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This story takes place between the Supernatural Season 5 eps "Sam Interrupted" and"Swap Meat" and the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien eps "The Enemy of My Frenemy" and"Couples Retreat"

Also...for those not familiar with Ben 10 lingo, the Plumbers are an intergalactic police force specially trained to handle extraterrestrial criminals and creatures seen as a nuisance.

Ben 10 (C): Man of Action

Supernatural (C): Eric Kripke

Dean cautiously reached for his pearl-grip pistol, making sure to keep both eyes on the winged entity above him. He froze when Mothman suddenly looked directly at him with his blood-red eyes.

"You have nothing to fear about me, human," it said calmly.

"Right, like I'm going to believe a freak of nature who causes disasters for a living," Dean scoffed.

"Dean," Sam berated, elbowing his big brother sharply in the ribs.


"I did not cause anything of that nature!" Mothman sat up straight, wings flaring, bristling with anger. A low hiss emanated from him. "I tried to warn people, but they refuse to listen to me! They then blame me for what follows! You have no idea what it feels like for being faulted for something you tried to stop and save innocent lives from." Gwen noted a tone of despair at those last words.

"Actually, we do," Sam spoke up quietly, earning surprised stares from Gwen, Ben, and Kevin.

"Sam," Dean said empathetically, setting a hand on his shoulder, realizing what Sam was getting at.

Mothman gazed at Sam with intense curiosity and the 26-year old hunter had a suspicion that he was reading his mind.

"Yes…I see it now, Sam Winchester. You and your elder brother know exactly the pain and suffering I'm feeling right now. You started something big and are in the midst of trying to stop it before the world perishes. There are others who are trying to stop you, kill you even. You just want to make things right, which is what I'm trying to do. You see? I'm not a monster. I never was. Never will. So, please, help me save those lives that will meet a gruesome fate if we don't ensure their safety."

"Hold on a second," Kevin held up a hand. "What's the deal with the Winchesters here? What are you babbling on about? What did they start?"

"It's not really of importance at the moment," Sam said, not really wanting to explain that the trio was amidst the greatest Biblical disaster and that he and Dean-more so he, Sam believed- had started.

"I'm not going anywhere till I see some stone-cold hard facts about whether Mothy here is telling us the truth or not," Dean planted both feet firmly on the ground, crossing his arms.

"Dean, c'mon man," Sam pleaded, unable to see why his big brother was being so stubborn.

"No, he's right," Ben agreed.

"He is?"/"I am?" Sam and Dean said simultaneously. They looked at one another then back at Ben.

"Yeah, I mean, who's to say he isn't telling the truth?" Ben shrugged.

"Ben! You can't be serious!" Gwen said frustratingly.

"But, he's been saying he's not responsible for the Silver Bridge collapse. He looks like he really wants to help here." Sam said. "Can't we trust him?"

"Right, just like you trusted Ruby, who promised she'd be able to help you right before she stabbed you in the back?" Dean threw out with a sharp glare at his little brother. He knew that was still a sore topic, with it being just a few months since Ruby's shocking betrayal and death. Sam felt anger rise up in him. He decided to get even with big brother.

"What about when you had went off with Gordon, thinking he was another 'trust-worthy' hunter, thinking he's what you needed to fill in that damn void Dad had left in your gut when he died, only for Gordon to wind up being one of our worst enemy, trying to kill us both?" Sam spat, straightening to his full height and getting up close and personal to Dean, staring him down.

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin looked from one irate brother to the other in confused and shocked curiosity, wondering what they were going on about.

"Okay, okay, enough." Ben decided to step in between Sam and Dean, who looked as if they were inches from throwing punches at each other. "I know how we can prove to see of Mothman is telling us the truth. Follow me!"

Ben then took off running past the city wall and headed for where the Silver Bridge once magnificently stood. Gwen, Kevin, and Sam followed. Dean turned to confront Mothman, but he had disappeared. Dean wasn't sure how he'd managed to fly away, undetected, especially from his sharp hunter senses.

"Dean!" Dean started and looked to where Sam was a few yards ahead, looking back at him with raised eyebrows, his arms out in a "You coming or what?" gesture.

Dean took one last look back at the vacant tree before he set off with Sam after the trio.


It took less than two minutes for them to reach the site where the Silver Bridge used to stand 43 years ago. It was barren, solid-packed rock and dirt with a few scrabbles of grass and weeds. The bank sloped steeply into a rocky shore about 30 feet below them as the three teens and two hunters stood near it. Not too far from them, the Point-Pleasant Kanauga Railroad Bridge stretched from one side of the Ohio River to the next, connecting Point Pleasant, West Virginia to Kanauga, Ohio. It stood high above the still waters of the river, as if it were a sentinel.

"Alright, Tennyson," Kevin said, crossing his arms across his chest. "Mind telling us why you dragged us out here?"

"I can do better than that," Ben smirked, activating the Ultimatrix. "I can show you!"

Ben pushed down the faceplate and everyone was blinded by a flash of green light.

"Clockvherk!" exclaimed the copper armored, robotic-like alien that had appeared in Ben's place. He had a noticeably thick, German accent. Sam saw gears spinning inside of the alien through the transparent green window on Clockwork's stomach, where the Ultimatrix symbol was also located.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that," Dean said, gawking at the new alien standing before him. He was a lot taller than him and Sam.

"You said zat before," Clockwork said. He couldn't smile, but Dean heard the teasing tone in his voice.

"So what can Clockhead do?" he replied, rapping his knuckles on Clockwork's hollow barrel body.

"You vill see."

Clockwork then stepped a bit closer to the bank and stopped. The protrusion upon his head that had reminded Sam of a Roman gladiator helmet started to rotate as the black gap in the semi-circled shape emanated a green glow that projected a green energy field around the width of the river they were in front of and around them.

Sam and Dean watched in bemused awe as they saw people start appearing, moving in a rewinding motion, even their reversed chatter was heard. Eventually, 43 years of tourism passed and they got to the date of the collapse. They were now seeing construction workers and policemen moving about in the same rewinding fashion. They had been working on cleaning up the area and searching for more survivors...and bodies.

Pieces of the bridge then emerged from the depths of the river, fitting together like a puzzle till it was whole again. Gwen couldn't help but emit a gasp as she saw a vast amount of vehicles and innocent lives accompanying large chunks of the bridge. She felt her heart cry out to those poor souls. Eventually, they reached to just minutes before the collapse, and everyone could see that things looked completely normal as if it were like any other day.

"Look!" Sam suddenly pointed to a winged figure that had suddenly dropped down on top of one of the rocker towers.

"Mothman!" Gwen gasped.

"Seems pretty suspicious that he'd show up now, isn't it?" Dean asked, feeling a bit prideful at being right about his suspicions about the cryptid.

"No," Clockwork squashed the hunter's conjectures. "Gwen and Sam vere vight zis whole time!"

"What?!" Dean and Kevin exclaimed together.

"How do you know, Ben?" Gwen asked, her hopes flaring at hearing her cousin admit that he had been wrong this whole time.

"Take a closer look at one of ze eyebar chains, near ze top."

They all glanced at the chain Clockwork was pointing at. They noticed that it looked to be vibrating a bit. Suddenly, a loud, gunshot-like sound reverberated through the air and the chain was seen falling. Soon, the entire bridge began to break and crumble. Screams carried over to them.

The five were then back to the present day.

"Oh no," Gwen gasped, feeling like she was about to hyperventilate and get sick at the same time. Kevin wrapped his arms around her and eased her to the ground.

"Take it easy, Gwen," he soothed, rubbing her back. "Deep, slow breaths."

"It vill seem zat Mothman vas telling us ze truth zis whole time," Clockwork said. "He vas merely zere to varn people. Ze collapse of ze Silver Bridge vas not caused by him…"

"But by a failed eyebar!" Sam finished.

"The bridge was over its regular load capacity, which caused the eyebar to fracture over periods of wear and tear," Dean agreed. "And that day was unfortunately when it just couldn't hold up anymore. Most of the vehicles on that bridge were large trucks. It's possible that the stress from all that weight from them and the other cars were severely affecting the eyebar so that it was fractured on one side, and bending the other side all the Hell, eventually leading to it's breaking."

"Then it's just architectural failure," Kevin stated, shrugging. "Nothing supernatural about that at all."

"Mothman has the ability to see bad things happen before they do," Gwen's quiet voice put in. She then looked up at her friends with wide eyes. "He had told me that he had seen all of us at another bridge, trying to keep it from falling apart and saving people."

"What bridge was he talking about? That one?" Dean pointed over at the Kanauga Railroad Bridge.

Gwen shrugged. "He didn't finish. That was when you guys interrupted."

"Oh, sorry Gwen," Clockwork said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. "But in our defense, ve had vought Mothman vas going to hurt you."

"Wait," Sam suddenly said, a look of confusion on his face. "How often does a train go down that bridge? Why would Mothman be having a vision of us saving people from another collapse of a bridge that hardly has any amount of traffic on it?"

"Wait a minute!" Gwen gasped, standing up suddenly. "Guys! There are two other bridges aside from that one around here!"

"What?!" Dean cried. "Two?! How the hell are we to find out which one is going to collapse?"

Just then, a loud gunshot-like sound boomed through the air, followed by a chorus of screams, drawing their attention to the southeast, where they could make out the distinct shape of another bridge that was dangerously swaying.

"Easy," Kevin said, pointing. "It's that one."

A flash of green engulfed Clockwork, and a tall, slim, black and blue alien appeared.

"Fasttrack!" the alien cried in a high toned voice. He then turned to his friends. "You guys get your cars and meet me at the bridge! I'll try to get as many people to safety till you get there!"

Before anyone could reply, Fasttrack was off, quick as a lightning bolt, leaving a black and blue speed trail and dust clouds in his wake.

"You heard Speedy Gonzalez! C'mon!" Dean and Sam then took off, heading to where they parked the Impala. Gwen and Kevin headed for the latter's car.

In less than a minute, a Chevy Impala and Camaro were racing down Viand Street, making a beeline for the ill-fated Silver Memorial Bridge, knowing that they were grasping straws by praying that they could save everyone and the bridge itself in time.

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