PS: While I'm writing this, I'm on a plane and Im on page 237 of Peter and the Starcatchers 2. So sad on Peter's side... :(

Chapter 3

Molly had followed Peter. "Where's Em- Oh no.." Molly said.

Fighting Prawn is going to kill me. Literally. Peter thought.

Uh oh... Fighting Prawn is going to blame this one Peter and I.. Molly thought.

"I have an idea!" Peter yelled.

"What is it?" Molly asked available to any ideas right.

"How about we create a decoy of Emily."


"We will need a coconut, some blueberries, some skin colored flowers, and a few bananas."

"Got it."

Molly went to find the blueberries and the flowers; Peter the coconut.

5 minutes later, they had whipped up something that looked like a cross between a jellyfish and a human.

"Are kidding me?" Molly said.

"This will never fool Fighting Prawn." Peter said looking dissapointed at Banana-Jellyfish-Emily.

What Peter didn't notice was the Fighting Prawn was right behind them.

"What will never fool me?" Fighting Prawn asked emerging from behind Peter.

"Nothing." Peter said throught clenched teeth. He pointed with the tip of his finger to Banana-Jellyfish-Emily. He hoped Molly would understand.

Molly understood that Peter wanted her to dismantle the dummy. Molly edged her way over to Banana-Jellyfish-Emily. She tried to turn her back to dismantle it.

"You are up to something." Fighting Prawn said.

Molly quickly dismantled it.

"Where is Emily?" Fighting Prawn said.

"She is with... Shining Pearl in the... um... your home."


Fighting Prawn walked away suspisciously.

He went to his house to find Shining Pearl reading her new novel she had gotten for her birthday.

"Where's Emily?" Fighting Prawn asked Shining Pearl.

"I left her with Peter and Molly." Shining Pearl said.

"Wierd. They told me that you had her."

"You know kids, they lie."

"I guess." Fighting Prawn shrugged.