"I just had an accident ok? It's nothing to worry about." Logan's voice was a little strained, his frustration obvious on his face as he looked down at the boy, worry causing his vivid green eyes to shine brightly, "now would you please stop asking me?"

Blue had hurried back through the prison on his return from school that day in order to speak to Logan as soon as possible. The man had been gone again before Blue had woken up which shocked the boy to no end. Ha had sat at breakfast poking his food around his plate wondering why he hadn't heard the man leave. Minion had almost managed to convince him that he had only dreamt Logan's return which was one reason why he had been so anxious to see for himself.

"But what happened?" Blue asked, hoping his voice didn't sound as whiny as it felt.

"Look, I got it shut in a door ok? That's all, just a stupid accident!" Logan said sharply causing the boy to jump. Logan closed his eyes tightly and rubbed at them with his good hand. He had got his right arm trapped in a door, that was true. Only it had been broken because of someone else shutting that door on his arm. Logan never went looking for trouble, he really didn't. All he wanted to do was keep his head down and stay out of trouble until his time was up. If trouble came looking for him then he could defend himself. But when trouble came looking for Blue then trouble would regret ever having that idea.

Derek had been seen prowling around again, trying to get the other prisoners on Logan's block to bend to his will. While men in form his particular crimes were considered the lowest of the low, even within the prison population, the an was still a force to be reckoned with. He used his strength and apparent lack of morals to get to the head of his block within a few months of being placed there. There were even rumours stating that he had been transferred from another prison because he had killed an inmate and two guards. The man was cunning and seemed willing to play the long game which worried Logan endlessly. Derek was a very very dangerous man and had the ability to draw other very dangerous men under his influence.

"Oh don't look at me like that!" Logan said with a smile as he reached out with his good hand to rub on the boy's head. He had been sitting there looking for all the world like a kicked puppy giving Logan the biggest guilt trip ever, "I'm not mad at you, my arm just hurts a bit and it makes me a bit cranky."

"HA! Cranky is rite! You've been moping around like a bear with a sore head all day!" Marci's laugh seemed o snap through the air causing all of the cell's occupants to jump in shock, "Got news for you boys, The papers have all come through for your little legal ceremony. The Warden has given the go ahead, despite him not being too thrilled with your most recent escapade." Marci raised a reprimanding eyebrow and did a very good impression of a disapproving school teacher. Blue shivered at the thought.

"Seriously?" Logan asked, a grin spreading on his face for the first time tat day.

"No, actually I thought I'd just crush you mercilessly." Marci said with a look of boredom on her face. Logan's face fell instantly causing Marci to break out in to a wicked grin, "You big idiot, would I lie about something like that? Now c'mon the both of you! The Warden is waiting. Oh and Blue, I got a surprise for you for after so don't go rushing off anywhere ok?"

"Where do you think I'd go?" Blue answered with a frown. as he stood to follow Logan and Marci out of the cell. Logan had seen time and time again how sarcasm was lost on the boy, he chuckled to himself wondering how long that innocent streak would last.

The Warden was indeed waiting for them in his office, a government official from the CPS sitting off to one side. This room always made Blue nervous, he was actually trembling, not entirely sure what was going on. He didn't like people in suits. He looked up to Logan and was surprised to see a smile light up the man's face.

"Oh for crying' out loud!" Logan hissed with a smirk pulling on his face as he got back to his cell with Blue sat up on his shoulders. Tied to the bars on the inside of the cell were a few helium balloons and a banner that said 'Happy Birthday!', "Who's birthday is it?"

"That was the best we could find, for some reason we didn't seem to have any 'happy adoption day' banners in the office." Marci chuckled as she watched Blue hop down from his new fathers shoulders to examine the balloons.

"Well, I guess I'll let you guys off then." Logan smiled, "thank you Miss, I know none of you had to do this."

"What, the balloons?"

"No, the adoption! It means a lot to Blue, you know?" Logan chuckled to himself when the balloon Blue was examining burst loudly in his face, "After they explained everything to him they asked him 'What do you want to do?' He just looked up at them with the most serious expression on his face and said 'I want Mr Logan to be my Daddy, just like all the other kids in my books have a Daddy.'"

"Awwww!" Marci grinned, "you know, I knew you had a soft spot for the kid but I never realised he turned you into a walkin-talkin marshmallow!" With that she strolled off on her rounds, banging her baton against the bars of a cell to break up a rather heated discussion between two of the other prisoners.

"Mr Logan?" Blue was about to continue when he noticed Logan's raised eyebrow and questioning smirk, "Oh, err, I mean... Pa? What are these?" He gestured to the balloons,

"That's better," Logan said as he walked into the cell to sit at the writing desk, "They are called 'Helium Balloons'-" He was about to continue with an explanation when the boy nodded and then grabbed Minion before heading out of the cell with one of the balloons clasped by it's string trailing after him, "Hey, where do you think you are going?"

"The Library. I want to know how it can fly like that." with that Blue disappeared out of the cell to go and find out for himself exactly what a 'helium balloon' was.

A/N: Sorry, this one is a bit rubbish, I really got stuck on this chapter. Having never been in prison or through adoption I have no idea how either works or if this situation is even possible but hey, not real world so...*shrugs*

The adoption is important for later on in this story and in its follow up so stay tuned... the next one will be better and soon...the early teen years!