De-motivation, a Wingin' it fanfic

Chapter one, TAB triathlon

The bell rang at Bennet high, classes were starting and that was never a good think. Carl Montclaire, the most un-popular guy in the school, walked slowly to his lessons with his friend and fake cousin, angel Porter Jackson.

"So... Denise is definitely sure she saw fireworks?" Porter asked his friend

"Yeah..." Carl groaned "That is NOT something I was expecting..."

"Well you always expect the worst, maybe you should start expecting the good." Porter smiled, folding his arms and leaning against the wall as he spoke

"Ok... the good for me is... well I'm not sure yet. See that's why I never expect the good, 'cause I can never imagine anything good happening to me!" Carl shot back

"Yeah... guess when you've got an AIT like me around... thing get better right?" Porter asked. Carl looked at him to see if he was joking. It was clear that he wasn't.

"Umm... truthfully..." Carl was cut off by Serge crashing into his back.

"Hey watch where you stand Montclaire, the future triathlon champion is in the corridors!" Serge grinned, nodding his head at the poster on the wall

"Oh yeah... the triathlon... well, hope you don't lose to Terendale. Again." Carl smiled and Porter laughed. Serge just grunted and walked off down the corridors.

"Wait, Carl! The triathlon! They still need one more competitor! If you sign up and win... you could be well on your way to getting popular!" Porter suggested, seeming quite happy with his suggestion.

"Yeah... if I could run, swim or cycle I would compete. Shame that I can't." Carl shrugged and walked into science class, while Porter walked off to find the triathlon sign up sheet...

Carl sat, writing down the science questions on the blackboard. This lesson was going very slowly. The speaker on the wall suddenly screeched loudly and everyone covered there ears to block out the sound. Apart from the Listern sisters who seemed to quite enjoy the sound.

"Attention" It was Principal Malone speaking, everyone could tell by the sound of a ukulele being strummed in the background. "A big thank you to Carl Montclaire for signing up to take part as the last athlete in the triathlon, give him a big hand!" Everyone clapped including Mr. Dolby, who dropped his chalk as he clapped. Leaning down to pick it up, he over balanced and fell over. Everyone stopped clapping and started laughing at their teachers expense. Except for Carl, who just turned round and looked at Porter, who had only recently turned up in the classroom. Carl gritted his teeth and mouthed something at Porter, Porter just shrugged and kept laughing. There was a knock on the science classroom door. Mr. Dolby placed his head up on the desk

"Come in!" He called out and in walked Dr. Cassabi, the "guidance counsellor" for Bennet High.

"Mr. Dolby, may I inquire as to why only your head is in view?" Cassabi inquired

"Umm..." Dolby grinned, standing up to his full height, picking his chalk up off the floor "It's a science... greeting! Yes, that's it, it's how we greet... all our visitors!" All the class chuckled at the teacher's lousy improvisation.

"Anyway, I would like to borrow Carl Montclaire for a moment please." The guidance counsellor finished and Carl followed him out of the classroom.

"Is this about Denise? I know it's not allowed it's just..." Carl started but Cassabi cut him off.

"Actually no, it's about something else. I'll explain when we get to my office." Cassabi smiled and the two continued to walk down the corridor. They soon arrived in Cassabi's office and Carl couldn't believe what he saw.

In Cassabi's office, was a band. All of them stood with their arms folded and their instruments at their feet. The first one, who looked to be the singer, had long black hair and a small goatee. His black T-Shirt read TAB on it and had a picture of a skull and crossbones underneath. He wore ripped blue jeans, that were very odd against his black shirt. He was lanky, and looked like he hadn't ever heard of a haircut, as his hair was halfway down his back. The second, who looked to be a guitarist, had a strange Mohawk, completely coloured red. He had a short black moustache and wore a blue T-Shirt with "High five homies" written on it. He wore brown trousers, cut off about an inch at the end. The third, another guitarist, had an afro. He wore large sunglasses that covered up his eyebrows and his eyes completely. He wore a T-shirt with a picture of a grey and green coloured cube on it. He wore trousers that were neither too small nor too big. They were just average sized. And that last was the strangest of all. He sat on the seat behind his large drum kit. He had short blue and black hair, and a stupid beard that didn't quite meet with his moustache. He had a daft T-shirt with pictures of game consoles all over it. He wore shorts that didn't suit him at all and a bandana was wrapped round his neck.

"We are TAB." The singer said "You must be Montclaire. I'm Meph."

"I'm Gigz." The first guitarist spoke

"MC Rubix." The other guitarist spoke

"And I'm Skully." The drummer grinned.

"Sounds like you need motivation..." Meph smiled and picked up his mic from the floor.