I do not own Peter and the Starcatchers. Sorry if I have some of the facts wrong. I'm on book 2.

Peter and the Starcatchers

By: nanaerty

Peter was flying around Mollusk Island. He saw a small fire burning in a baren area not filled with tall trees and shrubs. He leaned and flew down there. He saw Fighting Prawn lighting a fire. He was dressed in formal Mollusk clothes.

"Why are you dressed so formal?" Peter asked tapping Fighting Prawn's shoulder.

"AAAHH! You scared me for a second there!" Fighting Prawn said holding his heart.

"I thought you said you were never scared." Peter said.

"I...- Let's get on with the cerimony." Fighting Prawn said looking tenderly at her daughter Shining Pearl which was holding a baby girl.

"What cerimony?" Peter asked.

"Just sit down and you will see."

Peter took a seat.

Fighting Prawn took the baby out of Shining Pearl's hands. He held it over the fire.

"We are proud to welcome a new addition to the Mollusk tribe." Fighting Prawn said.

The people cheered.

Fighting Prawn held up a hand signaling them to be quiet. They quiteted down.

"What shall we name her?" a voice blurted out.

Peter recognized that voice almost instantly.


Molly stepped out from behind a tall tree.

"How about we give her a normal name instead of a original Mollusk name like-" Peter said.

"Molly!" Molly interupted.

"How original." Fighting Prawn said his voice thick with sarcasm.

"How about Emily?" Shining Pearl interupted.

"Yes." Fighting Prawn said putting the baby down on the soft earth.

"Why not Molly?" Molly yelled agitated.

A fight erupted between the Mollusk Tribe and Molly. The fight was stopped when Fighting Prawn shoved a spear between Molly and another Mollusk Tribe person.

"It's decided. 234 to 1," Fighting Prawn said lifting up the baby again. "She will be called Emily!"

Everyone cheered.

"BEACH PARTY!" Prentiss yelled.

"Will there be food?" Tubby Ted yelled. It seemed like his stomach was an endless pit impossible to fill up.

"YES!" Prentiss yelled as all the villagers started running to the beach. Peter and Molly stopped by Mermaid Rock. He saw the familiar face of Teacher.

"Hello Teacher." Peter said as Teacher responded with a wave.

Teacher smiled at Peter but then glared at Molly.

Molly folded her arms and turned around.

Teacher hissed at her.

"Nice to see you too!" Molly said walking off. Peter walked off after her.

Molly saw people playing volleyball; Tubby Ted, of course, was serving himself a mountain of mango slices.

Tubby Ted bumped into Molly. Tubby Ted stopped walking.

Molly laughed then patting Ted's stomach said: "Ya need to lay off the mangos!"

Peter started laughing. Tubby Ted put down his plate of mangos found a coconut and threw it at Peter. Peter flew into the air and it went under him. "Oops.." Peter said finding a coconut and throwing it a Peter. While the others on the beach were have a party, what they didn't realize is that they had left Emily alone.