Possibility Five—Machiavellian

"Did it work?" Lafayette asked.

Eric squinted at the man, then up at the ceiling.

"No," he said finally.

Pam sagged against her maker's chair.

"Fuck," she muttered. Then, loudly, to Lafayette "You better fuckin' fix this, Sabrina, or I swear to God—"

"Shit, Zsa Zsa, I got no idea why that didn't work. It should've."

"Yeah? And one day the dumbfuck cops in this swamp you call a town will be examinin' your mangled corpse and thinking to themselves, 'Poor Lafayette. He should've never gotten involved with witches in the first place,'" she spat back.

"Pam, Ah will not tolerate threats against humans," Bill growled.

Pam gave him a slow eye roll, but said nothing. If King Bill wanted to neuter every vampire in his district, that was his prerogative. Pam would just wait for his inevitable downfall to take her revenge.

"It's okay, Eric. Let's go home. Lafayette and Jesus can do some more research and try again tomorrow," Sookie said, offering him a hand up.

Eric took it and as soon as he was standing, he slid his arm around her waist and pulled her tightly to him. She clasped her hands around his back, returning the hug, and Pam saw Eric lean down to nuzzle at the waitress's jugular in a way that seemed distinctly… hungry.

She peered at her maker curiously, but they were apart again and heading for the door before she could make heads or tails of things.

"Ah would be much obliged if you could look into this matter further and return to mah home tomorrow evening," Bill said to Lafayette.

The witch looked to Jesus, then back at Bill, and nodded. Pam clenched her fists. She supposed that ripping the cook's head from his torso would be satisfying in the short term, but it had the downside of robbing Eric of any chance of regaining his memories as well.

Without so much as a goodbye to her king, she was out the door and crossing the graveyard. She was just about kick it into vamp speed and head for Fangtasia when a hand shot out and grasped her arm. Fangs out, she turned and hissed at the aggressor.

"It's me."

Her fangs retracted instantly. Eric stood before her, pale and beautiful in the moonlight, as always. But there was something else. That terrible blank look of confusion and innocence was gone, replaced by something more familiar. Something cunning and dark.

"Eric?" she said hesitantly.

He reached for her and she fell against him like a child to her father. His hand cradled her head tenderly to his chest, and she felt as if all was right with the world once again. Crimson tears threatened at the corners of her lids, but she blinked them back before standing back to address him.

"What happened? Were the spell's effects delayed?" she asked.

Then he did the most beautiful thing. He smirked. It was such a relief to see that familiar cocksure expression on his face.

"I am sorry to have caused you any additional pain, Pam, but my deceit was necessary," he replied. "Lafayette's spell worked, but the instant that my memories returned, I realized that it might be… advantageous to keep the ruse up for one more night."

Pam smiled back at him.

"Of course you did," she said.

"Sookie is waiting for me at her house—my house," he amended. "I told her that I wanted to go back and thank the witch for his attempt."

He chuckled.

"What are you planning?" she asked, delighting in his return to mischief.

"Sookie must be mine. We have had each other's blood, but not enough. Yet. I plan to change that tonight. She will give herself to me completely. Then, once the bond is complete, I will allow myself to be cured."

His eyes were hard steel, but his lips still curled up at the edges. She sighed.

"Well, do whatever you have to do with your little blonde distraction. Just do it quickly," she said. "I can't stand to see you in these terrible clothes any longer."

He grinned at her.

"I'll let you burn them when this is done."

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