I've fallen in love with Doctor Who, i'm getting closer to becoming a Whovian especially since I started writing Doctor Who Fanfic

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Also I love Rose and the Doctor together...

The worst part Rose Tyler thought about her life… well there were quite a few…

Maybe it was the time she thought she was going to die… that probably could've been really bad, until she was saved and taken to an alternate universe. It should've been the best since she was saved an all. She was with her mum, her now alive again Dad and Mickey, sweet Mickey.

Right well there still was a worst part. The part where she and him were on opposite sides of a wall, on the opposite side of times and she was screaming and there was no way to get him back. Screaming and crying and there was no way to get him back.

No….that wasn't the worst part. Maybe it was the constant echoes of his voice in her dreams calling her sweetly , "Rose…" and she couldn't get to him. It was cruel for him to do that… to do that to each other, but yet that still wasn't the worst part after all this time. She turned, cowering in her sleep remembering that day.

He was standing on the beach, a little ghostly and then almost filled in, almost enough to touch. She remembered reaching out and being told she couldn't. She remembered him saying goodbye but also how her chest heaved and her inability to breathe. All she wanted to do was wrap her arms around his little Doctor torso and never let go… and then he just disappeared and the way he said "Rose" his last words to her, hanging in the air.

"No!" She called in her sleep and woke with a start. She had woken herself up, partly from the memory but something bigger, something familiar… the sound of her home calling her. She didn't care she was in her jimjams. She didn't care about anything as she flew down the stairs. She didn't care as her mom called out to her or that the baby started to wail because if it was him, my god if it was him she thought excitedly as she tripped on the last stair leading out to the door. She giggled because he would have done the same thing, tripped on a stair. She threw the doors open hoping to see that beautiful police call box coming to collect her. He said it wasn't possible, but even it…

She looked around, beaming, happy that she could be traveling again with him wherever whenever, but he wasn't there…yet. She stood staring at the sky, remembering waiting a different time for him. She waited five hours last time and that was good enough for him to show so she waited. She waited five minutes. She waited an hour. She waited five hours.

Five hours came and went when a hand touched her shoulder. She grinned as she turned around believing that he had snuck up on her and that his hand would be there to grab hers… Instead she grasped a darker hand and looked into the eyes of Mickey Smith.

"Your Mum called me Rose." said a worried Mickey.

She was listening and not at the same time if that was possible. He still might come she thought.

Mickey went to go brush her hair out of her eye when she realized what was happening. He had been talking to her and she hadn't been listening.

"But I heard it Mickey, I know I did."

"We'll try again another day."

Her eyes started to well up and Mickey wrapped his arm around her as they walked back toward the house.

And that was the worst part of Rose Tyler's life because for the third time this week, she kept on reliving the lie, the belief that the Doctor would come in his magical blue box and whisk her away and sweep her off her feet.