Folie à Deux

Aaron Hotchner watched as Spencer Reid curled up in a ball in the jet seat. He sighed in the realization that he had another headache, and he could tell by the way his hands covered his eyes that it was quickly turning into a migraine. Deciding not to intervene quite yet, Aaron leaned back in his seat and pretended not to care for a few minutes. Sooner or later he'd break down and go comfort his lover, but he'd try to give Spencer as much space as possible to himself.

"He's having them again?" Rossi asked quietly from his spot across from Aaron.

"He never stopped having headaches," Aaron frowned. He then turned his head to see if maybe Spencer had mercifully fallen to sleep, but looking back he saw he was still tossing and turning relentlessly. Seeing his petite frame squirm in his seat made Aaron's heart ache. He hated seeing him in so much pain….

"Just go, Aaron," Rossi sighed. "He needs you right now."

"No, not yet," Aaron replied, shaking his head. " I want to send out a few emails beforehand…" he trailed off. Aaron quickly tapped on his keyboard while hoping that his efforts wouldn't be wasted. He hit 'send' on the few email bodies he had opened before powering off the laptop and shutting the lid.

"Are you seriously going online for doctors' information?" Rossi smirked. "For all you know they could be UnSubs disguised as-"

"I was emailing Jack's teachers," Aaron scowled. "I missed teacher conference night and wanted to know if there was anything I needed to know."

"Right, of course," Rossi nodded with a smirk. "And now that that's done, go to your other 'boy'," he added. "He needs you more than they do right now…"

"I know," Aaron frowned from his seat. As he stood up from his seat he mumbled, "Wish me luck."

" 'Don't think you'll need it," Rossi breathed. He watched Aaron walk away and sit down opposite of his younger lover. Once he was sure Aaron wasn't paying attention to him he opened the laptop that he had left on and checked the 'sent' folder of Aaron's email. Sure enough he found the name of one teacher, but the other emails sent around that same time were all labeled 'doctor' and mentioned something about headaches. Sighing he exited out of the tab and closed the laptop again. Rossi then shut off his overhead light and tried to get some sleep.

Across the jet, Spencer hid in Aaron's chest as his headed pounded in a rhythmic pattern. The older profiler stroked Spencer's short hair in hopes of lulling him to sleep. The feeling of Spencer's sweater vest rubbing against his skin made Aaron realize that he was still tossing and turning, though, and Aaron finally gave up trying to help him sleep. He sat up in the seat and lowered Spencer's head to his chest again. "Just try to rest, Spencer. It'll pass…."

"I know," Spencer sighed. "I know."

~* Folie *~

"House, why are you calling me?" Spencer asked, annoyance evident in his voice. In the room opposite of Spencer, Aaron rose his eyebrows. Spencer rarely took any calls from friends, so whenever a name he wasn't sure he had heard before came up he made sure to pay close attention to the conversation. The breaks in the conversation due to the fact that Aaron could only hear one side of the conversation made it hard to follow, though. "I'm not lying," Spencer hissed, "and I don't need your help! Good bye- yes! I know you're a doctor…I already told you that I don't care! Good. Bye!" Spencer slammed his phone down and threw it on the couch. He then stormed out of the room until he saw Aaron.

"I'm going to take a shower," he suddenly announced.

"Okay," Aaron smiled back. "Dinner should be ready shortly after you're done," he added. With a nod as his only response, Spencer left Aaron- and his cell phone- alone.

Then, as Aaron stood up to finish up dinner, he silently wondered who 'House' was.

~*Folie *~

~* Four Days before the Phone Call *~

When Spencer woke up with a headache the next morning Aaron finally broke down and logged himself on to the internet. Sighing he clicked the 'Google Sidebar' app and started searching for a doctor who could help his poor lover. His results varied tremendously, and doctors from Europe to Australia and Canada to Asia graced him with boasts of their tremendous successes. The profiler sighed in frustration of such varied results and instead decided to change his search phrase. Quickly he typed in 'migraine doctors in the United States'. When he clicked 'search', a sort of smile graced his lips. The first link seemed fairly promising, so he clicked in it. On the homepage was a few search options that he could chose from. He quickly typed in 'migraine' under the symptom bar, 'United States' for the country, and 'order doctors by specialty/patient cases.

When the results came up Aaron's jaw dropped. Staring in front of him as doctor number five out of twenty-two was Dr. Greg House. Immediately he knew that was the 'House' that Spencer had been talking to. As soon as he recognized the name he realized that his search for a doctor who could help had ended, but the problem that persisted now was getting Spencer to accept the help he needed. So Aaron wrote down the number and shut off the laptop. Standing up he walked over to where Spencer laid. He leaned against the doorframe as he let his mind debate over which decisions was more wrong: calling House and risk betraying Spencer's trust or not helping him out when he needed it the most. Aaron shook his head as he walked away from the room.

He had work to do, after all.