One night at McCarty's Chapter 25

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"So what did you want to talk about?"


"Well I figured that much out on my own but what specifically do you want to talk about?"

"About her past, I thought if I understood a little bit more about where her confidence issues came from then I could help her better"

"Dude you really are good people"

"Emmett cut the shit and be serious, you sound like Seth"

When I first decided I wanted to get to the root of Bella's insecurities I knew I had to talk to someone who had known her before and after Riley.

I thought about talking to Charlie but he was as clueless as me so he was out.

I then considered Rose but she scared me and I was nervous enough about doing this.

Alice would be the next obvious choice but I wasn't sure I could handle all that energy.

Even though it would be embarrassing, I knew Emmett was the best person to talk to. I had gotten closer to Emmett after our time in Forks and I could see how much he loved Bella and would do just about anything to help her.

""It's about the no sex thing isn't it?"

"Well I wouldn't quite put it like that but yeah"

"Look man I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told her. Stop over thinking it and just let it happen"

"Just let it happen?"

"You both over think things way too much. This is the most natural thing in the world just leave your head out of it for once"

"But how will I know if she is comfortable with what we are doing?"

"You just have to trust her to tell you. Look Ed, Bella grew up trying to please everyone but herself. She made decisions based on what everyone else around her wanted for her and not what she wanted for herself. The best thing you can do to help her is let her help herself."

"I can't believe I am about to say this but Emmett that has to be the best advice I have ever gotten"

"Dude I know! I actually surprised myself with that one"


When Edward called to talk I knew it was about Bella and as weird as it was to talk to him about my baby sis in law and their relationship, I was happy to help him make her happy.

For years I have watched Bella live her life for everyone but herself, she was never your typical selfish teenager and even now she was more worried about those around her instead of herself. So, 2 weeks ago when I put her to bed after her girls' night, I gave her the following advice:

"Stop worrying about everyone else and be selfish for once. Do what makes you happy Tink because that what will make us happy. Oh and as regards the sex stuff, just go with the flow and stop over thinking it!"

I don't know if she took it all in but I really hope she got something from it because she really deserved to be happy.


So, two weeks ago I got the best piece of advice from my brother in law of all people and I have been trying to follow it.

When I woke up the next day it was all I could think about so the first thing I did was write down all the things I wanted for myself and the second thing I did was make an appointment with Sam to talk about it.

"So Bella show me this list you mentioned"

I handed him the list. I watched as he read through each item, hmm-ing and hah-ing his way through it. After he was done reading it he made a few notes and handed it back to me.

"So what do you think?"

"I think this is a step in the right direction"


"There is no but, although I notice that everything on the list relates to you and no one else"

This was where I proceeded to tell Sam about my night with the girls; seeking their advice about the Edward situation. How, at the end of the night, Emmett gave me his advice which was to start worrying about me. I explained that it was an alien concept to me but that I thought he was on to something.

"I really like your brother in law and I agree with him. So where do we start Bella?"

"How about we start at the beginning and work through it one at a time"

"OK Why don't we just look at the list and you explain each item to me"

Go back in time to high school me

"I know it is not physically possible to go back in time but what I mean is I want to go back to my dreams and goals."

At high school I loved English and wanted to be a writer. My English Teacher Mr. Nicholls always encouraged me to apply to collage but I knew Charlie couldn't afford it so I knew it wasn't an option for me back then. I figured I could work and save for a few years and then go but then Riley and I got married and he wanted to start a family so again it was put on the back burner.

Finish my book

"I started writing a book in high school but again it was put on the back burner because I had to work all the hours god sent to support Riley and me"

My book was about a young woman who travels to England to visit the birth places of her favorite authors but she falls and hits her head and ends up back in time. I know it sounds a little crazy but I know I could make it work.

Travel to Europe

"I always wanted to travel before I got married and had kids but again my plans changed because Riley was training for the force and Charlie was just so proud of him so I figured we could do it in a few years"

Yeah my book did have a lot of me in it. I was the young girl who wanted to travel but the more time that passed, the more it became a fantasy so that was why I ended up taking the book in that direction.

"Bella most of the issues on the list center around how you put others ahead of yourself just as your brother in law said. I'm glad you are finally trying to put yourself first but are you sure about this last one?"

Find my mother

"I just want to know why"

Let's face it I know my issues with trying to please everyone stem from my fear of them leaving and why do I have that fear? It's because of her. I figure if I know why then it could help me get over it.

"That's a pretty big step Bella. Do you have any idea where she is?"

"No but I want to try and find out. I know it might not happen but I still want to try"


1 month later

After taking Emmett's advice things between me and Bella have just gotten better and better. Turns out I was worrying too much about how everything was affecting Bella and she was worrying too much about how her issues were affecting me. Once we stopped thinking and worrying, we were able to just enjoy.

I told her about my talk with Emmett. She told me about his advice to her and showed me her list. I asked to see her unfinished book but she still won't even tell me what it is about.

I no longer worry about the physical side of our relationship moving on but still enjoy heavy make out sessions on the couch. Hey I'm still a man!

Tonight we are all going out to celebrate Rose and Emmett's wedding anniversary and my parents are keeping Hannah as well as Roses girls.

We have arranged to meet at the bar because that's where the girls are getting ready. Emmett already dropped the girls at my parents so the plan is for me to pick up Jazz once I drop off Hannah.

"Nannie, Nannie I'm here!"

"Yes you are my little pudding"

"Hey mom thanks again for this. Are you sure you are OK to keep her overnight"

"Of course, I really miss you guys since you moved out so any time you need me to keep her I'll be happy too."

"We miss you too mom and trust me when I say I will take you up on that offer"

"Hey bro quit gabbing and let's get goin'; we got two smoking hot women waiting for us to rock their world"

"Uncle Jazzy"

"Hey pretty lady what are you up to tonight?"

"Me, Rina and Kate are having a swumber pawty"

"A slumber party eh? OK but no boys"

"Silly Jazzy boys are icky"

"Hey what about me Chicken?"

"Daddy you awe not a boy you awe a daddy!"

She rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips with a huff as if it made perfect sense.

"Well have fun chicken and be good for Nannie"

And with a hug and a kiss, we were out the door.


"Your turn to spill now Alice and don't leave out any of the details. I've been married 8yrs and sleeping with the same guy for 10yrs so I need the deets"

We had decided to have a drink once we were ready and I was starting to think it wasn't such a good idea.

"He has the most amazing abs and the things that man can do with his hands GAH!"

"Like what?"

"Rose stop I don't want to hear any more about Alice and Jasper's love life"

"Bella just because you are a prude doesn't mean the rest of us should suffer"

"I am not a prude Rose! I just don't like broadcasting my private business"

"That's because there is nothing to broadcast, ha"

Alice and Rose high fived after that particular witty comment but I wasn't biting and they knew it so they moved on.

"I still can't believe you guys have been married 8yrs and that Em has been in our family for 10"

"Yeah I still can't believe I have put up with his sorry ass for that long"

"Hey I heard that!"

Emmett was behind the bar topping off our drinks.

"You were meant to!"

"Yeah, yeah, love you too Babe"

I loved how Emmett and Rose were together; they were so well suited for each other, both smart mouthed and fiercely loyal.

"Finally, some more testosterone to even things out around here!"

I looked up to see Edward and Jasper as they enter the bar. Edward looked amazing in a white button down and jeans. His hair was in its usual disarray and when he noticed me checking him out that crooked grin adorned his face making him even hotter.

"Dude hit us up with a few bottles while you are there will ya?"

"Sure thing Jasper, the ladies are in the booth to the left"

We sat there for a few more beers while Emmett and Rose told us stories from when they were first dating and when they first got married. I swear I have never laughed so much in my entire life than when Emmett told us the story of Rose's first attempt at cooking him a romantic meal.

"I ended up telling him it was Cajun chicken because I had burnt it so badly and he bought it"

"Baby I knew it was burnt but I didn't want to hurt your feelings."

"Awww see that there is true love. Jasper would you eat something I cooked for you even if it was burnt?"

"Of course I would Ali Cat"

"Bleugh! Get me a bucket"

"Oh shut up Bella, it's easy for you, you can cook"

"Ed dude you are so lucky. Tink here can cook up a storm especially breakfast she makes the best omelets and her pancakes are amazing"

"Em he has tasted my cooking but if you don't shut your trap you won't taste it ever again"

"I don't know about your omelets but my mom makes the best pancakes ever"

I'm not sure if it was the alcohol that made me brave or whether I was just doing what came naturally but the next comment out of my mouth surprised even me.

"You can tell me who's pancakes are better after you try mine tomorrow morning"

I winked at Edward as I finished and casually took a sip of my drink, laughing to myself at his shocked expression.

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