This was written for finlaure, to cheer her up during these hot, hot day. Also posted at her LJ. Pretty mild, one dirty word, mention of m/m relations.


Gibbs rolled his eyes as he spied Tony in the kitchen. "Close the damn freezer, DiNozzo," he ordered, rinsing out his mug at the sink.

"No," Tony whined. "It's hot, Gibbs. Hot."

"I know, Tony, I'm not temperature impaired."

Tony turned toward his lover, using the door of the freezer to waft cool air toward him. "Doesn't that feel good?" he asked.


"Then why won't you get an air conditioner?"

It was a continuing argument for the two men. Gibbs was comfortable in any season, and Tony had to admit the house was cool most of the time, but the heat wave searing the district had been brutal and even Gibbs' house was feeling the effects.

"Go upstairs and take a cool shower," Gibbs said, taking the freezer door from Tony's hands and pushing him away.

"I'm buying a window unit tomorrow, Gibbs," Tony declared with a glare.

"I doubt it," Gibbs countered.

"I mean it," Tony countered, stripping off his sweat soaked shirt and climbing the stairs. "I can't take it anymore. No amount of cool showers has helped…" Tony's voice trailed off as he entered their bedroom.

Their cool bedroom.

Their air conditioned bedroom.

Tony whirled around to face a smug Gibbs as he leaned against the door jamb. "When? Why?"

"Had it installed today," Gibbs explained, rolling his eyes again as Tony stood before the blowing vents. "And because I was tired of hearing you whine about the heat."

Tony whirled again and grabbed Gibbs, tumbling them both down to the bed. Hands roamed, lips kissed, cocks grew and soon both men sighed in completion.

Gibbs woke up, disturbed by Tony's wriggling in the bed. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"It's cold," Tony whined.

Gibbs rolled his eyes once more.