Logan had always kept himself to himself, never really wanting to get too … close to the other inmates. He had been sitting in a corner of the yard quietly daydreaming to himself, thinking about the life he had left behind and what his family were doing right at that moment. He had recently received a letter from his wife, the very same letter that was stashed safely in the breast pocket of his overalls, telling him that she had given birth to his baby girl a few days ago. He held the tiny photo of her in his hand as if it was the most precious object in the world. He wouldn't see her until she was 19 when he would be eligible for parole. A single tear had threatened to spill down his face when the sky began to fall.

The strange sphere had landed outside of the prison boundary and had, to the misfortune of it's occupant, bounced over the fence and landed solidly in the sand of he exercise yard. After hearing murmurs of it being some kind of baby, Logan pushed his way through the crowd to have a look for himself. What he saw made him question his own sanity in a whole new way. There was indeed a child, but it was like no child he had ever seen. It was blue for a start and the poor thing seemed to be horribly out of proportion. It's head was swollen and far too big for it's small podgy body. Logan knew instantly it was a boy, not because of the colour of it's skin as many of the other men were mumbling, but because of it's face. It was beautiful in that delicate boyish was some children are with large questioning eyes that all of a sudden locked onto his.

The child broke into the most brilliant grin Logan had ever seen and held out his arms as a request to be picked up. The child's laugh was infective and many of the men started to chuckle to themselves in response.

Logan obligingly reached down and picked the child up, smiling at the way it seemed to be transfixed by his beard.

"I think it likes ya." Brian said with smile as the group began to thin out as a number of the prison guards approached.

"Yeah, looks like." Logan smiled as he bounced the baby up and down before raising a concerned eyebrow at the guard that approached him.

As the only female guard in the prison, Marcie was not one to mess with. She was far harder than any of the other guards and could hold her own very well if it came down to a fight. She had trained for this job her entire life and thought that she could anticipate anything that could possibly happen in a prison like this. That training thought her how to bring down guys three times her size in the middle of a riot, it taught her how to handle herself when staring down the barrel of a gun, it even taught her how to break up fights that started in the shower block. What it didn't teach her was how to react to the site of an inmate standing in the exercise year holding a baby.

"Logan?" Marci said questioningly as she stood in bafflement unable to tear her eyes away from the baby, "errm…"

"Don't take him Miss," Logan automatically twisted his body ay as if to shield the baby from the woman. His face held a slightly panicky expression that put Marci on edge, "Please, I don't think he has anyone else."

"We have to find his parents Logan, they must be missing him."

"Take a look at that thing he landed in! That aint from round here. I don't think he has any parents Miss" Logan pleaded as he took a step back from the guard, he looked back over his shoulder as if weighing up the option of making a break for the fence.

"Logan, he is a child, a baby. This really isn't the place for him, we don't even know where he came from!"

"Sure we do, he came from another planet, look at him. What do you think we should do with him, put him into care? I lived through that system Miss, I know what it's like growing up without parents! I cant be there for my daughter but something out there thought to send this baby here and now I can be there for him! Please, Just let him stay." A thought suddenly struck the man and he became even jumpier than he was before, "We have to keep him a secret! Look at him! If the wrong people find out about him he will be taken to some secret government facility and experimented on! Don't make that face, you know it happens! I can't let that happen to him. Please… just let him stay. It wont hurt anyone! Even Brian is taken by him, you never know, it may calm him down a bit."

Marci approached slowly, her body language calming the panicked man. She looked curiously from the baby to the fish it was holding in a glass sphere. She sighed to herself shaking her head as if she was disagreeing with something in her own head. Just at that moment the siren sounded the end of free time.

"Return to your cell Logan. I'll bring the pet request form for you later "

"Oh Miss, you wont regret this I pro-"

"Hey, don't try that honest john thing with me Logan. Just don't mess up!" Marci said sternly as she stepped to the side gesturing for the man in orange to walk past her and proceed back to the cells. With baby and fish in his arms, Logan strode past the other guards and into his cell. For the first time since arriving in the place he now had to call home, he smiled as the bars slid shut.

"What should we call it?" Brian asked, his thick accent heavy with wonder at the tiny creature that sat on the floor looking up at them with a puzzled expression. His podgy form was sat in a hep on the floor of the cell, hunched over the blue creature and its fish friend.

"I'm not sure, I can't seem to think of anything that would suit him." Try sighed as he scratched his head through his mop of thick tightly curled hair.

"Maybe he already has a name, we can't change it if he already has one." Logan said from his vantage point on the bed as he watched his cell mates carefully. Since he had brought the baby into his cell everyone had been falling over themselves to have a look at it. Even the guards, who had been updated by Marci, had all wanted to see for themselves.

"Well, how would we find hat out?" Brian asked with a deeply puzzled look on his face.

"You could just ask." the small voice seemed to come out of nowhere causing the two men on the floor to jump up in shock. All the baby did was smile happily.

"Alright, which one of you jokers said that?" Logan snarled at the men in the neighbouring cells, all of them looked over at him like he had gone crazy.

"I said it." the small voice spoke out again, this time eliciting a small laugh from the boy who was now rolling on his back clutching his fish to his chest.

Logan peered down at the strange fish who was looking directly at him from inside the glass bubble. The man hoped off of the bed and crouched down onto the ground, inching closer while never taking his eyes off of the fish.

"Hi!" The fish grinned showing off the dangerously sharp teeth hidden within it's mouth. From the tone of the fish's voice it was mean to be friendly but that smile looked anything but. Logan leaped back with a sharp yell of surprise and Brian and Troy backed themselves up against the bars of the front of the cell.

"y - you can talk?" Logan asked as he tried to regain his breath and once again edged closer to the boy who was now sitting up again looking a little panicked after the sudden movement.

"Yes, I can" The fish answered honestly, trying to smile a little less alarmingly.

The three cellmates were speechless for a few moments as they tried to take in everything that was happening. Not only did a young blue baby fall out of the sky and land in their prison, but that boy had a pet fish in a glass bubble and that fish could talk… in English too!

"Errm…ok, little fish. Errm…" Logan wasn't exactly sure where he should start, thankfully, the fish spoke up obligingly.

"I'm Minion, at least that is what Sir's parents told me." Minion looked up at the baby with a kind smile, this brought the child's smile back to his face once again.

"Minion? That's an …odd name. My name is Logan, and this is Brian and Troy."

"Thank you for trying to help Sir, I did not like the sound of what you said might happen to him if we had to leave here." The fish looked so concerned at the thought, While he realised instinctively what this place was, that these men were not the most wholesome of society's representatives, but it was better than the alternative.

"And does 'Sir' have a name?" Logan coaxed in a voice he hoped sounded friendly. It was obvious by the tone of voice of the fish that he was very young himself. The way he voiced his questions, it sounded like a child of about 6 reading questions of a sheet of paper.

"Yes." The fish answered as if he truly believed that was the only answer expected of him.

"Can you tell us what it is? What we should call him?"

"I don't know what his name is, only that he has one." Minion answered honestly

"Well, until we figure it out, I guess we will just have to call you 'Blue'." Logan smiled as he patted the boy on his abnormally large head. This seemed to please the child as he broke out into a fit of giggles and rolled happily onto his back on the floor.