister's bar.

7 months ago

Riley, where are you? Mike is coming back for the holidays so Mr.Newton closed up early and gave me the afternoon off, wanna have some fun, I'm ovulating!

I sent the text to my husband we had decided to try for a baby now that he was a fully-fledged member of the Forks police department and had gotten a pay rise.

I ran up the stairs to our room to get ready, I was planning to surprise him by being in bed naked and waiting, I was giddy with excitement but when I walked up the stairs it was me who was surprised.

"I can't tell you how much I've missed you baby"

Just like Riley to be waiting here for me. I called from the other side of the door

"I've only been gone a few hours and how did you manage to get here before me?"

I pushed open the door to find my husband in bed with another man.

They hadn't seen me yet and I stood there in shock but when my bag hit the floor with a thud both sets of eyes were on me.

"Shit, Bella baby this isn't what it looks like"

"You mean you're not sleeping with Mike Newton in our bed?" I don't know where I found the words but once I started I couldn't stop.

"No wait don't tell me, you lost something and Mike was helping you find it. Or did Mike trip and just happened to fall into bed with you naked?"

I kept shouting as they scrambled to get dressed, my only way to cope was to lash out with my words.

"You two PENCIL DICK MOTHERFUCKERS are welcome to each other."

And with that I walked out the door.


"Bella! I said two pitchers. God is your hearing as defective as your balance, I swear if you weren't boss woman's sister she would have fired your ass long ago".

It was gonna be a long night.


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