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The Break in the Bond: Part 1

"I'm late," Sarah muttered.

She waited impatiently as she watched passengers from a recently landed flight crowd around to collect their luggage. She stood on her tiptoes to see over them before finally seeing what she'd been looking for.

"Patience!" she shrieked.

The soon-to-be-famous anthropologist looked in her direction and stopped, allowing her best friend from high school to nearly knock her to the ground.

"Hello to you too, Sarah," Patience said. "Ready to go? My mom just called, they need me at the Jeffersonian."

"Right. It's just so great to have you back!" Sarah squealed, embracing her best friend one more time.

Patience laughed and glanced behind her, seeing the normal looking man who she could have sworn had been following her look away. She shrugged it off and walked towards the airport exit.

"So," Sarah began. "How was the South American jungle?"

"I don't know. I wasn't really paying attention," Patience replied, glancing back at the man again to see he was following. "I was identifying remains, not vacationing."

Patience suddenly stopped and whirled around, surprising the man.

"You're following me," she accused.

The man hesitated, obviously caught off-guard before reaching out to her. Patience grabbed his arm and shoved him to the floor.

"Patience!" Sarah shouted. "You okay?"

The girls suddenly found themselves surrounded by airport security.

"You've got to be kidding me," Sarah mumbled.

"Patience Jenson?" the man on the floor asked.

"Yes but the way things are going at the moment it's going to be back to Patience Booth here pretty soon. Why are you following me?"

"We're supposed to take you into custody," the man said, slowly standing up and rubbing his back.

"Whatever." She glanced at the guys surrounding her. "You can lower the guns now."

"I'll decide that," the man snapped. He roughly grabbed Patience. "Let's go."

"Hey, wait, a second," Sarah yelled. "What did she do?"

One of the security guys picked up Patience's dropped bag and looked inside, jumping slightly. "Uh, sir," the guy shakily said.

The man yanked the bag from the security officer's hand and looked inside, dropping the bag. A mostly decomposed human hand sat on top of the other contents.

Sarah shook her head, but was hiding back laughter.

"Well, it looks like you're illegally transporting remains," the man said. "Let's go. Mrs. Jenson."

"It's Dr. Jenson I have a PhD in anthropology. That is part of a skeleton that needs identified. I have somewhere that I need to be. I don't have time for this! My father works for FBI he'll have homeland security on your asses! Shouldn't you be stopping terrorists or something?"

"Look, lady. We got a call that we had to hold you here for questioning. Let's go."