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Shaded Truths




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One year later…

"Let it go," Patience mumbled.

"I can't. It's work," Aaron replied, reaching over to the nightstand to answer his ringing phone.

Patience groaned and got up, going into the room across the hall. She leaned over to peer into the crib, seeing dark eyes staring up at her.

"I should have known you were already awake, Seeley," Patience whispered, lifting the suddenly smiling infant into her arms.

She glanced to the door as Aaron entered, already dressed in a suit and tie.

"I'll have the remains sent to the Jeffersonian. They'll probably be there by the time you go in."

"I'd rather go to the crime scene," Patience muttered.

Aaron gave her a quick kiss before smiling down at his youngest son. "Yes, but I'm not letting Cam allow you out in the field for a long time."

"Things can happen in the lab too. Thomas is just like Hodgins with his experiments, his lab is still undergoing repairs; and you have to think back to Mom's intern Vincent. There was also that bomb that was found there when I was an intern-"

"I get it," Aaron said. "But I'm not letting you take the risk again. I'll see you later!"

Patience glared after him while shaking her head. She returned Seeley to his crib and returned to the room she shared with Aaron.

"Forgetting something?" she called.

Aaron was already in the doorway. He smiled sheepishly as she handed him his badge and the car keys.

"Don't forget, we have to wrap things up early today. It's a Saturday. And your daughter's birthday."

"Which of us overworks?" Aaron replied.

Patience rolled her eyes. "Go. Before your FBI forensics team destroys my remains!"

The Royal Diner on the corner had been rented out, though on the outside there were enough people to make it seem open. A group was gathered around the counter, joyously singing to the beaming little girl sitting between her anthropologist mother and FBI agent father.

As a cake was cut and passed around Brennan found a chance to pull her daughter away from the others.

"I wanted to tell you something," Brennan said.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, of course not. Patience, I am…very proud of what you have accomplished in life, your father and I both are. I wanted to make sure you know that."

Patience smiled. "I know. But thanks. Why are you suddenly telling me this?"

"I recently found out that remains of a previous case were altered to resemble someone that they were not. I believe you should exhume the remains and look more closely now that you have better and proper training. I would like to join you. I am not sure how I could have not realized…"

"What do you mean?"

"Your grandfather saw someone that he thought looked familiar and after he got to know the young man, he told me…I started rethinking this particular case and it is possible." Brennan glanced at Booth a moment before going on. "Patience, I don't think those bones belonged to Anthony."

"Wait you mean…"

"I think Anthony might be alive. Someone tampered with his files so he could disappear. Angela also admitted to someone hacking into her computer on the day she did the facial reconstruction."

"No. Mom, that can't be…"

Brennan pulled a photograph from her pocket. "I also thought my father was mistaken, however he showed me this."

Patience stared at the photo in front of her then quickly looked back to her mother. "Oh my god…this is impossible but he looks just like…Anthony."

Author's Note: Wow, I just completely destroyed, demolished, and annihilated my entire storyline…but it was better than the cheesy ending I had planned. For now that's really the end. I might eventually feel like adding additional fanfic-isodes, but that will likely not happen for a while so we'll end like every season of Bones in a pretty unforeseen cliffhanger (It was a spur of the moment thing actually). I might just add on a couple more fanfic-isodes, as much as I would love to make it as long as The Secret in the Bones, this story doesn't get as many readers, and I just don't have the overflow of ideas anymore. I do however have a couple, so I might someday add those on. Until then!

Thanks to everyone who reviewed this and "the secret in the bones", and special thanks to those readers who have been with this storyline since the beginning of tsitb!