*** 4 years later ***
(Age doesn't matter for Jack and Angelica, they stay young forever because they drank from the Fountain of Youth.)

Hello! I'm Rebecca, and if you haven't read any of my stories before, I suggest you do or you might be a little confused.

Confused on where to start? Here is a list of my POTC fanfics in order from 1st to most recent. Enjoy!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: At Driftwood Castle
2. Pirates of the caribbean: On Moonscar Island
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Pandora's Box

"Aye lads, welcome to the Americas!"

Jack stood in a horizontal line with pirates and criminals surrounding him. Some looked beefy, some were tall, others were short and some were normal quite like him. Well, let's not call Jack normal, that might be going too far. No one is normaland if anyone was, it would most definitely not be Captain Jack Sparrow.

"Ha-ha, well, not to the Americas quite yet lads. But you can wish if you want!" The Irish man pacing in front of them was old, he was grey and his beard was nicely trimmed and combed. "The second this lady hits the Americas, you can wish your independence away. You will no longer be yourselves, you will no longer do what you wish when you wish, you will do as others say for you to do and absolutely, no drinking rum."

The Irish man had stopped in front of Jack, who was chugging as much of his rum as he could before it was taken. The man motioned for Jack to hand him the bottle, but he watched from the corner of his eye as he downed the last of it.

"There ya go." Jack happily handed the bottle to him. "Empty!"

The men around him glared.

"What? I was just trying to save us the trouble from having it!"

"Mhmm, as I was saying. You are now slaves to the Americans. You will no longer be addressed as Captain, or sir or anything at that matter. Just your first name. Just like if I was a pirate slave, I would be addressed as Riley. Not Sir Riley Bailey, or Captain Riley Bailey, just Riley. However, since I am not a pirate slave, you are to call me Sir or Captain Bailey. All understood?"

"Yes sir!"

"Good now we're getting the hang of it! You bunch might not be as stupid as the last. The last bunch, well, there is no last bunch anymore. They all received a pretty harsh beating from their owners, and let's just say they aint working no fields anymore."

"Are they on a ship?" Jack asked hopefully. He really hoped tere was plenty of ships to steal, seeing as he no longer had his because he was here. Oh, he bet Barbossa was happy being the Captain.

"No." Captain Bailey curled his lip "They're dead."

The pirates gasped and took a step back.

"But if you behave like you are now, you can guarantee an easy slave life and perhaps an early release. I was once a pirate, lost my name in the Americas and was released, living a new life enjoying what I have left of it. Now let's-"

Hey, whoah, we're confused.

"Confused! Who are you and how did you get here!" Captain Riley demanded of us.

We're the readers, we've been here from the start...the very start. And we're quite confused on why Jack is being taken to America, when the last story Blackbeard had just been brought back to the seas!

"Ahhh, a lost beginning eh? Well, I shall fix that! You go ahead and keep reading, I'll come back in a later chapter! Enjoy lads and lasses!"

Jack didn't know how it happened, why it happened or what was happening, but he and Blackbeard along with their ships had sailed to the same island for the exact reason; gold.

Sadly, both of them coming had been a waste of time because the treasure was no longer on the island, in fact, Angelica assumed it had been a false rumor treasure and had convinced Jack not to come find it. But would he listen? Hah, I shouldn't even have to ask you the question! Jack Sparrow refuse gold? Jewels? Money? Ah, we know him too well.

But the whole time they were on the island, all Blackbeard could do was glare at Jack. His beady black eyes glared and glared. Jack honestly wouldn't be surprised if bullets shot out at him.

"Ah, well, no treasure, let's go." Jack was starting to feel uncomfortable when Blackbeard kept glancing at him, frowning and glaring, a bit of lip twitching. Angelica and her father had been talking ever since they found out the treasure wasn't here, and that was like what? Thirteen minutes ago. This was ridiculous! How could someone talk that long!

"Gibbs," Jack scooted over to his first mate, grabbing his arm out of fright. "He's coming over here..."

"I see that Jack," Gibbs said, grabbing Jack's arm too. He hated Blackbeard with a burning passion, but was too afraid to snap back.

"Why is he coming over here?"

"I down know..."

"Merlin's beard, he's getting closer! He's coming, he's coming he's-"

"Jack Sparrow!"

"What? He's not Jack Sparrow." Jack laughed. "I am!"

There was a long awkward pause in which everyone stared at Jack. Gibbs stared, his hands still clutching Jack's arm.

"Get off me ye fool!" Jack grabbed his arm away and stared at Blackbeard. "Blackbard, bird, ird, terd, murd, beard? Yes, Blackbeard! How may I be of assistance to you this fine day?"

"I want to make a deal." he said dangerously, pulling out a large scroll and dropping it at Jack's feet. "I know you love Port Royal very much and would like to return for a treasure, so I need your help."

Jack stared at the map. "This looks freshly made!" he said, this was quite suspicious...

"I've taken good care of it." Blackbeard said and snatched it back. "Help me or not?"

"What is it you need to find?"

"I'll explain in further detail later."

"And Angelica?"

"What about her?" Blackbeard asked. "She has nothing to do with this!"

"Is she a part of this, does she agree?"

"I honestly had no clue he would spring this on you." Angelica said shaking her head. "Honest."

"What about your discussion over there?" Jack asked.

"It was all about my mother, and only my mother."

Jack bit his lower lip. "Aye, I agree."

"Excellent." Blackbeard grinned.

"So will I be following you by ship?"

Blackbeard made a small motion with his hand for his crew to move forward behind Jack.

"That won't be necessary." he grinned.

Next thing Jack knew, he was shoved in a potato sack and everything went dark. He could still hear voices coming from the other side of the bag.

"What are you doing!" Angelica screeched.

"A little favor." Blackbeard said following his crew to his ship. "You're welcome Barbossa!"

Barbossa stared, Missy on the ground holding his hand. Both had their mouths open, Barbossa's open from pure shock and Missy's because she was watching his facial impression and was trying to copy him.

"What are you going to do to him?" Angelica demanded her father. "FATHER!" she screamed when he ignored her.

He turned around and touched her shoulder. "I will not be doing anything to Captain Jack Sparrow, he's already done everything he needs to do. What happens to Jack from here on out is his own fault."

And then the wooden board of the Queen Anne's Revengewas lifted so no more could climb aboard.

Blackbeard waved his hand and disappeared on his ship. Angelica was now stomping angrily in the sand. Her father was such an asshole.